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woong              yeol              yoon_jung              jung_yong              choi_eun              jung_hwa              jung_hyun              geun              kyeong              yoon_ji              sung_hoon              kang_tae              kim_myung              yeom_dong              beom              ahn_jae              kang_dae              ji_hoon              jung_hae              gyu              ji_seok              gyung              soo_kyung              heon              lee_seung              kim_hyung              kim_seong              jung_tae              yoon_jong              choi_seung              kim_dae              hyun_woo              deuk              yoo_seung              jung_soo              wook              min_seok              choi_hyun              jung_hee              jang_soo              yoo_jae              min_hyuk              jin_wook              go_kyung_pyo              baek_seung              jung_kyung_ho              eun_jung              ryung              seo_hyun              lee_jong_hyuk             

Examples of "jung_yoon"
Jung Yoon-hye, a member from girl group Rainbow, is a cousin of Kim's.
Jung Yoon-sung (born June 1, 1984) is a South Korean football forward.
Eun-Pyo finds Jung-Yoon in the cave with the gift box. He asks him why exactly they are fighting. Jung-Yoon replies that he knew once, but has now forgotten. They hear on the radio that the armistice has come into effect and all fighting is to stop, to which they burst out laughing. They share a smoke, and Jung-Yoon dies shortly after from his wounds.
Lee Kang-suk (Seo Ji-seok), the illegitimate son of a wealthy family and president of a record label, begins pursuing Jin-jin, while suicidal ex-ballet dancer Jung Yoon-seo (So Yi-hyun) catches Dong-ah's eye.
"Can We Love?" tells the story of three very close friends, Yoon Jung-wan (Eugene), Kim Sun-mi (Kim Yoo-mi), and Kwon Ji-hyun (Choi Jung-yoon), who are all 39 years old. They each have their own problems.
Yang Jung-yoon (; born July 30, 1991), better known as Jiyul, is a South Korean singer and actress. She is a former member of the South Korean girl group Dal Shabet.
Can We Love? () is a 2014 South Korean television drama starring Eugene, Uhm Tae-woong, Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Jung-yoon and Kim Sung-soo. It aired on jTBC from January 6 to March 11, 2014 for 20 episodes.
1983: Ji-Hwan (Cho Jung-Seok) is a music teacher and he is soon to wed his girlfriend Yoon-Jung (Lim Soo-Jung). Yoon-Jung becomes involved in a case and Ji-Hwan attempts to protect her.
Early in the Korean War in 1950 as the North is rolling through South Korea, South Korean privates Eun-pyo (Shin Ha-kyun) and Soo-hyeok (Go Soo) are captured during a battle and brought to North Korean captain Jung-yoon. Jung-yoon declaims to the prisoners that the war will be over in a week and that he knows exactly why they are fighting this devastating war, brother against brother. Afterwards he lets the prisoners go free, so that they can help reconstruct the nation after the war.
An Angel's Choice () is a 2012 South Korean television series starring Choi Jung-yoon, Yoon Hee-seok, Jung Sung-woon, and Go Na-eun. The morning soap opera aired on MBC on Mondays to Fridays at 7:50 a.m. from April 2 to October 12, 2012 for 140 episodes.
Noh Jung-Yoon (born March 28, 1971) was a South Korean footballer who spent almost his whole career in the J1 League, with a spell in the Dutch League. The midfielder was the first Korean player to play in the J1 League when he moved to Japan in 1992 when the J1 League was newly formed.
Cheongdam-dong Scandal () is a 2014 South Korean morning soap opera starring Choi Jung-yoon, Lee Joong-moon, Kang Seong-min, Seo Eun-chae and Lim Seong-eon. It aired on SBS from July 21, 2014 to January 2, 2015 on Mondays to Fridays at 8:30 a.m. for 119 episodes.
Ojakgyo Family (; lit. Ojakgyo Brothers) is a South Korean television series starring Uee, Joo Won, Ryu Soo-young, Choi Jung-yoon, Jung Woong-in, Yeon Woo-jin, Baek Il-seob, and Kim Ja-ok. The family drama aired on KBS2 from August 6, 2011 to February 19, 2012 on Saturdays and Sundays at 19:55 for 58 episodes.
Ji-young Kim, Hae-ran Jung, Woo-youn Hong, Jun-bum Kim, Hyun-ok Jung, Jun-hee Kim, Soo-hee Lee, Jung-yoon Choi, Jun-yong Ha, Hyun-kyung Park, Woo-jung Jang, Hye-ju Go, Nan-hee Yoo, Ellis Jung Tiffany.
Hong married his girlfriend, musician Kim Yuna, at 63 Building in Yeouido, on November 2, 2014. Many celebrities attended the wedding including Huh Gak, Kim Won-jun, Kim Jong-kook (singer), Lee Hwi-jae, Ji Suk-jin, Cha Tae-hyun, Jang Hyuk, Kim Young-chul, and Im Ha-ryong, Choi Jung-yoon, Yoon So-yi, SNSD's Seohyun and the members of Baby V.O.X.
Manny () is a 2011 South Korean romantic comedy television series, starring Seo Ji-seok, Choi Jung-yoon, Byun Jung-soo, Jung Da-bin and Goo Seung-hyun. It aired on tvN from April 13 to June 2, 2011 for 16 episodes.
Rooftop Room Cat (; also known as "Attic Cat" or "Cat on the Roof") is a 2003 South Korean television series starring Kim Rae-won, Jung Da-bin, Choi Jung-yoon and Lee Hyun-woo. It aired on MBC from June 2 to July 22, 2003 on Mondays and Tuesdays at 21:55 for 16 episodes.
After the battle, news of an armistice agreement reaches both sides, and celebrations start. A group of North and South Korean soldiers encounter each other washing up in a mountain valley stream, but after a tense early moment, send each other off with goodbyes. However, the armistice is not yet in effect for another 12 hours. Both sides are told by their superiors to fight for the most strategically important pieces of land. As a result, there is a final climactic battle in which the South Koreans makes a final attempt at Aerok. Here, Eun-Pyo kills 'Two Seconds', Captain Young-Il's arm and leg are blown off by an explosion and then is shot and killed by Jung-Yoon. Eventually, everyone on both sides is killed except for the North Korean commander Jung-Yoon, who has been wounded in the stomach, and Eun-pyo.
After their nobleman father is unfairly accused of being a traitor and killed, Yoon Seo-hwa (Lee Yeon-hee), her younger brother Jung-yoon (Lee David) and their maid Dam (Kim Bo-mi) are sent to a gisaeng house. Seo-hwa's first "patron" will be Jo Gwan-woong (Lee Sung-jae), the man who betrayed and killed her father. Before Jo Gwan-woong arrives, Dam swaps clothes with Seo-hwa so that she can run away, chased by Gwan-woong's men. Gu Wol-ryung (Choi Jin-hyuk), a mystical forest protector and gumiho, finds Seo-hwa unconscious and, as he had fallen in love with her, protects her. When Seo-hwa wakes up, she too falls in love with him and marries him after he tells her that both Dam and Jung-yoon were able to run away and are safe. In actuality, Jung-yoon has been hanged, whereas Dam has committed suicide. Wol-ryung, unable to tell her the truth, lied to her and did not tell her that he is a gumiho.
After the Banquet (; lit. "After the Wedding") is a 2009 South Korean-Japanese film starring Shin Sung-woo, Ye Ji-won, Bae Soo-bin, Kim Bo-kyung, Lee Hae-young, Seo Yoo-jung, Yoon Hee-seok, Cha Soo-yeon, and Go Ah-sung. A group of college alumni, mostly men, are reunited at a wedding. They are all looking forward to seeing one woman in particular, but to their surprise, the woman's daughter appears.