Synonyms for kalamitsi or Related words with kalamitsi

plagia              oreino              kefalochori              kerasea              spartia              perivoli              kalyvakia              kainourgio              tristeno              alepochori              nikolitsi              karitsa              kyparissi              foteino              paradeisi              mesorrachi              vryses              kryopigi              lefki              ampelia              vrysoula              prasino              dafnoula              chrysovitsa              grammeni              petrochori              katarraktis              pournari              vasilopoulo              leptokarya              zitsa              krini              revmatia              perithori              kastania              stavrodromi              eleftherio              distrato              elafochori              melissopetra              polythea              ypatis              fourka              koryfi              charavgi              vrysi              kerasia              palaioselli              vlacherna              karvounari             

Examples of "kalamitsi"
Kalamitsi () is a village of the Grevena municipality. Before the 2011 local government reform it was a part of the municipality of Grevena. The 2011 census recorded 29 residents in the village. Kalamitsi is a part of the community of Grevena.
Music and lyrics are by Takis Mpougas, I. Kalamitsi, Daniel DeschĂȘnes, G. Kanellopoulou, S. Blassopoulou, G. Kanellopoulou, Sakari, Psylla, and Anna Vissi.
South, from the harbors exit there is Kartalia, the most southern part of Sithonia, a very impressive area which puts its visitors under a spell with its rocky secluded beaches. Known for their natural beauty are the beaches Azapiko, Tristinika, Korakas, Marathias, Kalamitsi, Kriaritsi. All the villages cover the peninsula mainly in the central and the southern portions.
The village of Kalamitsi, just outside Kardamili was, in his later years, the principal home of Patrick Leigh Fermor and his wife Joan. Patrick was an English writer who was made an honorary citizen of the village for his participation in the Greek Resistance during World War II, especially in Crete. He died in hospital in 2011 the day after returning to his other home in Dumbleton in England.
If you continue down the main southern road out of Kefalas you will reach the T junction in the village of Likotinara. Turning left takes you up a narrow street to a view point. Turning right takes you to the village of Sellia and then, via a left turn, down "Seven Bends Road" to Kalamitsi and either left to the Bay of Georgioupolis or right to Vamos.