Synonyms for kabkabiya or Related words with kabkabiya

nabatiye              shaqlawa              kalabaydh              gobolka              galgaduud              dolow              targuist              hiiraan              sanaag              ouriaghel              bejaad              afgooye              awbari              hasbaya              chrarda              erigavo              kebili              waygal              srobbine              chouf              nooken              shahba              imzouren              galbeed              jendouba              rawanduz              djelfa              ghardaia              abasan              shigal              nijrab              ghonchi              aqcha              adraskan              illizi              ouargla              hadaaftimo              ninewa              saydabad              ceerigaabo              ouardigha              badhan              jusayr              hssen              pwani              bardhere              shekhan              hulugho              nuristan              panjwayi             

Examples of "kabkabiya"
The Sudanese Awakening Revolutionary Council (; SARC) is an armed militia in Darfur, Sudan, led by Sudanese Arab tribal chief Musa Hilal. It was founded in January 2014, and maintains control over the towns of Kutum, Kabkabiya and Saraf Umra.
On 23 November, SLA-AW forces clashed with SAF forces in North Darfur's Kabkabiya region and taking over 10 Land Cruisers loaded with guns in addition to capturing three soldiers, one of the rank of a sergeant. 35 army soldiers were killed in the clashes. Rebels claimed the victory on the battlefield.
The Sudan Liberation Movement led by Abdelwahid (SLM-AW) announced killing 83 Sudanese soldiers in the area of Ed el-Nabq, in Kabkabiya locality, North Darfur on 23 November.Other 4 soldier were wounded. Rebels also seized ‘heavy and light weapons, various types of ammunition and five Land Cruiser vehicles’.
By 17 December, SLM-AW rebels attacked an army convoy in an area west of Kabkabiya, North Darfur, killing 18 of them. On a different event, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) claims to have captured the army Lieutenant Tahir Ahmed Ibrahim, from White Nile, and seized three vehicles mounted with heavy artillery and three dushkas, along with a large amount of fuel.
This political position further permits the military leader power over decisions made in Khartoum pertaining the recruitment of Janjaweed militias. In January 2014 Hilal defected from Sudan's ruling National Congress Party, and launched a new movement known as the Sudanese Awakening Revolutionary Council. As of late March 2014 Hilal was running his own administration in North Darfur, with his troops controlling Saraf Umra town, Kutum town, Kabkabiya town, and the El Waha area.