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raavukal              swapnangal              varavu              kudumba              sookshikkuka              thumbolarcha              rajavu              poocha              snehamulla              rahasyam              njaan              manathe              cheppu              kodalu              mookkuthi              sundaran              geetham              swantham              kizhakku              njangalude              iniyum              noottandu              iruvattam              pambaram              pattabhishekam              kamaladalam              veettile              pattalam              kadavulada              theerpu              bhoomiyile              ponnu              virunnukari              bandhangal              ambadi              kolacase              yamagola              idanilangal              appunni              pareeksha              ulladakkam              paravaigal              vachina              puthran              vilikkunnu              snehicha              pennu              sthalathe              vanadevatha              kasethan             

Examples of "kadathanadan"
Thacholi Meppayil Ambadi, or better known as Kadathanadan Ambadi, was a character in the Vadakkanpattu who is believed to have lived during 16th century in North Malabar region of Kerala, India. He was the son of the legendary Kalarippayattu practitioner Thacholi Othenan. The 1990 film "Kadathanadan Ambadi"' directed by Priyadarshan was based on his story.
Kurroolli Chekon, known as Kadathanadan Simham, was an Thiyya warrior lived in the 19th century in Vadakara, North Malabar who fought against the caste oppression by the Savarnas.
Raadhu had a brief stint in Malayalam and Tamil films in the eighties. She started her career in Tamil with "Nizhalgal" directed by Bharathiraja. After that, she acted in Ennu Nathante Nimmi with Mammootty & Rahman and the long delayed traditional Vadakkanpattu film "Kadathanadan Ambadi" with Mohanlal.
The movie is based on Kerala's traditional Vadakkanpattu (The Northern Ballard Folklore). The fictional story is about Kadathanadan Ambadi (Mohanlal) who wants to avenge his father - Thacholi Manikoth Othenan Kuruppu's death and retrieve the sacred sword Bhadravaal and Sacred Thread, which were missing since the death of Thacholi Othenan.
Shammi Thilakan is an Indian film actor who is active in Malayalam films. He is the son of late actor Thilakan. He lent his voice for Napoleon in "Devasuram", Prem Nazir in "Kadathanadan Ambadi" and for Nassar in "Ghazal", in which he won state award for best dubbing artist.
He joined the Udaya Studios, founded by Kunchacko, in 1960 and scripted majority of their notable works during the 1960s and 1970s. His debut work "Umma", based on a novel by Moidu Padiyath, was the first Muslim social film in Malayalam. Some of his famous films include Vadakkanpattu related "Palattu Koman", "Othenante Makan", "Aromal Chekavar", "Unniyarcha", "Palattu Kunjikannan", "Thumbolarcha" and "Kadathanadan Ambadi", and social dramas "Manishada" and "Thaara".
History of Purameri is known from the period of Ballads of North Malabar. In many ślokas of this ballad, Purameri has been mentioned. In the mediaeval's period, Purameri was administered by Naduvazhikal. During British Raj, this place was under Malabar district. The Kadathanadan culture is still alive here. Theyyams and Thiras are held during temple festivals. Major religions are Hinduism and Islams. People from both religions, take part in festivals of either group.
As far as the verdict on "Kadathanadan Ambadi", the film was originally produced by Sajan Vargheese for Saj Productions. He was the head of Saj financial group and when the company faced loss, the respected Kerala High Court ordered to release the film and pay back the amount to depositors from the film's collections. The Court ordered Navodaya productions to take care of the release and give report to the Court, showing faith in Navodaya Appachan.
Kadathanadan Ambadi is a 1990 Malayalam-language Indian sword and sorcery film directed by Priyadarshan and produced by Sajan Vargeese, starring Mohanlal, Swapna, Raadhu and Prem Nazir. The film was in production from 1985 and was stalled due to financial crisis faced by the producer Sajan Vargeese.The film is a sequel to 1964 film Thacholi Othenan. Few shots from Tacholi Othenan is shown in this movie also.The film was released after the death of Prem Nazir.
Theyyam, an ancient ritual performance art of the region in which a man is dressed symbolically as god. In the Kadathanadan area, it is known as kaliyattam. There are around 400 types of Theyyam, which are conducted on a stage and use elaborate costumes and body-painting. Each type has a distinguishing head-dress and costume made from natural materials, such as coconut leaves and bark. Musical accompaniments are provided by the "chenda", "elathalam" and "kuzhal" (horn).
She debuted in Tamil through the song "Kaadhal Oviyam Kandein" from "Kavikuyil" (1977), tuned in Hameer Kalyani raga by Illayaraja, but it was not included in the film. Her first released song in Tamil was "Kalai Paniyil" from the Tamil film "Gayathri" (1978), starring Sridevi and Rajinikanth with music by Ilaiyaraja. She sang for Ilaiyaraaja in "Johnny", "Kavikuyil" and "Ilamai Kolangal". After her marriage in 1981, she took a sabbatical from playback singing. She made a successful comeback in 1988 through "Kadathanadan Ambadi", followed by the superhit "Chithram".
By the beginning of the 1980s, Nazir himself moved into supporting roles. He mostly played supporting roles with the then super stars Jayan, Sukumaran, Shankar and Soman. In 1981, he played a major supporting role in Mohan's "Vida Parayum Munpe" that earned him the Kerala State Special Jury Award. This shift, from a super romantic hero to character roles, gave him many powerful characters during the mid-1980s. His last completed film was A. T. Abu's "Dhwani" (1989), in which he co-starred with Jayaram. His last release was Priyadarshan's "Kadathanadan Ambadi" (1990), in which he co-starred with Mohanlal. In one of his last interviews, he had expressed a desire to direct a film with Mammootty and Mohanlal in the lead.
Kadathanadan Ambadi along with his Mentor-Martial arts Guru sets out searching mysterious disappearance of the sword. They suspect a Muslim Manager of their household who went missing since the day. While searching, they reached Kingdom, whose ruler was a mysterious Black Magician called Kowliya. The Magician Ruler Kowliya used to send his eagle to search for each's day beautiful lady, to be sacrificed each day for strengthening the King. In that process, the eagle settled 's house whose lady's marriage was fixed on the day. The soldiers dragged the girl and brought her to sacrifice pit, only to be saved by Ambadi who killed the King. It later found that, the girl and her brother were sons of . Moyideen narrates the story, who within the Thacholi family plotted against to stage a coup and get hold of the sword, making thief, who was later sold as slave to Tulunad's King. The King also holds the key to secret magical cave where the sword was kept. Ambadi sets to Tulunadu, where he lures the princess and get to know about whereabouts of the Key. Ambadi fights against King and his soldiers and grabs the key from his necklace and proceeds to Magical Cave with his Guru, Payyappilly Chanthu. He had to fight against Demoness (Nagayakshi) who guards the sword as well as a Water Demoness.
1988 was a landmark year in Priyadarshan's career. He directed "Vellanakalude Nadu", based on a script by Sreenivasan, with Mohanlal in the lead role. This film revolved around corruption, land mafia and other social issues. This film ended up becoming the biggest hit in Priyadarshan's career to that point. Then came "Aryan", an action film based on the Mumbai underworld, which completed 150 days in theatres. "Chithram", Priyadarshan's all-time biggest hit, was also released in 1988. "Chithram" completed 366 days in theatres and created new records in collections, until they were broken by his own film, "Kilukkam" in 1991. "Oru Muthassi Katha" and "Mukunthetta Sumitra Vilikkunnu" completed his 5 releases of 1988. However, he couldn't deliver hits in 1990 with "Kadathanadan Ambadi" and "Akkareyakkareyakkare". In the year 1991, Priyadarshan brought out "Kilukkam" with Mohanlal, Jagathi Sreekumar and Revathi in lead roles. "Kilukkam" broke several collection records and is still considered one of the best films from the Priyadarshan-Mohanlal team. His next three films, "Abhimanyu" (1991), "Advaitham" (1992), and "Thenmavin Kombathu" (1994) successfully completed 100 days in theatres. Both "Midhunam" (1993) and "Minnaram" (1994) were able to make good response in cinemas. Meanwhile, Priyadarshan was invited by Shri. M. Karunanidhi to direct a film for his son's production house. Priyadarshan thus made his Tamil debut with "Gopura Vasalile" . In 1991 he also made a Telugu film "Nirnayam" when Nagarjuna approached him to remake his Malayalam film "Vandanam" in Telugu. In the year 1992, Priyadarshan made his debut in Bollywood with "Muskurahat", again remake of his own Malayalam film "Kilukkam" which ended up as a disastrous flop. In 1993, he made a comeback in Hindi with "Gardish", an adaptation of the Malayalam film "Kireedom", written by A. K. Lohithadas. Priyadarshan successfully added ingredients required for Hindi audiences and the film was a huge hit, opening the doors of Bollywood to him. In 1994, Priyadarshan directed his second and last Telugu film till date, "Gandeevam", starring Balakrishna. He was also assigned the direction of the Miss World 1996 event that was held in Banglore, which made him a known face around the country. In 1996, Priyadarshan came up with his dream project, "Kalapani", an epic period film based on Indian struggle for Independence. With Mohanlal, Tabu, Prabhu Ganesan and Amrish Puri in main roles and outstanding music by Ilaiyaraja, "Kalapani" took Priyadarshan's career path to new heights. This film, which was originally filmed in Malayalam, was also dubbed and released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi simultaneously. "Kalapani" brought him several awards for the first time in his career. In 1997, Priyadarshan directed two films, "Chandralekha" in Malayalam and "Virasat" a Hindi adaptation of Bharathan's Tamil film "Thevar Magan", both super hits. The success of "Virasat" made Priyadarshan a household name in Hindi cinema.