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hoyerswerda              kronach              osterholz              oschatz              lichtenau              oelsnitz              guben              riedlingen              oebisfelde              zittau              bischofswerda              kirchhain              friedrichsthal              wurzen              jugenheim              borken              petershagen              gunzenhausen              luckau              hermsdorf              nienburg              hettstedt              kyritz              neuwied              altenstadt              osterwieck              aschersleben              schmalkalden              dorsten              grevenbroich              rinteln              baiersbronn              haiger              wunsiedel              hessisch              waiblingen              ehingen              ludwigslust              schwandorf              mindelheim              taucha              dieburg              wittmund              neuenkirchen              hausach              perleberg              scharmbeck              anklam              lichtenfels              wolfach             

Examples of "kamenz"
ASG Vorwärts Kamenz was an East German association football club from the city of Kamenz, Saxony.
The Lübbenau-Kamenz railway is a single-track main line in the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony, which was originally built and operated by the Berlin-Görlitz Railway Company (). It branches from the Berlin–Görlitz railway in Lübbenau and runs via Calau and Senftenberg to Kamenz in Saxony. It connects there with the Kamenz–Pirna railway.
The station was built in 1873 as a “tower station” (, a two level interchange station) on the Lübbenau-Kamenz and Węgliniec (then called Kohlfurt)–Roßlau railways. Remains of the railway bridge of the Lübbenau-Kamenz line still exist.
In 1975 the club was transferred to Kamenz, Saxony near Dresden where they would play for the next ten seasons as "Armee-Sportgemeinschaft Vorwärts Kamenz" until folding in 1985.
Kamenz () is a town ("Große Kreisstadt") in the district of Bautzen in Saxony, Germany. Until 2008 it was the administrative seat of Kamenz District. The town is known as the birthplace of the philosopher and poet Gotthold Ephraim Lessing.
Elbe-Elster and Oberspreewald-Lausitz in Brandenburg, Kamenz, Meißen, Döbeln and Torgau-Oschatz.
The district was formed in 1994 from the previous Kamenz district, the northern parts of the Dresden-Land district, around Radeberg, and the Hoyerswerda district, except the town of Hoyerswerda, which became a district-free city. From 1994 to 1996 it was called "Westlausitz - Dresdner Land", but then renamed to "Kamenz" again. In August 2008, the Kamenz district and Hoyerswerda were merged into the district of Bautzen.
The Museum of West Lusatia in Kamenz offers comprehensive information on the geology, nature, history and community of this land.
The Breezer has been produced both in kit form and as a complete aircraft at a factory in Kamenz.
Mehringdamm, Mehringplatz, and the NVA Air Force Officer's Academy that was located in Kamenz were all named after him.
Important towns in West Lusatia are Hoyerswerda, Kamenz, Königsbrück, Ohorn, Pulsnitz, Schwepnitz, Bernsdorf, Ruhland, Oßling, Haselbachtal, Elstra and Bischofswerda.
Born in Neudörfel (Sorbian: Nowa Wjeska) near Kamenz (Sorbian: Kamjenc), Tillich studied construction and drive techniques at the Dresden University of Technology after finishing his Abitur at the Sorbian Gymnasium in Bautzen in 1977. He graduated from university with a Diplomingenieur degree in 1984. Tillich was an employee of the district administration of Kamenz between 1987 and 1989. Later he became an entrepreneur.
Prince Albrecht died at Schloss Kamenz in 1906. He was buried in the Mausoleum auf dem Hutberge in the park of Schloss Kamenz. After World War II, the mausoleum was plundered and the bodies of Albert and his wife were reburied in the park.
"Vorwärts Kamenz" was established in 1960 and played lower tier football early in its existence. In 1974 the first team side of "Vorwärts Cottbus" was transferred to Kamenz and the club became a fourth division side in the Bezirksliga Dresden. They enjoyed success in local cup play over the next several seasons capturing the Dresden Cup in 1976, 1978, and 1979.
Ruffini's parents, Ernst Frederick Ruffini and Adelheit (Adelaide) Riehme, immigrated from Kamenz, Germany to Chicago in 1848 and then settled in Cleveland. Ruffini is sometimes identified as Italian, but his ancestors had emigrated to Kamenz, about five hundred years before he was born.
On the morning of 17 April 1945 Leutnant Gerhard Bauer, Oberleutnant August Lambert, and another pilot were taking off from Kamenz for a mission to the front when American P-51Ds of the 55th Fighter Group appeared. Bauer's Fw 190 F-9 "Black 1 +" was quickly shot down north of Kuckau, about eight kilometres east-south-east of Kamenz. August Lambert and another 8./Schlachtgeschwader 77 pilot tried desperately to get away, but could not lose their pursuers. Lambert was shot down and killed in action in his Fw 190 F-8 "Black 9 +" just north of Hoyerswerda, a town some north-north-east of Kamenz.
During the Middle Ages it was a member of the Six Cities' Alliance of the Upper Lusatian cities of Görlitz, Zittau, Löbau, Kamenz, Lauban and Bautzen.
In the 2005 federal election, he was a candidate for the constituency of Kamenz, Hoyerswerda and Großenhain, and received 6.7% of the votes.
Dresden-Neustadt station gives long distance trains access to the northern part of Dresden and to other towns like Radebeul, Radeberg, Kamenz and Coswig.
Anton Felkel (26 April 1740, Kamenz, Silesia – c. 1800, possibly in Lisbon, Portugal) was an Austrian mathematician who worked on the determination of prime numbers.