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FC Lokomotiv Moscow: Khasanbi Bidzhiyev (GK), Oleg Pashinin (DF), Oleg Elyshev (MF), Vitali Veselov (FW), Dmitri Bulykin (FW), Oleh Haras (FW), Konstantin Kamnev (FW), Valeriy Yablochkin (FW).
In 1973, Leonard won the National Golden Gloves Lightweight Championship, but lost to Randy Shields in the lightweight final of the National AAU Tournament. The following year, Leonard won the National Golden Gloves and National AAU Lightweight Championships. Leonard suffered his last two losses as an amateur in 1974. He lost a disputed decision to Anatoli Kamnev in Moscow, after which, Kamnev gave the winner's trophy to Leonard. In Poland, Kazimierz Szczerba was given a decision victory over Leonard, even though he was dominated in the first two rounds and dropped three times in the third.
Konstantin Nikolayevich Kamnev (; born June 20, 1972) is a retired Russian professional footballer. He made his professional debut in the Soviet Second League in 1991 for SKA Odessa. He played 4 games in the UEFA Cup 1996–97 for FC Torpedo-Luzhniki Moscow.
Orthodox believers first came to Canada in large numbers from the Austro-Hungarian province of Bukovina in the 1890s, and they settled mostly in the prairie provinces. Most self-identified as Ruthenians or Ukrainians but some were Russophiles; all of them were without any Orthodox priests. The Russian Church had prior claim to all of North America because of its missionary activity in Alaska and California. The first Orthodox service in Canada was held in 1897 by the Reverend Dimitri Kamnev and Deacon Vladimir Alexandrov. They had been dispatched by Bishop Nicholas of the Russian Orthodox Church Mission in San Francisco, USA to the tiny settlement of Wostok near Edmonton.
ANDOS is a Russian operating system for Electronika BK-0010, Electronika BK-0011 and Electronika BK-0011M series computers. It was created in 1990 and first released in 1992. Initially it was developed by Alexey Nadezhin (by whose name the system is named) and later also by Sergey Kamnev, who joined the project. It was the only widespread system on BK series computers that used MS-DOS-compatible file system format. ANDOS used the FAT12 filesystem on 800 Kb floppy disks. For Electronika BK-0011M and Electronika BK-0011 ANDOS provided Electronika BK-0010 emulation by loading BK-0010 ROM image into BK-0011(M) RAM. In minimal configuration the system was able to occupy less than 4 Kb of RAM.