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samraong              krong              svay              andoung              tboung              thmei              trapeang              kouk              pursat              stueng              chrey              kaoh              preaek              veaeng              meanchey              phnum              boeng              krouch              tuek              lvea              thma              ruessei              battambang              srok              khmum              russei              thnal              thlok              krasang              speu              sambour              chamkar              kbal              kraom              paoy              sangkae              pongro              khsach              chhmar              chrum              kaev              sampov              kompong              banteay              steung              angk              phum              anlong              pailin              chhuk             

Examples of "kandal"
Kandal Stueng District () is a district ("srok") of Kandal Province, Cambodia. The district is subdivided into 23 communes ("khum") and 154 villages ("phum").
Khsach Kandal District () is a district ("srok") of Kandal Province, Cambodia. The district is subdivided into 18 communes ("khum") and 93 villages ("phum").
Group E – Chhma Khmao, Western University, Stung Treng, Kandal
Wutty was born in Svay Meas village, Vihear Sour commune, Kchlach Kandal district, Kandal province, Cambodia. Chut Wutty obtained a master's degree in Military Studies from Russia in 1992. Wutty is survived by his wife, two daughters, and a son.
Deh-e Kandal (; also known as Kandal) is a village in Margan Rural District, in the Central District of Hirmand County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 165, in 39 families.
Srey Santhor district is a central district of Kampong Cham Province. Reading from the north clockwise, Srey Santhor shares a border with Kang Meas District of Kampong Cham to the north across the Mekong. Koh Sotin district lies on the eastern border. To the south are Sithor Kandal and Pea Reang districts of Prey Veng Province. The western border of the district is shared with Khsach Kandal district of Kandal Province.
Kandal Shahi is unusual amongst Dardic languages in that it has front rounded vowels.
Sithor Kandal District () is a district located in Prey Veng Province, in south eastern Cambodia.
Many garment factories are located in Kandal Province, which hires more than 500,000 workers.
In an exceptional case, a marriage between a lesbian couple was legally and religiously solemnized in 1995 in Kandal Province.
Krong Ta Khmau (, literally: "Black Grandfather") is the capital and largest city of Kandal Province in central Cambodia.
Kandal is a small village located along the west side of the lake Breimsvatnet, about southeast of the municipal center of Sandane in the municipality of Gloppen in Sogn og Fjordane county, Norway. The population of Kandal (2001) is 87, and the village area stretches along the shore of the lake for about .
Surrounded by high mountains, the main industry in Kandal is goat farming. There are two mountain dairy farms () in Kandal: "Myklandsstøylen" and "Nesstøylen". In the summer, most of the people take their animals up there to graze them and milk them.
Maya Gilliss-Chapman was born in the Kandal Province of Cambodia. She was brought to the capital city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia as an orphan. The circumstances around her transport from Kandal to Phnom Penh remain unknown. She was brought to the United States of America in 1991 and resided in the city of Oakland, California.
The village got the name from the combination of two words - 'Kandal' and 'Oor'. 'Kandal' means mangrove forest which was once abundant in these region with its biodiversity of various flora and fauna. In Tamil language, 'oor' means place or village. Tamil was spoken throughout Kerala, once.
Tep Ngorn is a Cambodian politician. He belongs to the Cambodian People's Party and was elected to represent Kandal Province in the National Assembly of Cambodia in 2003.
Chan Cheng is a Cambodian politician. He belongs to the Sam Rainsy Party and was elected to represent Kandal Province in the National Assembly of Cambodia in 2003.
Mukh Kampul District () is a district ("srok") of Kandal Province, Cambodia. The district is subdivided into 9 communes ("khum") and 47 villages ("phum").
[[Kandal Province]] is informally included as part of [[Phnom Penh]], as the urban sprawl of the capital has already spread into these areas.
He was born to Mr. Bongchong Keo in Rokar Korng Village, Tonle Thom, Muk Kampoul, Kandal Province, on July 22, 1859.