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kasipul              othaya              mudzi              alego              vihiga              kisauni              chitipa              kasulu              githunguri              runyenjes              amagoro              kimilili              nkayi              murang              mbinga              ludewa              gatanga              kgatleng              mkushi              sotik              bungoma              makadara              magharibi              ruiru              londiani              kangema              karachuonyo              isoka              kilosa              serere              mzimba              bomet              kirehe              kweneng              siaya              shinyalu              jomoro              butambala              nyatike              nkangala              korogwe              rumphi              ntchisi              awutu              arumeru              khorixas              tonota              kiambaa              nsanje              mwenezi             

Examples of "kabondo"
Kabondo is a settlement in Kenya's Homa Bay County.
"Kabondo Football for Hope Centre" located in Bujumbura, Burundi
Mexcala kabondo is a jumping spider that lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Kasipul Kabondo Constituency was an electoral constituency in Kenya. It was one of two constituencies in Rachuonyo District. With the new constitution of 2010, the constituency was divided into Kasipul Constituency and Kabondo Constituency, both in Homa Bay County.
Kabondo is a commune of the city of Boma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Oyugis area forms Kasipul Constituency. It has five County Assembly wards: West Kamagak Ward, East Kamagak Ward, West Kasipul Ward, Central Kasipul Ward and South Kasipul Ward. Administratively, Oyugis is in Kasipul division which, together with Kabondo, form the Rachuonyo South District. The Kasipul Constitueny is carved out of the Kasipul Kabondo Constituency.
"Dr Nelly", Ochieng' died on Wednesday 24 April 2001 at his rural Kabondo home, Rachuonyo District, after an illustrious entertainment career spanning several decades. He is remembered with some of his best numbers including Sabina, OndiekChilo and Piny Luorore .
The policy-setting, seven-member board of directors is chaired by Gaudioso Kabondo Tindamanyire. The four-person Senior Management Team is led by Kaddunabbi Ibrahim Lubega, the chief executive officer, who also sits on the board.
Joseph Oyugi Magwanga is a Kenyan politician. He belongs to the Orange Democratic Movement and was elected to represent the Kasipul Kabondo Constituency in the National Assembly of Kenya since the Kenyan parliamentary election, 2007.he has been viewed by the constituents as one of the best performing member of parliament.
With the assumption of the "Zairianization" program in the 1970s by Mobutu Sese Seko, Stanleyville was officially renamed Kisangani and Stanley Falls became Wagenia Falls, and as of 27 October 1977 the municipalities were renamed as follows: Belgian I (Mangobo and Tshopo ), Belgian II (Lubunga), Brussels (Kabondo) and Stanley (Makiso).
Rachuonyo District was an administrative district in the Nyanza Province of Kenya. Its capital town was Kosele, and previously, Oyugis. The district had a population of 307,126 (1999 census) and an area of 945 km² . The district had two constituencies, Kasipul Kabondo and Karachuonyo, which have been part of Homa Bay County since 2010.
The colonial administration was threatened by the anti-European message of Mumboism. The colonial government ultimately banned Mumboism in 1954. Much earlier in 1921, it had exiled Dunde and other Mumbo leaders to the holy Islamic island of Lamu in the Indian Ocean. A 1919 government report had listed important leaders of the movement, some of whom were openly opposed to the colonial government: Mosi Auma of Kabondo, Nyakundi of Kitutu, Omwenga of Wanjare.
Kisangani is the seat of the Université de Kisangani (1963), Université Mariste du Congo, Institut Superieur du Commerce (ISC), Institut Superieur Pedagogique and Institut de Batiment et de Travaux Publiques, and the Kisangani Hellenic Center). The Kisangani Public Library, which has the largest collection of any public library system in the Kisangani, serves Makiso, Tshopo, Mangobo, Kabondo, Kisangani, Lubunga, Lubuya and Bera. The city's public school system is managed by the Kisangani Department of Education. The primary and secondary schools are public and privately run by secular and religious groups in the city.
The People's Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD) holds the majority of public offices. As of November 2006, most of registered voters in the city are PPRD. The present governor of all the north-eastern provinces, formally collectively known as Orientale is Medard Autsai Asenga. Kisangani is the capital of Orientale Province, (an area of the size comparable to that of Spain) and the city will also be the headquarters of the Tshopo Province, when the République Démocratique du Congo (RDC)'s provinces begin to operate under their proposed jurisdictions. Kisangani was given the official nickname "City of Hope" by its government. Kisangani, a city home to some 1,200,000 civilians, is administratively divided into six urban communes: Makiso, Tshopo, Mangobo, Kabondo, Kisangani, and Lubunga and the communities of Lubuya and Bera are also parts of Kisangani City. Each commune is home to dozens of smaller neighborhoods (known in French as quartiers).
The city of Kisangani is composed of six large communes of which are further subdivided into smaller neighbourhoods. The partitioned communes are Lubunga, Makiso, Kisangani, Tshopo, Kabondo and Mangobo. Throughout the boroughs there are hundreds of distinct neighbourhoods, many with a definable history and character to call their own. All municipalities in the city have a nickname denoting how Boyoma perceive their cities. Therefore, Kisangani, which in Swahili means on the island ("Kisanga" translates island and "ni" is on) is official given the nickname of "City of Hope" by administrative authorities in opposition to the title of martyred city. Boyomas' affectionately nicknamed their city "Boyoma Singa Mwambé", that translates has before reaching the most beautiful city the pole must be thrown 8 times (Boyoma means the most beautiful girl, while Singa is the mast and Mwambé is the number 8).