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Examples of "kaiyodo"
Panasonic Corporation and Kaiyodo have their headquarters in Kadoma.
With each new episode release, Japanese toys and model kits manufacturers such as Kaiyodo, Medicom or Takara produce Protect-Gear scale models.
In 2016, Kaiyodo Co., Ltd () sold 40 cm-tall figures of Ultraseven in Mega Sofubi Advance, sculpted by Takashi Kinoshita. This figure sold on June 25, 2016 under the price of 18,000 Yen.
The popularity of the "Devil May Cry" series lead to a line of action figures produced by Toycom. Japanese company Kaiyodo produced a similar line for "Devil May Cry 2" and a "Devil May Cry 3" Dante action figure.
The Japanese company Kaiyodo has produced since late 2007 various Danbo action figures which became an Internet meme, and well-known over the Internet as a hero of many Photo shoots, one of the most famous is "365 Days of Danbo" by Arielle Nadel.
Originally the kits were sold and traded between hobbyists at conventions like Wonder Festival. As the market grew a number of companies began producing resin kits professionally, such as Federation Models, Volks, WAVE/Be-J, Kaiyodo, Kotobukiya and B-Club, a subsidiary of Bandai producing Gundam kits.
Figures of Noriko have also been manufactured as well. Yellow Submarine (a division of Takara) released a poseable doll, while Kotobukiya and Kaiyodo sold non-poseable figures. Bandai had a limited-edition Noriko & Nono figure set bundled with the North America and Japan DVD release of "Gunbuster vs. Diebuster Aim For The Top! The GATTAI!! Movie".
Kaiyodo released a series of VF-1 Valkyrie Battroid figures on their Revoltech line in 2006. Despite not being transformable, these figures boast extreme points of articulation and poseability. Transformable versions of the Revoltech VF-1 Valkyrie figures were released in early 2010. These figures are currently being offered in the United States by Harmony Gold USA through
"Macross Plus" toys were not available until 2000, when Yamato Toys released a 1/72 scale diecast replica of the YF-19. Since then, aside from Yamato, replicas and figures of the series' variable fighters have been manufactured by Doyusha and Kaiyodo (under the Revoltech line).
Square Enix's PlayArts "Kai" figure line featured several of the game's characters, while Kaiyodo produced Venom Snake and a Soviet Army soldier for the RevoMini figure category. An artbook, titled "The Art of Metal Gear Solid V", is set to be published by Dark Horse Comics on November 2, 2016.
In the mid-1990s, Kaiyodo—in association with Xebec—released a PVC figure of Gunbuster. Though limited in poseability, the figure featured an extra set of arms and hands, as well as the weapons Buster Tomahawk and Buster Home Run from the radio dramas. In 2005, Kaiyodo released a newer figure sculpted by Katsuhisa Yamaguchi (of Revoltech fame). Though shorter than the original, this newer figure was more detailed and poseable than its predecessor. A newer version of Gunbuster was released in the Revoltech line as Figure #101 in 2011. Once again sculpted by Yamaguchi, it is capable of transforming into both Buster Machines, and has parts to replicate tearing out the power generator core.
The city of Takarazuka, Hyōgo, where Tezuka grew up, opened a museum in his memory. Stamps were issued in his honor in 1997. Also, beginning in 2003, the Japanese toy company Kaiyodo began manufacturing a series of figurines of Tezuka's creations, including Princess Knight, Unico, the Phoenix, Dororo, Marvelous Melmo, Ambassador Magma and many others. To date three series of the figurines have been released.
The series has various action figures of the Arm Slaves. Alter and Aoshima produced 1/48 and 1/35 scale figures of Kurz and Mao's Gernsbacks, the Arbalest and an RK-92 Savage. Kaiyodo introduced the Arbalest and Laevatein into their Revoltech line in 2007 and 2008. In August 2011, Revoltech re-released the Laevatein in a much bigger package which includes the XL-3 flight pack as well.
Revoltech is an action figure line from the Japanese company Kaiyodo. The main selling point of the line is the 'Revolver' joint, which all of the figures utilise. This gives the figures a high degree of poseability, allowing for many dynamic and varied poses. The Revoltech version of Mazinkaiser stands 12 cm tall and comes with two Kaiser Blades, a Kaiser Sword, Kaiser Scrander, and four optional hands. A display base is also included, which allows the figure to simulate a flying position.
Kaiyodo was originally a small shop in Japan, but grew into a famous company over the years, leading them to sell collectables worldwide. One of their most famous sculptors is Bome, who is most well known for his Mon-sieur BOME collection. In recent years, his figurines have become well known and sought by collectors, and his works have been displayed on a worldwide scale at conventions, including Paris, Tokyo etc.
A company called Kaiyodo released four Zoids as Revoltech figures under the Yamaguchi line. Two Zoid types, the Blade Liger and the Geno Breaker, were produced with the Liger coming in three different colors. These Zoids were made to be highly pose-able, having more joints than any Revoltech before. These Zoids are smaller than the motorized Zoid models but larger than the Hasbro action figures.
As a "DOA" mascot character, Kasumi has been featured in a wide range of merchandise, including figurines, statuettes and action figures that have been released by Tecmo, Sega, Kaiyodo, Max Factory, Kotobukiya, Takara, wall scrolls, and others. One figure was bundled with a special edition of "Dead or Alive Paradise" for the PlayStation Portable (also sold separately); another exclusive figure was bundled with the magazine "Hobby Japan" in 2010. Some Kasumi figures can be stripped down to their underwear or stripped topless.
Dante's confident and fearless attitude have gained him widespread popularity. He was ranked as the seventh of GameCrush's "Top 10: Most Badass Video Game Characters" list, and third among ScrewAttack's "Top ten coolest video game characters" list. The popularity of the "Devil May Cry" series led to a line of "Devil May Cry" action figures produced by Toycom. Japanese company Kaiyodo produced a similar line for "Devil May Cry 2" and a "Devil May Cry 3" Dante action figure.
The Pokémon Trading Figure Game was designed by Tsunekaz Ishihara, a general producer for Pokémon and one of the designers of the trading card game, with Kouichi Ooyama and Mr. Masayuki Miura. They spent several years preparing the game's look and feel to ensure the best possible trading figure game. They aimed at maintaining the spirit of the Pokémon through all the properties, but realized there would be some differences. The figures are designed and created by Kaiyodo, with help from the game designers.
Several figurines of Felicia have been made since her introduction, ranging from immobile figurines by companies such as Kaiyodo, Volks, Yujin, Clayz, Kotobukiya, and MIT Japan, to a posable action figure by Medicom Toy. She is also a character card in the collectible card game "Universal Fighting System". In the shōnen manga series "Love Hina", a few of the main female characters appear in the costumes of B.B. Hood, Hsien-Ko, and Felicia—though much less revealing—for Halloween in chapter 86 of the manga. In the Cartoon Network animated series "Mad" (2011), Felicia makes cameo in the season one segment "Gaming's Next Top Princess".