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kokorogiannis              holopoulos              intzoglou              mousouris              agadakos              karagiozopoulos              atmatsidis              dintsikos              maslarinos              kakiousis              tsartas              daliaris              paramanidis              balopoulos              kalitzakis              karafeskos              patsiavouras              giannouzakos              kakiouzis              rammos              sismanidis              kopitsis              katsafados              gagaloudis              georgamlis              kostenoglou              chatzistavridis              thodis              panteliadis              dorkofikis              kanakakis              dikaiopoulos              karampoulas              manettas              gerakarakis              chatzivrettas              galakteros              goulios              tsachouridis              diakoulas              lipiridis              koukopoulos              maropoulos              romanidis              georgikopoulos              charisis              skevofilax              talikriadis              chaikalis              myriounis             

Examples of "kannelopoulos"
Music and lyrics are by Filipos Nikolaou, Spiros Vlassopoulos, Yorgos Kannelopoulos, M. Mikelis and D. Iatropoulos.
In was then when Demis Nikolaidis persuaded a group of businessmen (including Nikos Notias, Petros Pappas, Takis Kannelopoulos and Gikas Goumas) to buy shares and invest money to the club and became the new club president with the help of all AEK fans who started mass protests organized by the hardcore fans Original 21. His primary task was to lead AEK Athens out of its precarious financial position. The first success was an arrangement through the Greek justice system to write off most of the massive debt that previous club administrators had amassed, and to repay any remaining public debts in manageable instalments. Securing the club’s existence in the Alpha Ethniki, Nikolaidis then began a program to rebuild AEK to its former glory. He appointed experienced former player Ilija Ivić as technical director of the club and brought back Fernando Santos as head coach. The AEK Athens fans, emboldened by Nikolaidis’s efforts, followed suit by buying season ticket packages in record numbers (over 17,000). AEK Athens recruited mostly young Greek players led by Katsouranis and Liberopoulos to form a competitive team. Santos also brought two players from his former club Porto on loan, Paulo Assunção and Bruno Alves both of whom were integral during the season.
With AEK struggling terribly in corruption and the prospect of relegation to the fourth division looming, Demis Nikolaidis (ex club charismatic player) supported by the majority of AEK fans, established a consortium of businessmen such as Polys V. Hajioannou, Petros Pappas and Takis Kannelopoulos, who convinced Nikos Notias to participate in the project. The approach was made by Ghikas Goumas, grandson of the late Nikos Goumas (former President of the Club). At the first contact, which was held in New York City, Nikos Notias was convinced that the operators had pure purposes, and a great vision for the clubs regeneration. Small doubts initially led Notias to take a small percentage of shares (about 8%) but he changed his mind quickly, when he realized that the fans totally backed-up the effort and gradually, over a period of three and a half years, he became the major holder of the shares, reaching 35%. His financial assistance to the club amounts to 18 million euros but the largest and most expected project of Nikos Notias, remains the clubs Sports Center which will cost over 25 million euros. It will be the biggest project in the modern history of the club and Notias's intention is to name it "Harry Notias" in honour of his father. Among the tremendous economic crisis in Greece and due to the clubs financial problems, AEK Athens in June 2013 declared bankruptcy and was self-relegated to the amateur third division. The Athletic Center of Spata nowadays includes state of the art facilities, three fields (one of them with synthetic turf) for soccer, a fitness and health center with weight-training and fitness rooms, a cryotherapy center and more. Unfortunately, the rest of the project (the clubs Museum, Hotel, Aquatic Center and two more soccer fields) could not be delivered and remained unfinished.