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Examples of "jz"
Sound engineers and producers that use JZ Microphones JZ:
Đuro Đaković manufactured many of the diesel locomotives used by the Yugoslav Railways. In the post World War II period these included over 150 units of JZ 642 and JZ 643 Bo'Bo' locomotives built in collaboration with Brissonneau and Lotz between 1961 and 1977, and the JZ 664 Co'Co locomotives built under license from GM-EMD (EMD G26 type) from 1972 onwards (84 units). The company also built diesel hydraulic shunters (JZ 732 and JZ 733) (165 total) from the late 1960s onwards, as well as license built passenger railcars.
The Toyota JZ engine family is a series of inline-6 automobile engines. A replacement for the M-series inline-6 engines, the JZ engines were 24-valve DOHC engines. The JZ engine was offered in 2.5- and 3.0-litre versions.
Downpatrick DVA licensing office: (in original issuing sequence) "IJ" "BZ" "JZ" SZ
He has played occasionally in Shanghai since 2005, performing at venues such as JZ Club.
JZ Microphones ("Juris Zarins Microphones") is a Latvian manufacturer of professional microphones and recording accessories.
Toyota started with their F-series engine, and later the M, FZ, G, and JZ engines, In the 1990s, Toyota offered straight-sixes in all their lines: the G in the Altezza (and others); the M and its part-replacement, the JZ, in the Toyota Supra (and others); and the F and its replacement, the FZ, in the Land Cruiser. Up until about 2006, Toyota still offered the FZ-series, G-series, and the JZ-series engines.
These engines were used as a lower-displacement alternative to the more upmarket M family and JZ family straight-sixes.
10–13 July 2012, JZ Analytics: Barack Obama 43.6%, Mitt Romney 38.0%, Gary Johnson 5.3%, not sure 13.1%
On July 16, 2016,JZ began his first world tour at Beijing Worker's Stadium and caused the giant echo.
JZ-40 is an unmanned blimp developed by CASIC Hunan division, which is also known as Base 068 of CASIC.
With the producer and composer Timo Vendt, Tanja created the band "Jz Belle" in 2004. The first album (with covered songs only) "Jz Belle" was released in 2004. The second album "Teemant" was released in 2006 and three radio singles were released from this one.
JZ Moyo High School (Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo High School), is a government high school, for both girls and boys, that was established in 1982. It is located in the former Majoda Farm, approximately 12 km north of West Nicholson on the road to Filabusi and Mavako. JZ Moyo High is part of the ZIMFEP group of schools.
JZ Moyo High School (Jason Ziyaphapha Moyo High School), formerly Majoda School, is a government high school for girls and boys. It is located in the former Majoda Farm, approximately 12 km north of West Nicholson on the road to Filabusi and Mavako, in Matabeleland South province, Zimbabwe. JZ Moyo High is part of the ZIMFEP group of schools.
JZ Microphones was established in 2007 in Riga by educated jeweler Juris Zarins. After 20 years of repairing Neumann, AKG, Telefunken microphones and participating in Blue and Violet microphones manufacturing he started to produce his own line of microphones. The idea of JZ Microphones was to combine knowledge about recognized and well known microphones with innovations and original design solutions.
The core of JZ Festival is jazz. But it covers many other music elements such as soul, blues, folk, pop, rock, electronic etc., which shows the spirit of jazz – improvisation and fusion. Plenty of international top musicians performed in JZ Festival, including Joss Stone, John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Ron Carter, Kenny Garrett, Dianne Reeves, Dee Dee Bridgewater and so on. Chinese famous music artists include Sandy Lam, Karen Mok, Cui Jian, Chang Csun Yuk, Mavis Fan etc. Since 2013, JZ Festival has been hold in Beijing, Guangzhou, Dalian and Chongqing not just in home court Shanghai.
Group G - Good Hope FC of Kano, Nasara FC,Junior Spotlight (Katsina), Bakeji FC of Kaduna, Kurmi Market FC, JZ United (Kafanchan), Sardauna FC (Kano), Corinthian FC
Includes appearances with Michael Shermer, James Randi, David Willey, JZ Knight, Susan Miller, John Monti, Ava Kay Jones, and Elmer Glover.
The GR series replaces the previous MZ V6 and JZ inline-6, and in the case of light trucks the VZ V6.
On July 21, 2016,JZ performed Star Trek Beyond's Chinese theme song Lost in the Stars attends the film's premiereat Embarcadero Marina Park South.