Synonyms for jyothisham or Related words with jyothisham

sikhpoint              ananthaswami              maruthaaram              mhsarmiento              zolotukhino              rodenak              mordiya              muhiyudin              khajeer              andaffricate              dualrole              postalveolaror              bimbadhar              sondhangal              ycralns              trnaglx              karjol              kuleshwar              necplus              tiruvarkadu              buloushi              postalveolarand              edhdeportes              salabangka              neihum              nesareh              saesallim              ricardoarjona              ensemblescreen              jowfi              chachiot              nilukada              sridigamber              saturdayof              cenilly              nilakanth              shankarula              myamya              barbaracolley              antoninen              dwaya              motacillella              yakovtsevsky              mikheyevsky              maisanove              albumnominated              dhapai              phadkelyrics              tarvinder              pookkattiri             

Examples of "jyothisham"
Thirumulpad studied Sanskrit, Tharkam (Indian philosophy), "Jyothisham" (Indian astrology) and "Vyakarana" (grammar) under various teachers. Later he studied Ayurveda under Shri. P. Vasudevan Nambisan and passed the graduation exam called "Vaidyabhooshanam". From a very young age he was attracted by Gandhian thought and living and started using and propagating "Khadi" (the hand-woven cotton fabric which once symbolised Indian nationalism).
Students of age group 11 to 14 years learn there the authentic way of chantings and performance of pujas. Duration of study is 7 years + 1 year of internship. The Patashala is also a learning center for Sanskrit, Jyothisham, Saiva Siddhantha, Sangeetham, Yoga, Vedic Mathematics, Thirumarai, and Shilpa Sasthra.
Punnasseri Nambi Neelakanta Sharma (1858–1934) was a renowned Sanskrit scholar and teacher of Kerala, India. He was born on June 17, 1858 in Pattambi in Palakkad district to a Moosad family, Narayanan Nambi and Achuthath Nangayya Antharjanam. He learned Sanskrit in the customary way and mastered the branches of traditional knowledge of Vyakaranam (grammar), Alankaram (aesthetics), Vaidyam (medicine) and Jyothisham (astrology).
The novel presents that practices of Indian traditional medicine and Unani traditional medicine were prevailed in Venad during the timeline of the story. The novel states that Hakkim tried a kind of narcoanalysis on Ananthapadmanabhan after getting him drugged, to know the whereabouts of the latter however it did not yield any results. The novel refers to astrological practices, such as praśnaṁ vayppŭ, and Natal astrology, which is referred when Shanku Assan says to Parukutty that chothirisham or jyothisham will not go wrong.