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iniyum              nanmakal              thumbolarcha              varavu              kapuram              bhoomiyile              adimakal              pennu              sookshikkuka              kudumba              poocha              cheppu              swapnangal              snehamulla              kaattu              njaan              sphodanam              pambaram              puthri              veettile              doctoranu              pareeksha              tharattu              chathurangam              kodalu              udamakal              virunnukari              theerpu              bandhangal              vilakkum              nirangal              vanadevatha              nyayavidhi              paravaigal              chuvanna              pillalu              marikkumo              sukham              kaathirunna              ullasa              kannukal              mukhangal              raavukal              monagadu              ulladakkam              nimishangal              sesham              rahasyam              manathe              puthu             

Examples of "kamaladalam"
Kamaladalam is a 1992 Indian Malayalam musical drama film written by A. K. Lohithadas and directed by Sibi Malayil. It features Mohanlal, Murali, Vineeth, Nedumudi Venu, Thikkurissy Sukumaran Nair, Monisha, Parvathy, and Sukumari. It was produced by Mohanlal for Pranavam Arts.
Monisha Unni is also known for her roles in Malayalam films such as "Perumthachan" (1990), "Kadavu" (1991) and "Kamaladalam" (1992). She also acted in the Tamil films such as "Pookkal Vidum Thoodhu" (a remake of "Nakhashathangal"), "Moondraavadhu Kann", "Unna Nenachen Pattu Padichen", and "Dravidan", and in the Kannada film "Chiranjeevi Sudhakara" (1988). She has also acted in a Telugu movie Lawyer Bharathi Devi (1987).
Some examples are "Mathilukal" (1990) directed by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, "Kattu Kuthira" (1990) directed by P. G. Viswambharan, "Amaram" (1991) directed by Bharathan, "Ulladakkam" (1992) directed by Kamal, "Kilukkam" (1991) directed by Priyadarshan, "Kamaladalam" (1992) by Sibi Malayil, "Vidheyan" (1993) by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, "Devaasuram" (1993) by I. V. Sasi, "Manichithrathazhu" (1993) by Fazil, "Ponthan Mada" (1993) by T. V. Chandran, "Spadikam" (1995) by Bhadran, " Commissioner"(1994) "The King" (1995) by Shaji Kailas, "Hitler" (1996) by Siddique and "Desadanam" (1997) by Jayaraaj.
Lohithadas made his debut as a screenwriter with "Thaniyavarthanam" (1987). He has written screenplays for 35 films in a 24-year-long career, such as "Kireedam" (1989), "Dasharatham" (1989), "Sasneham" (1990), "His Highness Abdullah" (1990), "Bharatham" (1991), "Amaram" (1991), "Aadhaaram" (1992), "Kamaladalam" (1992), "Venkalam" (1993), "Padheyam" (1993), "Chenkol" (1993), "Chakoram" (1994), "Thooval Kottaram" (1996), "Sallapam" (1996), and "Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal" (1999). He later became a director, and has directed films such as "Bhoothakkannadi" (1997), "Karunyam" (1997), "Kanmadam" (1998), "Joker" (2000), and "Kasthooriman" (2003). He died on 29 June 2009 due to a heart attack.
Fresh with the play's commercial and critical success, Lohithadas was introduced to K. G. George by actor Thilakan. It did not help Lohithadas to start a career in Malayalam cinema. But it was K. G. George who gave the basic core idea of the story, later which was developed by Lohithadas to make the film Kireedam. Later, Thilakan introduced Lohithadas to director Sibi Malayil when Sibi was searching for a good writer for his films. Thus Lohi's first movie screenplay "Thaniavarthanam" was directed by Malayil and became a success. Together, Sibi Malayil and Lohithadas would later produce several memorable Malayalam movies. His screenplay works for Sibi Malayil are "Thaniyavarthanam" (1987), "Dasharatham" (1989), "Kireedam" (1989), "His Highness Abdullah" (1990), "Bharatham" (1990), "Kamaladalam" (1992), and "Chenkol" (1993). Other works include "Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal" (1999),"Sasneham" (1990) for Sathyan Anthikkad and "Amaram","venkalam"(1991) for Bharathan.
Since the mid-1980s he has directed around forty films. Before becoming an independent director, he assisted eminent directors such as Priyadarshan and Fazil. Films such as Cheekeran oru chillu (1986), "Thaniyavarthanam" (1987), "Kireedam" (1989), "Dasharatham" (1989), "His Highness Abdullah" (1990), "Maalayogam" (1990), "Bharatham" (1991), "Sadayam" (1992), "Kamaladalam" (1992), "Akashadoothu" (1993), and "Chenkol" (1993) defined the way Malayalam films were made, especially in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many of his films have screenplays by A. K. Lohithadas. It was through his film Bharatham, Mohanlal-one of the greatest actor in Indian cinema-got his first national award for best actor. Sibi Malayil is also the president of the Film Employees' Federation of Kerala (FEFKA). He is also the chairman of a film institute named 'neo Film and Broadcasting School' in Kochi.
In the early 1990s, Mohanlal acted in a number of commercial films, such as "[[His Highness Abdullah]]", "[[Mithunam (1993 film)|Midhunam]]", and "[[No.20 Madras Mail]]". "His Highness Abdullah" was the first independent production of Mohanlal, under his company, [[Pranavam Arts International]]. Mohanlal appeared in Bharathan's "[[Thazhvaram]]" in 1990, as a widower seeking revenge for the murder of his wife by his most trusted friend. His romantic comedy "[[Kilukkam]]" in 1991 won him a State Film Award for Best Actor. The film is considered as one of the greatest comedy films of all time in Malayalam. It also became the highest-grossing Malayalam film of the time. In 1991, Mohanlal produced and starred in "[[Bharatham]]" which is interpreted as a modern-day adaptation of the "[[Ramayana]]" from [[Bharata (Ramayana)|Bharath]]'s perspective. The film was a critical and commercial success, his role as a [[Carnatic Music|Carnatic singer]] who is burdened by a jealous brother earned him the [[National Film Award – Special Jury Award / Special Mention (Feature Film)|National Film Award - Special Jury Mention]] for that year. His role in Bharatham was listed among the "25 Greatest Acting Performances of [[Cinema of India|Indian cinema]]" by [[Forbes India]] on the occasion of celebrating 100 years of Indian Cinema. He portrayed a [[Bharatanatyam]] dancer in "[[Kamaladalam]]"(1992). He took help from his choreographer and his co-actors and professional dancers [[Vineeth]] and [[Monisha]] for enacting the dance scenes. "[[Rajashilpi]]", "[[Sadayam]]", "[[Yodha (1992 film)|Yoddha]]", and "[[Vietnam Colony]]" were the other films released in 1992. The drama "[[Devaasuram]]" (1993), written by [[Ranjith (director)|Ranjith]] and directed by [[I. V. Sasi]], was one of Mohanlal's most successful films and is regarded as a [[cult classic]].