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salbace              voiniceni              ruthii              schweringen              braemia              lysinia              weqa              mrgavan              strigoniensis              tirista              plagiari              dzhulyunitsa              stenomeres              gianico              gajularega              tripotamo              seevur              sandw              geszt              proszowicki              whla              horodnianka              ymgynghori              kostakioi              velletrano              augustodurum              kumbhkot              ashvakayanas              praestites              verdichio              hispellum              brusgnano              statielli              konistres              vardanidzor              herschwiesen              crevenicu              collati              lopasnya              ierakas              evinochori              kefalari              strambotti              guithelin              drosato              mondesa              aeriene              piancogno              kirchwalsede              douneika             

Examples of "kamg"
After a period of reorganization, the KAMG changed its name to the Special Security Team in 1996.
KAMG-LP (92.1 FM) is a low-power FM radio station licensed to Enid, Oklahoma, United States. The station is currently owned by Maranatha Radio Corporation.
In 1989, KAMG operatives were involved in storming a Panama-registered vessel after receiving requests via radio for assistance in the East China Sea near Okinawan waters after British officers were attacked by Filipino crewmembers during a riot. All of the arrested crew members were then taken into custody. In 1992, the KAMG was deployed to guard ships carrying nuclear waste from France all the way to Japan, protecting them from any sort of staged attacks from any radical anti-nuclear activist groups.
The small suburb is famous for its marathon football league and Raas-mela রাসমেলা (fair based on Radha-Krishna's life). Jorai also features a railway station by the same name (there are three railway stations, Kamakhyaguri কামাখ্যাগুড়ি [KAMG], Jorai জোড়াই [JOQ] and Srirampur শ্রীরামপুর[SRPB], which belong to three separate districts, Alipurduar, Coochbehar (both in West Bengal) and Kokrajhar (in Assam), respectively).
The station signed on the air in Victoria on December 28, 1961 as KVIC. It was assigned the call letters KCWM on January 12, 1981. On June 6, 1985, the station changed its call sign to KAMG, on March 9, 2001 to KRNX, and on March 9, 2004 to the current KVNN,
The Federal Communications Commission issued a construction permit for the station to Central Assembly of God Church on February 27, 2004. The station was assigned the KAMG-LP call sign on May 13, 2004. On November 1, 2005, the construction permit was assigned to Amigos Ministry, and the station was granted its license to cover on February 27, 2007.
KQOB 96.9 FM broadcasts in a classic hits format. Stations KNID 107.1 FM and KOFM 103.1 FM specialize in country music. KAMG 92.1 FM, KKRD 91.1 FM, KLGB-LP 94.3 FM, and K226BR 93.1 FM are devoted to religious content. KCRC 1390 AM broadcast sports games. KGWA 960 AM and KZLS 1640 AM is a talk radio station, and KXLS 95.7 FM plays various musical genres.