Synonyms for kandoshi or Related words with kandoshi

cahuapana              sabela              canichana              catacao              munichi              lupingu              bayag              itonama              berrogain              luac              cayubaba              puinave              santrokofi              kaliana              yaruro              plagia              matipuhy              catuquina              jauberria              polythea              aushiri              oluta              quilanga              mendexa              serapicos              texcatepec              sozoranga              dalag              auritz              tarpia              gondizalves              kelberi              kabasagan              muniche              lethera              querquerni              camiare              culle              betoi              ajangiz              perithori              anaku              ngiemboon              melissopetra              hovera              cocama              polydroso              muganza              allentiac              nyagisozi             

Examples of "kandoshi"
Tovar (1961) linked Omurano to Taushiro (and later Taushiro with Kandoshi); Kaufman (1994) finds the links reasonable, and in 2007 he classified Omurano and Taushiro (but not Kandoshi) as Saparo–Yawan languages.
Following Tovar (1961), Loukotka (1968), and Tovar (1984), Kaufman (1994) notes that while Taushiro has been linked to the Zaparoan languages, it shares greater lexical correspondences with Kandoshi and especially with Omurano. In 2007 he classified Taushiro and Omurano (but not Kandoshi) as Saparo–Yawan languages.
Among modern languages, Loukotka (1968), followed by Tovar (1984), connected Candoshi with Taushiro (Pinche). Kaufman (1994) tentatively proposed a "Kandoshi–Omurano–Taushiro" language family, with Candoshi the most distant of the trio. However, Kaufman (2007) placed Omurano and Taushiro but not Candoshi in Saparo–Yawan.
Candoshi-Shapra (also known as Candoshi, Candoxi, Kandoshi, and Murato) is an indigenous American language isolate, spoken by several thousand people in western South America along the Chapuli, Huitoyacu, Pastaza, and Morona river valleys. There are two dialects, Chapara (also spelled Shapra) and Kandoashi. It is an official language of Peru, like other native languages in the areas in which they are spoken and are the predominant language in use. Around 88.5 percent of the speakers are bilingual with Spanish. The literacy rate in Candoshi-Shapra is 10 to 30 percent and 15 to 25 percent in the second language Spanish. There is a Candoshi-Shapra dictionary, and grammar rules have been codified.