Synonyms for kannappanunni or Related words with kannappanunni

kaathirunna              karyam              tharattu              kottunnu              kapuram              adimakal              vilikkunnu              aromalunni              iddaru              mangalya              kutumbam              koodevide              anandha              sasneham              kaliyil              vakku              aalkkoottathil              shabdam              ormakkayi              iniyum              ninakku              vilkkanundu              namukku              thacholi              parkkan              devanarayanan              varavu              kondaveeti              mukunthetta              pingami              kshamichu              paramu              ennoru              chembarathi              manathe              tharavu              rahasyam              mitrulu              kelkatha              kodalu              eradu              akalangalil              panimudakku              ulladakkam              ivide              sphodanam              ithile              thulabharam              jagadeka              vavarum             

Examples of "kannappanunni"
In 1976 Kunchacko died in Madras, Tamil Nadu with musician K. Raghavan for the song recording of the film "Mallanum Mathevanum". "Kannappanunni" was the last film directed by him. His death occurred on the fifth death anniversary (15 June) of the veteran Malayalam actor Sathyan, who acted in many of his films.
Kannappanunni is a 1977 Indian Malayalam film based on Kalaripayattu, the traditional martial art of India. It was the 100th film featuring Prem Nazir and Sheela as the leading pair. It was Udaya Studio's 75th film. The film was directed and produced by Kunchako. The film stars Prem Nazir, Sheela, Sukumari and Jayabharathi in lead roles. The film had musical score and songs by K. Raghavan.
In 1960, Kunchacko tried his hand in film direction with "Umma" which he followed with "Neeli Saali" and "Seetha". He went on to direct 40 films in his career of many genres including purana stories, "vadakkan pattu" stories, comedy films and social themed films. Some of his films are "Bharya, Unniyarcha, Palattukoman, Sakunthala, Pazhassiraja, Mainatheruvi Kolacase, Ponnapuram Kotta, Anarkali "and" Kannappanunni". His career in film direction went along with his career as film producer. He produced films directed by various directors like M. Krishnan Nair ("Agni Mrigam, Thara, Kattuthulasi"), A. Vincent ("Gandharva Kshethram"), Thoppil Bhasi ("Oru Sundariyude Katha, Ningalenne Communistakki"), K.S.Sethumadhavan(Koottukudumbam) and K. Raghunath ("Laura Neeyevide").
During his peak time, Nazir gave life to many characters and enjoyed a wide popularity among all sects of the society. He has played historical characters based on "Vadakkan Pattukal". "Aromalunni", "Kannappanunni", "Thacholi Ambu" and "Padayottam" are some major films in this genre. Although the actor faced criticism for playing such roles as his physique was least suited for it, he still enjoyed a huge fan following among the audiences. He was well known for his roles as Hindu deities like Rama, Krishna and Ayyappa. In his movies, Nazir was well known for playing the eternal romantic hero and the good guy who would bash up the villains without remorse.
Kalarippayattu: The film also used Kalarippayattu, the traditional martial art of South India, for the fight sequences between Digambaran and Chemban choreographed by action director Arash. Use of Kalari in the film followed the footsteps of Kalari-based movies like "Palattu Koman" (1962), "Thacholi Othenan" (1964), "Kannappanunni" (1977) and "Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha" (1989), as well as famous martial art film actor Jackie Chan's "The Myth". After "Asoka", it was the second time the director had used Kalari (as it is known in popular coinage).
Most critics often consider Jayan's main hero role in Sharapancharam, Angadi, Venalil Oru Mazha and Puthiya Velicham to be his best. His most popular character may be the educated labourer in "Angadi". The sage's role played by him in "Etho Oru Swapnam" was well appreciated by critics and would easily feature among his memorable roles. The supporting role in Kannappanunni, Thacholi Ambu, the villainous ranger in Panchami and the rapist in Kanthavalayam are also critically acclaimed characters. Some other popular roles were in films like "Ithikkara Pakki", "Mamangam", "Puthiya Velicham", "Karimpana", "Ariyapedatha Rahasiyam", "Chaakara" and "Kazhukan". While acknowledging his undisputed popularity as a commercial superstar that has never faded over time, general critical opinion on his skills as an actor is divided. While there are criticisms from some corners that he depended more on his features like catching physique, base voice, personal charisma, unique style and mannerisms to garner attention, many others rate him as a great actor who developed his own unique style to leave a lasting impression on every single role he took up.
Jayan acted in several multistar movies mostly with Prem Nazir. The duo acted in films like "Nayattu, Love in Singapore, Chandrahasam, Thacholi Ambu, Kannappanunni, Palattu Kunjikkannan, Mamangam, Prabhu" etc. all of which were top grossers at the box office. He also acted with other popular actors of the time like Soman, Sukumaran and Madhu in many films. In early films before 1979 (like "Thacholi Ambu" and "Panchami") he had negative or supporting roles. But later films in the beginning of 1980 relied heavily on Jayan's drawing power as an action hero and placed him as the central character. In 1980, the duo jayan and Prem Nazir were cast in "Ariyapedatha Rahasiyam" by P. Venu, that showcased the famous fight scene in Malayalam cinema. Prem Nazir agreed to play a supporting role in "Nayattu" very unlikely for a superstar of those times. He had agreed to do this as a token of friendship with Jayan and the director Sreekumaran Thamby.The duo had many actions films together like 'irumbazhikal" "love in Singapore" etc. where the box office draw was huge.