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sisimiut              narsarsuaq              ilulissat              upernavik              qaqortoq              kulusuk              tasiilaq              uummannaq              icefjord              qaanaaq              maniitsoq              qeqertarsuaq              narsaq              paamiut              aasiaat              nuuk              qaasuitsup              nanortalik              arsuk              qaarsut              kujalleq              kangaatsiaq              tasiusaq              ukkusissat              nuussuaq              qasigiannguit              kapisillit              godhavn              hammerfest              aappilattoq              angmagssalik              stord              mehamn              longyearbyen              ikamiut              kirkenes              tiksi              kjevik              adventdalen              andenes              gamvik              ikerasak              qeqqata              varanger              qeqertaq              kuummiit              pevek              sermersooq              stokmarknes              ikerasaarsuk             

Examples of "kangerlussuaq"
Supply ships of Royal Greenland and cruise ships, such as Norway's Hurtigruten sail into Kangerlussuaq Fjord south of the island. The fjord is navigable in its entire length, with the ships mooring at the Kangerlussuaq port, west of Kangerlussuaq Airport. There are several small skerries in the mouth of the fjord, at the southern end of Simiutaq Island.
Kangerlussuaq () may refer to the following areas in Greenland:
The tough, long "Arctic Circle Race" takes place each winter, with the trail partially overlapping with the "Polar Route" from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq. The race was inaugurated in 1998, since then becoming an international competition. The "Polar Route" passes through the western reaches of Tarajornitsut, ending in Umiarsualivik on the shores of Kangerlussuaq Fjord, approximately west-south-west of Kangerlussuaq.
The Nordfjord, Courtauld Fjord, Amdrup Fjord "(Atterteq)" and Watkins Fjord "(Torsukattak)" are smaller side fjords within the Kangerlussuaq Fjord system. Kraemer Island lies at the entrance of Watkins Fjord, separated from the Skaergaard Peninsula on the northern shore of Kangerlussuaq Fjord by the narrow Uttental Sund. Kangerlussuaq Fjord is a deep fjord with strong and dangerous currents.
The fjord is navigable in its entire length. Cruise ships, such as Norway's Hurtigruten and supply ships of Royal Greenland navigate the fjord, mooring at the Kangerlussuaq port, west of Kangerlussuaq Airport.
Like all of Greenland, there are no roads between settlements. There are three airports in Qeqqata, Kangerlussuaq, Maniitsoq and Sisimiut, where Kangerlussuaq is the international hub for Greenland. Other settlements are served by boats.
Kangerlussuaq Glacier (, meaning 'large fjord'; old spelling "Kangerdlugssuaq") is the largest glacier on the east coast of the Greenland ice sheet. It flows into the head of the Kangerlussuaq Fjord, the second largest fjord in East Greenland.
As the only civilian airport in Greenland large enough to support large long-range airplanes such as Boeing 747s, Kangerlussuaq Airport is Greenland's most important transport hub. Hotel Kangerlussuaq operates at the airport.
Kangerlussuaq Fjord or Kangerlussuaq Inlet is a fjord in Qaasuitsup Municipality, Western Greenland. It is located at the Kangeq Peninsula in the Upernavik Archipelago zone. This fjord cuts across the peninsula in a north-south direction.
Tasersuatsiaq (old spelling: "Taserssuatsiaq") is a lake in central-western Greenland, in the Qeqqata municipality. It is located southeast of Kangerlussuaq, with a depth of , covering an area of 750ha. During the operating years of the American base at Bluie West Eight at Kangerlussuaq the lake was referred to as Lake Ferguson. The lake and the Roklubben Restaurant at its western shore are connected to Kangerlussuaq by a gravel road, one of the very few in Greenland. Tasersuatsiaq is a source of fresh water for Kangerlussuaq.
Kangerlussuaq Airport (, ) is an airport in Kangerlussuaq, a settlement in the Qeqqata municipality in central-western Greenland. Alongside Narsarsuaq Airport, it is one of only two civilian airports in Greenland large enough to handle large airliners. It is located away from the coast and hence less prone to fog and wind in comparison with other airports in Greenland. Kangerlussuaq Airport is the international hub for Air Greenland. The Kangerlussuaq area has very few inhabitants, around 500, so few passengers have their origin or destination here. Most passengers change planes.
Air cargo is very important for Greenland. Most perishable foodstuff is imported from Denmark by air. It uses the Air Greenland Copenhagen–Kangerlussuaq passenger aircraft, and this is a reason why such a large aircraft is used. The air containers are then transported to the other airports by the small planes that can use the small runways. Some air cargo is transported by boat from Kangerlussuaq, but not in the winter when the Kangerlussuaq Fjord freezes (one of the reasons to build the Sisimiut–Kangerlussuaq road).
Kangerlussuaq was founded at the east end of Kangerlussuaq fjord as Bluie West-8 on 7 October 1941, under the supervision of Colonel Bernt Balchen of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF). Following the fall of Denmark to Germany in World War II, US forces assumed security for Greenland, building several bases including Bluie West-1 to the south in Narsarsuaq and Bluie West-8 at the Kangerlussuaq fjord.
Hotel Kangerlussuaq is a hotel in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Located at Kangerlussuaq Airport, this three-star hotel has 70 rooms and is a notable location for conferences. The hotel is located on the site of a reclaimed United States Air Force base, Sondrestrom Air Base. It is the former base's landing strip which serves as the town's airport and the barracks have been converted to accommodation.
Kangerlussuaq Icefjord (old spelling: "Kangerdlugssuaq", ) is a fjord in the Qaasuitsup municipality in northwestern Greenland.
Maniitsoq is served by Air Greenland with flights to Nuuk, Kangerlussuaq, and Sisimiut.
While Inuit hunters certainly visited Kangerlussuaq, there appears never to have been a settlement at the location.
The climate in Kangerlussuaq is subarctic, bordering on polar continental, with the area receiving very little rainfall.
The sites were constructed with materials provided through airlift from LC-130's flying out of Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.
Kangerlussuaq has the largest road network outside any settlement in Greenland (not counting streets inside the settlement).