Synonyms for kaiware or Related words with kaiware

arugula              sandworts              neodypsis              sisymbrium              grossheimii              irio              curtisiaceae              kalopanax              crocosmia              neonicholsonia              mastersianum              philotrypesis              tetragynus              buffaloberries              cyanixia              erucoides              semidecandrum              antilibanoticum              telephioides              lagenocarpus              fredolia              birthwort              bellwort              ssyir              engelhardia              crenatifolium              degarmoara              broccolis              townsonii              halimodendron              perovskia              ceratophytum              persicum              macropodanthus              halimocnemis              roosiorum              darmera              waxflowers              moonseed              diplotaxis              adlumia              tricyrtidaceae              rubyspot              corcorax              tenuisiliqua              mussatia              rhinotia              nageia              aubrieta              neohylomys             

Examples of "kaiware"
In Japanese cuisine, many types of pickles are made with daikon, including "takuan" and "bettarazuke". Daikon is also frequently used grated and mixed into "ponzu", a soy sauce and citrus juice condiment. Simmered dishes are also popular such as "oden". Daikon that has been shredded and dried (a common method of preserving food in Japan) is called "kiriboshi-daikon" (literally, "cut-dried daikon"). Daikon radish sprouts ("kaiware-daikon") are used for salad or garnishing "sashimi". Daikon leaf is frequently eaten as a green vegetable. Pickling and stir frying are common. The daikon leaf is part of the Festival of Seven Herbs, called "suzushiro".