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Support for the format is available in Adobe Flash Player 11.0, Adobe AIR 3.0, Sumatra PDF 2.1, Windows Imaging Component, .NET Framework 3.0, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 10, Internet Explorer 11, Pale Moon 27.2.As of August 2014, there were still no cameras that shoot photos in the JPEG XR (.JXR) format.
In the aftermath of the Second World War, it was decided that Sweden required a strong air defence utilising the newly developed jet propulsion technology. According to aviation author Bo Widfeldt, there was a perception that Sweden had not kept up with wartime innovations and technical progress, and that Saab was eager to make aeronautic advances, particularly in terms of developing jet propulsion. Accordingly, project "JxR" was initiated in the final months of 1945, leading to the requirements being drawn up in October 1945. This led to a pair of proposals being issued by the Saab design team, led by Lars Brising. The first of these, codenamed R101, was a cigar-shaped aircraft which bore a resemblance to the American Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star. The second design, which would later be picked as the winner, was the barrel-shaped design, codenamed R 1001, which proved to be both faster and more agile upon closer study.
The Ghost was running in 1944, and flew in 1945. This was long before the Comet or Venom was ready for flight. By this point the Ghost had been selected for the Swedish "JxR" fighter project, which eventually turned into the Tunnan. During the design of the Tunnan, Sweden received German data on swept wing designs via Switzerland and redesigned the plane to incorporate this planform. The Tunnan first flew in this form in 1948. For production versions of the Tunnan, the Ghost was built under licence by Svenska Flygmotor (later to become Volvo Aero) as the RM2. The Ghost was also licence built in Italy by Fiat and in Switzerland by Sulzer Brothers.
The SY413 Baleno (also known as the Cultus Esteem and Esteem in other countries) was assembled in Pakistan starting 1998 as a replacement of Suzuki Margalla, till 2006 when it was replaced by the Liana. When introduced, it featured a number of improvements over Margalla, such standard power steering, wider tyres (175/70R13 vs 155/80R13), tachometer as standard, 4-spoke steering wheel vs. 2-spoke steering wheel of Margalla, black interior vs grey interior, EFi vs carburettor and 16-valve vs 8-valve. It featured the G13BB engine, though on the chassis plate throughout the entire run it was stamped as G13B. Initial trim levels included GL, GXi, Gli and GliP (also known as Gli Plus). Baleno featured highly advanced technology at its time, as it was the first one to offer distributorless EFi. Despite this, the car has difficult sales period till 2002 when a facelift was launched featuring crystal headlamps and revised grille. CNG version was also offered soon. Trim levels in the facelift model included JXR and JXL. Baleno Sport also saw a limited run. In the very initial days before local assembly, a few specimen were imported from Japan by Pak Suzuki Motors to test the market. These featured a SOHC G16B engine with electronic fuel injection but fuel ignition by camshaft driven electronic distributor. This car remains a rare item in the used car market normally known as Baleno 1.6 or Baleno Gti. Although the car ran without problem using petrol, the CNG versions faced various problems such as backfire and burning of coils. Replacing the engine with an EFi 1.5L G15A is a popular swap (G15A does not use distributorless ignition, coil-on-plug or waste-spark-discharge). Reasons being simpler to maintain, higher power output and greater fuel economy.