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Examples of "kaliko"
Guest appearances on the EP include Krizz Kaliko, J.L. of B. Hood & 816 Boyz, one of Tech N9ne's groups that includes Kaliko, Makzilla and Kutt Calhoun.
Krizz Kaliko first announced the title of his album in early 2011. After the release of Tech N9ne's EP "Klusterfuk", Strange Music began to reveal information on the upcoming album by Krizz Kaliko. On March 15, 2012, Krizz Kaliko contacted rapper Hopsin through Twitter for a collaboration for the album. Several days later, Hopsin responded and agreed to collaborate for the album.
The languages in this cluster are found across three countries: Uganda (Ma'di, Lugbara); South Sudan (Lugbara, Ma'di, Lolu'bo, Avukaya, Kaliko, Moru and Logo); and Democratic Republic of Congo (Lugbara, Avukaya, Kaliko and Logo).
Neh'mind is the second EP by rapper Krizz Kaliko. It was released on November 27, 2012.
The character of Kaliko is in his prime in "Tik-Tok of Oz". Kaliko become king after old Ruggedo (whose name was changed from Roquat) was expelled from his kingdom by the Great Jinjin Tititihoochoo for tipping some members of a Rescue Expedition from Oz down a Hollow Tube and straight into the Land of the Fairies, which is under the governorship of Tititihoochoo. Kaliko promises to become a good king and offers to assist in rescuing the Shaggy Man's brother. Ruggedo returns to the Nome Kingdom, and Kaliko takes him in upon Ruggedo's promise to be good.
Benecke-Kaliko has sales offices in numerous countries worldwide such as the USA, Brazil and India.
Wim Hoogbergen, Het kamp van Broos en Kaliko. Amsterdam: Prometheus, 1996.
American hip hop artist Krizz Kaliko has released six studio albums and two EPs.
In 2015, Benecke-Kaliko AG produced approximately 86 mio m² of surface materials.
Kaliko is first encountered in "Ozma of Oz", though he is identified only as the Chief Steward. In the book, Dorothy's pet hen Billina overheard an argument between Kaliko and Roquat, and learned the secret. She was able to set the prisoners free. In "The Emerald City of Oz", Roquat the Red plans to attack the Emerald City in revenge for his humiliation; we see Kaliko only very briefly.
Kaliko has a brief role in "Rinkitink in Oz", where he helps the cruel King Gos and Queen Cor hide the captive rulers of Pingaree from their "wizard" son Prince Inga and his friend Rinkitink of Gilgad. Kaliko is essentially a good-natured person still, but refuses to surrender the prisoners upon Inga's arrival as he feels himself bound to his promise made to Gos and Cor. However, Dorothy and the Wizard arrive from Oz and force Kaliko to give up the prisoners.
Benecke-Kaliko AG, based in Hanover, develops and manufactures technical and decorative surface materials made of plastics.
Keliko (Kaliko) is a Central Sudanic language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.
The merger with Göppinger Kaliko GmbH took place in 1993, thereby creating the link with ContiTech Holding. In 2017, Benecke-Kaliko purchased the Hornschuch Group, headquartered in Weißbach, Germany, with more than 1,800 employees at four production locations in Germany and the USA. As a result, the company is expanding its industrial business and is opening up new sales markets, especially in North America.
When Winona Beamer spoke about the issue of "hānai" and its relevance to admission at Kamehameha Schools, she had first-hand knowledge of the practice in her immediate family. Kaliko Beamer-Trapp was born in England, but emigrated to the United States with his biological mother. When Beamer decided to "hānai" Kaliko into her family, it was with a special "hānai" ceremony.
Upon the album's release, "Fuck Food" featuring Krizz Kaliko, Lil Wayne and T-Pain debuted at number 47 on the Rap Digital Songs chart.
Style Group Brands is in over 470 outlets in the UK, Europe and Canada and has seven brands: Jacques Vert, Windsmoor, Precis, Kaliko, Planet, Eastex and Dash.
Ma'di language is mutuallly intelligible with Olu'bo, Lugbara, Moru, Avokaya, Kaliko and Logo, all of which are part of the Moru-Madi clade.
Guests include Aqualeo, Bishop, Brotha Lynch Hung, Eric “Ezikuhl” Boone, Krizz Kaliko and Smackola of Dirty Wormz. All songs on the EP were produced by Seven.
Krizz Kaliko began his musical career in the late 1990s when he began working with a local producer by the name of IcyRoc Kraven. Another local rapper by the name of Tech N9ne was also collaborating with IcyRoc at the time, which led to the two rappers meeting. At the time, Tech N9ne was working on a song titled "Who You Came To See" and Krizz made a comment that the song could have a better hook. Tech offered up the opportunity to prove his case, and Tech was blown away when Kaliko proved just that. Tech would bring Kaliko into his "inner circle" which would eventually result in Kaliko signing to the new-found label Strange Music co-owned by Tech N9ne and Travis O'guin.