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tenshi              himitsu              maboroshi              hanayome              yakusoku              hitori              koibito              natsu              tsukiyo              kekkon              unmei              inochi              hitotsu              danshi              kiseki              tameni              seitokai              omoi              kajitsu              otoko              hajimari              jikan              kodomo              kareshi              onna              kisetsu              shoujo              namida              otona              kannazuki              hitohira              itsuka              taiyou              yoake              tatakai              shimai              naisho              chikai              rakuen              jigoku              boku              kimochi              tsuma              hanazakari              darake              kanojo              nemuri              jikenbo              shiranai              ichizoku             

Examples of "kamisama"
There are similarities to another group of shaman women, the "kamisama". Both "kamisama" and "itako" believe in a marriage to a spirit, and both follow the Buddhist deity Fudo Myoo. However, kamisama are sighted, typically claiming prophetic powers in the aftermath of a traumatic disease. Unlike "itako", they are associated with small Shinto shrines, which they may operate themselves. Kamisama tend to view "itako" with suspicion, though ethnographers have found that kamisama often associate themselves with "itako" and "itako" traditions.
As of November 2009, she is currently working on "Kamisama Kiss", and "Akuma to Dolce" is on hiatus.
In the manga series "Kamisama Kiss" by Julietta Suzuki, the heroine Nanami Momozono becomes the tochigami of a derelict shrine.
"Kamisama no Karute" was released in Japanese cinemas on 27 August 2011. It was released on 321 screens throughout the country.
Two more songs were released from the album as digital singles: "Kamisama", a stock song from their setlists, was released on May 21, and
On May 21, 2008, she released her sixth single, "Akane". This was one of the theme songs for the drama "Mama no Kamisama".
In episode 9 of the anime "Kamisama Dolls", the character Kōshirō Hyūga quotes the line, "God's in his heaven, all's right with the world."
Both "Kamisama Kiss" and "Karakuri Odette" are licensed for English release, the first by Viz Media and the second by Tokyopop.
Both videos for "Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri" and "Kamisama, Hotokesama" are directed by Yuichi Kodama. The video of "Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri" is inspired by the song theme "the summer of woman’s life". The first video shows an impatient heroine interspersed with scenes of Sheena and Ukigumo singing a duet together. The session musicians who played the song at the recording session there also appear on the "Kamisama, Hotokesama" video, where they play as spectres of the "Hyakki Yagyō".
Her first series, Akuma to Dolce is on hiatus, but ran in Hakusensha's Hana to Yume, while her third and current series, Kamisama Kiss is currently serialized in the same magazine.
Sheena sings two duets in both songs with two of her close male musician friends: Ukigumo (former member of Tokyo Jihen) in "Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri" and Shutoku Mukai for "Kamisama, Hotokesama".
Mainichi Broadcasting System, Inc. aired a two-hour drama based on the autobiography "Toilet no Kamisama" on January 5, 2011, on 28 stations including itself, TBS and CBC, also on Akita TV on January 8. It was one of the programs for the 60th anniversaty of the opening of MBS. The drama starred Kii Kitano as Uemura, and Shima Iwashita as her grandmother. The drama's plot is inspired by the events described in Uemura's "Toilet no Kamisama" autobiography, such as the death of her grandfather and her path to becoming a singer.
Haruo Minami is known for popularizing the saying "Okyakusama wa kamisama desu". It is directly translated, "The audience/guests are god", meaning "the customer is always right" or "the customer is a god" symbolising patronage. The kamisama is Japanese shintō's kami. When he sang his songs, he was concentrating as if to pray before kami. He looked on his audience as kami to make his performance perfect. The Minami's words were spread by Let's-Go-Sanbiki, a trio of Japanese comedian that had come to watch Minami's show.
In March 2014, Brightman released a compilation album called "Voce – Sarah Brightman Beautiful Songs" available only in the Japanese region. Her album included well-known songs, rare-tracks and a special new song called "Keep the Light", which was recorded for the Japanese movie "Kamisama no Karute 2".
In 2007, she had one more one-shot, for the 14th issue of Hana to Yume. In its January 2008 issue, "Karakuri Odette" had finally ended its serialization with 35 chapters, compiled into 6 volumes. Not long after "Karakuri Odette" ended, she started another series, (called "Kamisama Kiss" in Viz's English version), in the same magazine.
Saiyuki Reload Gunlock was released in Japan on August 5, 2004, by Bandai for the PlayStation 2. This fighting game features a total of eight playable characters including Sanzo, Goku, Gojyo and Hakkai as well as Kougaiji, Chin Yisou, Kamisama, and Hazel. Playable game modes include traditional single and multiplayer modes, as well as Practice Mode, Watch Mode, and a story-akin Dramatic Mode.
"Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri" was used in advertisements for Coca-Cola Japan's 2015 summer campaign. "Kamisama, Hotokesama" was used as an TV commercial jingle for the au smartphone "isai vivid" manufactured by LG Electronics, in which Sheena also stars in the commercial.
Although the song was initially included on her third album "Success Story", "Romance no Kamisama" has also been featured on her compilation albums "The Best "Love Winters"" (which has sold 2.4 million copies), "Alpen Best", and "". The "Alpen Best" album also featured a which was a piano only arrangement; this was later featured on her 2008 studio album "Making My Life Better".
Later in 2008 Kokubu was nickname when he appeared in "Enta no Kamisama", in which he made an impression of former Japanet Takata president Akira Takata. He was later appointed for the advertisements of Japanet Takata from January to March 2009, in which he played alongside Takata himself.
In 2006, "Kamisama Kazoku" was adapted into a 13-episode anime television series which began airing on Animax from May 18, 2006 to August 10, 2006. Two pieces of theme music were used through the series, "Brand New Morning" by Mai Mizuhashi for the opening theme and by Miraku (Mai Mizuhashi, Mayu Kudō, and Fumika Iwaki) for the closing theme.