Synonyms for kakaoh or Related words with kakaoh

chrey              pongro              stueng              trapeang              thnal              boeng              andoung              chambak              lvea              kouk              samraong              kandaol              preaek              ruessei              phnum              praek              angk              chrum              rumduol              sangkae              chhuk              thmei              thlok              slaeng              veaeng              trabaek              totueng              tbaeng              thnong              tuek              daeum              khnar              tnaot              kaoh              kaeut              khpos              kbal              paoy              sralau              srey              knong              krasang              phlov              tumnob              sambour              khsach              doung              damnak              neang              beung             

Examples of "kakaoh"
Kakaoh is a khum (commune) of Moung Ruessei District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia.
Santuk Silk Farm is a silk farm, located about 11 miles (18km) southeast of Kampong Thom City, Cambodia, near the village of Kakaoh. The farm, established by Vietnam War veteran Bud Gibbons in 2006, demonstrates the process of the silk worm, from its earliest stages, from egg to cocoon. The farm employs some 15 girls to weave the raw silk into thread; they make scarves and other items, sold in the shop on site.