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zlatka              nevena              hristina              antonija              tijana              ilieva              danijela              nikolina              valerija              jonida              neli              plamena              ieva              emilija              marijana              natasa              jasmina              lyubo              zmijanac              desislava              vesela              nikoleta              reneta              tsvetelina              sanja              stojanovska              damjana              dragana              ksenija              zorica              vladislava              rebeka              lyusi              zhana              andrijana              divna              solovyova              saimir              ioanna              elizabeta              todorova              sofija              darina              yotova              radmila              julija              tvbg              yeva              jovanovska              kazimova             

Examples of "kamelia"
Kamelia posed for "Playboy" in 2006, and again in 2008.
In 2014 Kamelia was nominated in "top 100 sexiest women of the year in Romania" by FHM magazine, where she ranked on position 12. In August 2014, Kamelia was nominated for Fans Like Award at Media Music Awards.
Together with rapper Puya, Kamelia released songs „Undeva-n Balcani”, „Change”, „V.I.P.”, „Americandrim” and „Vestul Sălbatic”.
Camelia Adina Hora (born 5 September 1986 in Ștei), better known by stage name Kamelia, is a Romanian singer.
Kamelia participated every year in the national tour organized by Payner Music Planeta Derby from 2004-2009.
In season four famous singers Vladimir Ampov, Kamelia, Poli Genova and Ivan Lechev are the coaches for the cast members.
Kamelia Vladimirova Veskova (Bulgarian: Камелия Владимирова Вескова) (born 10 January 1971), better known as Kamelia (Bulgarian: Камелия), is one of the biggest Chalga stars in Bulgaria. She started her career in the mid 1990s and released her first album in 1998.
Kamelia Veselinova is Ludmilla's girlfriend. She entered the House on Day 11 with a secret mission to convince the other Housemates that she is Sofia, a girl who had a controversial break-up with a German prince. If she completes her mission successfully, she will be allowed to stay in the House. Kamelia was the tenth evicted on Day 60.
Kamelia Gesheva "Voce" is a TV host and singer. She entered the House on Day 1 and was the eighth evicted on Day 59.
Kamelia Todorova is a jazz singer. She entered the House on Day 1 and was the fourth evicted on Day 43.
Kamelia participated at the Megastar contest (2006-2007), and took part in one of the tours of the Romanian band Simplu.
The companion talk show Big Brother's Big Mouth returned during "VIP Brother 3", and was hosted by the pop-folk singer Kamelia.
Kamelia Veskova is a famous pop-folk singer and the host of Big Brother's Big Mouth. She entered the House on Day 11 and left on Day 15.
In 2005,2006 and 2007 Ivana took part in the national tour of Planeta TV and Payner along with 8 more famous Bulgarian singers, including Kamelia, Emilia, Maria,etc.
Gabi has performed with many Bulgarian pop music stars including Neli Rangelova, Orlin Goranov, Kamelia Todorova, Kamelia Voce, Ani Varbanova, and Petia Buiuklieva to name but a few. In 2014 she shared the stage with Lili Ivanova, the Prima of Bulgarian Pop Music at the Bulgarian concert which was part of the “Slavyanski Bazar” (Slavic Bazar) Festival .Gabi has also performed with the Big Band of the Bulgarian National Radio as well as the Rousse Jazz Syndicate and group “Acapella”.
In 2014, Kamelia was present in top 100 most rotated songs in Romania, on position 30 with the song „Piesa mea preferată” feat. Vescan, after that in 2013, with the same song they reached #77.
11 Housemates entered the House on Day 1, and another 5 on Day 2, including Pamela Anderson who was a houseguest for two. Ivan (also houseguest) and Ludmilla entered on Day 9, and Kamelia (as Sofia) on Day 11.
The concept of the show this season was different. There were not "evil tongues". Kamelia was often entering the House, asking the Housemates different questions. The show was aired three times a week - on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.
"Koleksi Gemilang" is a medley of 24 Malaysian songs, and is a tribute from Jac to the music industry. Some of the 24 songs are Warisan Wanita Terakhir, Kau Ilham Ku, Kamelia, Sekadar Di Pinggiran, Terasing, Gadis Melayu, Di Sana Menanti Di Sini Menunggu, Menaruh Harapan, Aku Cinta Padamu and more.
Kamelia was born in Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria. She was discovered by Payner Music in 1997, the same year she signed a deal with Payner Studio. She was one of the first performers of the Chalga genre. Some of her most famous songs are: "Fire Girl", "Ti si", "Ti si vinoven", "Where Are You", "Zaleza i zorata" and "Luda po tebe".