Synonyms for kanninum or Related words with kanninum

kannadikkum              nyayavidhi              njaan              bandhangal              swapnangal              sookshikkuka              raavukal              iniyum              snehamulla              idanilangal              poocha              minimol              thavaru              theerpu              pillalu              sundaran              thirakal              manassoru              marikkumo              bhoomiyile              koodamo              vanadevatha              marumagal              varusham              paravaigal              pambaram              velluvili              thilakam              aadyathe              achanum              virunnukari              veettile              nimishangal              monagadu              porutham              kannukal              mariakutty              nanmakal              mattoru              paadum              sandarbham              snehicha              ithile              agnivyooham              sandhyakku              illada              cheppu              pennu              kaduvaye              cheppindi             

Examples of "kanninum"
Kanninum Kannadikkum is a Malayalam language film directed by Sunderdas. It was released in 2004.
The eleven verses of Madhurakavi are classified as "Kanninum Chiruthambu", all of which are in four lines in praise of his divine teacher, Nammazhwar. The verses are compiled as "Nalayira Divya Prabandam" along with the work of the other eleven azhwars. Mathurakavi was instrumental in spreading the works of Nammazhwar and composing tunes to each of them. The verses begin with "The name of the great one, my acharya of Kurukoor, brings nectar to my tongue and far sweeter than the name of the Lord". It is believed that Madhurakavi compiled and codified all the verses of "Tiruvaimozhi" by Nammazhwar as he recited them.
Anu Joseph is popular known as a serial artist but she has acted in few films as well. She who has proved her skills through the mini screen got many offers from the large screen. The actress says that many people say that directors are reluctant to take serial artists into film but in her case that was not the scenario. In the year 2005 she acted in the movie "Pass Pass", directed by Reji Mathew. Anchor Santhosh Palee and Anu were cast in prominent roles but the film was not a success hence she did not become popular. She has also appeared in the popular films Kanninum Kannadikum, Padham Onnu Oru Vilaapam, Aayirathil Oruvan and Lissamayude Veedu. Recently Anu got a chance to be a part of the film "Vellimoonga", directed by cinematographer turned director Jibu Jacob. Biju Menon plays the lead role in this movie. The other casts include Nikki Galrani, Aju Varghese, Lena Abhilash, Tini Tom, Tini Tom, Kalabhavan Shajon, Siddique etc. Anu got a prominent role in Vellimoonga. Hopefully her character in this film will gain attention and she will grow up to be a film actress. Also, she did a noticeable role in a Bi-lingual film 'Mythri', starring Mohanlal. Though the film is not done well at the Box Office, Ann's role is noticeable and she did the maximum justice to her character.