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Examples of "kangean"
Kangean is a language spoken in Indonesia, in the Kangean Islands which lie to the east of Madura Island. It is barely intelligible with Madurese proper.
The largest island, at about 490 km², is Kangean Island. Other islands include Paliat, Sepanjang, and several smaller islands. The towns of Kalikatak and Arjasa, both on Kangean Island, are the area's largest population centres. The islands have strong historic and ethnic ties with Madura; the people of Kangean are almost 100% Moslem; most residents are ethnically Madurese.
It is endemic to Indonesia, known from Kangean Islands, southwestern Sulawesi and Seram Island.
Pollex archi is a moth of the Micronoctuidae family. It is known from the Kangean Islands.
Cepora bathseba is a butterfly in the Pieridae family. It is found on Kangean.
- Bekisar chicken, chicken chicken bekisar is typical of many cultivated Sumenep for pets on the island of Kangean
Pollex kangeani is a moth of the Micronoctuidae family. It is known from the Kangean Islands and Java.
Holotype: Zoological Museum in Amsterdam. The type locality is Bajutan, Kangean Islands. Collected by Hoogerwerf on August 20, 1954.
There are 38 Kangean Islands (Indonesian: Kepulauan Kangean) altogether with 6 inhabited, forming an archipelago that is part of Indonesia covering a total space of 668 square km. They are located in the Java Sea approximately north of Bali and 120 km east of Madura Island. The islands are administratively a part of Sumenep Regency within East Java province.
quite distinct from any which have been named. Thus, the name "butoti" can at least be used for the color variation if it is decided to include the Kangean populations in the nominate form of "perversus". Besides the nominate color pattern of "butoti", shells referable to the "infraviridis", "infrapictus", "rufocinctus", "sultanus" and typical "perversus" pattern were seen on Kangean Island.
In 2014, the local government agreed to reactivate an old airstrip on Kangean Island. The airstrip is 1,000 meters long and 30 meters wide.
Duplex timorensis is a moth of the Micronoctuidae family. It is known from Indonesia, including Java, the Kangean Islands and south-western Timor.
Note: Sumenep Regency includes many offshore islands - notably the Kangean Islands (487 km2) to the east of Madura, the smaller Sapudi Islands lying between Madura and the Kangean Islands, and the small Masalembu Islands (40.85 km2) to the north (between Madura and Kalimantan). The mainland (i.e. the area on Madura Island itself) covers 1,146.93 km2 (751,833 inhabitants in 2010) consisting of 17 districts, while the islands are 946.53 km2 (290,479 people in 2010), comprising 9 districts, of 128 islands, 46 inhabited.
Paratypes: Specimens were seen from several localities on Kangean Island. The shells from Sepandjang are in Chicago Natural History Museum, no. 97808, in the Zoological Museum in Amsterdam, and in Butot; Djukung specimens are in the Zoological Museum in Amsterdam; and topotypes from Bajutan are in Chicago Natural History Museum, no. 97806, and in Butot and the Zoologisch Museum, Amsterdam, Some additional material from Kangean Island (USNM 468416, Paravicini!) was seen after the description had been written.
This species was described from Kangean Island, Indonesia. "Tenellia sibogae" is widespread throughout the tropical waters of the Indo-West Pacific region. This species is large for this family, with a maximum size of 35 mm length.
This skipper is found in Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, south Vietnam, Hainan, Malay peninsula, Indonesian archipelago (including Borneo, Java, Kangean, Bali, Lombok, Bawean, Sumba, Sumbawa) and the Philippines.
"On the North." A line from the Western Paternoster Island to the East point of Sepandjang and thence through this island to the West point of Gedeh Bay on the South coast of Kangean ().
"On the West." A line from the West point of Gedeh Bay, Kangean Island, to Tg Sedano, the Northeast extreme of Java and down the East coast to Tg Bantenan, the Southeast extreme of the island.
The Javan slit-faced bat ("Nycteris javanica") is a species of slit-faced bats found on the Kangean Islands of Indonesia and Nusa Penida, Java. This species is also located in West Timor. This species' population is decreasing.
At 09:49, while Doorman's strike force was south of the Kangean Islands, Japanese bombers were sighted to the east by sailors on the ABDA ships. The Japanese planes where flying in four "v"-formations at an altitude of about .