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Zayta was situated on a hill between Beit Jibrin and Jusayr. Wadi Zayta ("Zayta Valley"), known in biblical times as Zephathah, was located 1 km to the south.
Jusayr had an elementary school for boys which was founded in 1937, and by 1945, it had an enrollment of 74 students.
In the 1922 census of Palestine conducted by the British Mandate authorities, Jusayr had a population of 579 inhabitants, all Muslims, increasing in the 1931 census to 839 Muslims, in a total of 246 houses.
By 1945, Jusayr had a population of 1180 Muslims, with a total of 12,361 dunams of land, according to an official land and population survey. Of this, 11,852 dunams were used for cereals, while 54 dunams were built-up land.
Jusayr was a Palestinian Arab village in the Gaza Subdistrict. It was depopulated during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War on July 17, 1948 under Operation Barak or Operation Yo'av. It was located 35 km northeast of Gaza.
It was founded in 1953 by Jewish refugees to Israel from Kurdistan region of Iraq on land belonging to the Arab Palestinian villages of Summil and Jusayr, both of which were depopulated in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.
It was founded in 1964 as a village center and became a communal village in 1998. It was founded on land belonging to the Arab Palestinian villages of Summil and Jusayr, both of which were depopulated in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War.
Operational Commander Shimon Avidan held meetings at brigade headquarters on July 5 at which plans were outlined. In the first phase, the 1st Battalion was to attack the Tell es-Safi area. The second phase was towards Beit 'Affa, Hatta and Jusayr.
In 1517, Jusayr was incorporated into the Ottoman Empire with the rest of Palestine, and in 1596 the village appeared in the Ottoman tax registers as being in the "nahiya" (subdistrict) of Gaza under the Liwa of Gaza. It had a population of 60 household; an estimated population of 330. The whole population was Muslim. It paid a fixed tax rate of 25% on a number of crops, including wheat, barley, summer crops, vineyards, fruit trees, goats, beehives, as well as on "occasional revenues"; a total of 12,180 Akçe.
While naval and 54th Battalion units were fighting at Bayt 'Affa, the 52nd, 53rd and 89th battalions set out to capture Hatta and Karatiyya. The mission of taking Hatta was given to a company from Givati's 52nd Battalion, and for Karatiyya, the IDF sent the 89th Battalion, a company from the 53rd, and a number of sappers and commandos from the 52nd to block possible reinforcements. The forces left their staging area at Jusayr at 22:00 on July 17. The company from the 52nd quickly overpowered the Egyptian defenses at Hatta by sending a small force to pin them down while circling the village from the south, competing the mission by midnight.