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kaheaku              nadruku              kawika              maiava              kekoa              tocker              enhada              suiaunoa              mataele              hohepa              esera              sapolu              kainoa              liufau              iosefa              kalei              mikaere              fuimaono              jekabsone              ugonna              heimar              tawake              laurente              fotu              wihongi              nakaitaci              semisi              fusitua              pukepuke              opeta              afeaki              tongia              satele              macilai              alisi              palepoi              solomone              tavita              sititi              fusimalohi              taitusi              savelio              kapua              paora              mulitalo              tokorangi              tavevele              masaga              rangimarie              lafaele             

Examples of "kaipo"
The Kaipo River is a river of New Zealand, flowing into Kaipo Bay, northern Fiordland.
She is the mother of two sons, Shane Kainoa and Jason Kaipo.
Kaipo McGuire WR 1 0 01/16/1974 Brigham Young
Josefa Moe is survived by his 11 children: Brian, Joseph, Daniel, Robin, Jaymie, Christopher, Kalani, Taui, Tammy, Kaipo and Cheyne Mo'e.
Bill "Kaipo" Asing (born ?) is an American politician. Asing served as the acting Mayor of Kauai from July 17, 2008, until December 1, 2008, following the death of former Mayor Bryan J. Baptiste.
He was born in June 1882 to Joseph Kapaeau ʻAeʻa and his wife Kaheo ʻAeʻa. Both his parents were pure Native Hawaiians and retainers of the future Queen Liliʻuokalani, who was heir-presumptive to the Hawaiian throne at the time. Not having any children of her own, Liliʻuokalani adopted the infant boy under the Hawaiian tradition of "hānai". She named him Joseph Kaiponohea ʻAeʻa and referred to him as Kaipo throughout his life. Besides Kaipo, she also adopted Lydia Kaʻonohiponiponiokalani Aholo and John ʻAimoku Dominis.
Boston College got on the board first following a 2-yard touchdown run by quarterback Matt Ryan. The extra point failed, and Boston College led 6-0. Navy quarterback, Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada, known as a running quarterback, surprised BC by throwing a 31-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Tyree Barnes, to put Navy on top 7–6.
He married Julia Natua in 1889 and had two children: Julia, James. In 1894, he married Sheba Kaiheku'i Alapai (died 1910) with whom he had twelve children: Joseph James, Mary K., Nancy K., George, Kaipo, Elizabeth, Marion, Mary, Keo, Santa Clara, Henry C., Esta. In 1910, he married Emma Keliikekukahilikaleleokalahikiolaokalani Smith. They had one child, Victoria Kukahilihiapoaliilani.
Bradley Kaipo Sarbida Tavares (born December 21, 1987) is an American mixed martial artist who competes in the Middleweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. A professional MMA competitor since 2008, Tavares fought in local promotions before competing on the UFC's The Ultimate Fighter 11 in 2010.
The Waitotara River is the home to Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi, a local Māori iwi. Hapu include Ngaa Ariki (Waipapa Marae), Ngaati Pourua (Takirau Marae), Ngaati Hine Waiatarua (Parehungahunga Marae), Te Ihupuku Marae, and Ngaati Hou Tipua (Whare Tapapa, Kaipo Marae). The Ngaa Rauru Kiitahi headquarters are based in Wanganui.
Kaipo Asing was employed with the Hawaiian Telephone Company for 45 years, including 40 years as a permanent employee and 35 years as a manager and instructor. He spent fifteen years working for the Hawaiian Telephone Company in Honolulu before retiring from the company in December 1991.
Historian Helena Allen described how the Queen "adored him — a curly haired, bright-eyed toddler — her heart contracted every time she saw him". Both biological parents took advantage of Liliʻuokalani's love for Kaipo to extort favors and debt forgiveness from her, blackmailing her by threatening to take their son away if she refused.
Hailed as a war leader, prophet and peacemaker, Tītokowaru's story lapsed into obscurity before being popularised by New Zealand historian James Belich in his works on the New Zealand Wars. He is also the subject of a Maurice Shadbolt novel "Monday's Warriors". The character, Te Kaipo, in the 2005 film "River Queen", played by Temuera Morrison, is closely based on Tītokowaru.
The most recent previous mayor of Kauai, Bryan J. Baptiste, served from 2002 until his death on June 22, 2008. Bill "Kaipo" Asing was sworn as acting mayor on July 17, 2008, until a special election could be held to fill the remaining two years of Baptiste's term.
Fern was born on the Big Island of Hawaii to James Fern and Kaipua Kaipo Luahoomae. In 1885, Fern worked in the town of Kohala at the Union Mill Plantation. In 1892, he moved to the island of Oahu to work at the Hawaiian Tramways Company, driving trolleys and streetcars through downtown Honolulu. In 1894, Fern traded jobs to work as a ship's master at the Wilder Steamship Company.
The Midshipmen faced a long third down play to begin the fourth quarter and was forced to punt when quarterback Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada was sacked. Over the next five plays and 1:16 of game time, the Utes drove 61 yards ending when quarterback Brian Johnson scored a touchdown on a 19-yard scramble with 12:47 remaining in the game. The score gave Utah a 28–17 lead.
is the daughter of Tellah and is engaged to Prince Edward of Damcyan. After the death of Anna's mother, Tellah became overly protective of Anna, in the hopes of never losing her. When he learns of Anna's elopement with Edward, Tellah becomes furious and sets out after her. In Baron's raid on Damcyan, Anna is killed saving Edward's life. Edward later meets Anna's spirit in Kaipo, where she assuages his fears.
Examples of his session work from the late 1950s through the 1960s can be found on the two volumes of "Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar" (Waikiki Records 319 and 320) and two more LPs titled "Kani Ka Pila! Let's Play Music!" Volumes 1 and 2 (Hula Records 517, 1966; Hula 531, 1969). These are combo recordings (steel guitar, slack key guitar, uke, bass, vocals, sometimes percussion) made with bandmates such as Atta, Barney, and Norman Isaacs, Charles Kaipo Miller, and a young Peter Moon, and they reflect the style of nightclub music popular around Waikīkī at the time.
Mayor Bryan J. Baptiste unexpectedly died of cardiac arrest on June 22, 2008, leaving a vacancy in the office. Baptiste's administrative assistant, Gary Heu, served as acting mayor until the Kauai County Council could choose an acting successor and hold a special election to permanently fill the mayoralship. 0n July 7, 2008, the Kauai County Council unanimously choose Kaipo Asing, who was council chairman at the time, to become acting mayor of Kauai until a special election in November 2008. Asing temporarily stepped down as council chairman before taking office as mayor.
Navy got back in the game quickly with a 1-yd run by Kaipo-Noa Kaheaku-Enhada to make 10-7 with 11:39 left in the half, but the Irish came back quickly with Travis Thomas running in a ball 16 yards to make it a 17-7 game with 8 min. left in the half. But Kaheaku-Enhada once again got Navy back in the game with another 1-yard run to make 17-14 with 2:43 left in the half giving Navy only a 3 pt deficit. Quinn turned right around and hit hitting Rhema McKnight with a 33-yard pass and his 2nd TD pass with a 1:19 left to give Notre Dame a 24-14 lead heading into halftime.