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tanssii              poika              rakkauden              nainen              pieni              maailman              kahden              taivaan              enkeli              morsian              palaa              ihmisen              kaunis              herra              kerran              levoton              kulkuri              nuori              parhaat              kulkurin              kultainen              sinun              sininen              kotikatu              miehen              seikkailut              onnellinen              runoja              irmeli              miehet              jumalan              lauluja              prinsessa              mustaa              muuttaa              rakkaus              laulu              lapset              soittaa              naiset              maailma              kaksi              kymmenen              ihmiset              rakkaudesta              viimeinen              kauan              noita              kultaa              laulaa             

Examples of "kanssa"
"Hetkinen rakkautta" (Odeon A 228660 • 1942) Tauno Palon kanssa
"Shampanjakuhertelua" (Odeon A 228611 • 1942) Tauno Palon kanssa
4b. Pääntaivuttelun seuraukset: Osa 2 - Nykivä keskustelu tuntemattoman kanssa (11:21)
The regular "with" is expressed with the postposition "kanssa", thus this form is used in most cases, e.g. "suurien laivojensa kanssa" "with their big ships". The two forms may contrast, however, since the comitative always comes with the possessive suffix, and thus can be only used when the agent has possession of some sort over the main noun. For instance, "Ulkoministeri jatkaa kollegoineen neuvotteluja sissien kanssa", "The foreign minister, with [assistance from] his colleagues, continues the negotiations with the guerrillas", has "kollegoineen" "with his colleagues" contrasted with "sissien kanssa" "with the guerrillas", the former "possessed", the latter not.
The series' title is a pun on the title of the film "Dances with Wolves", "Tanssii susien kanssa".
In 2011, Pumpanen won Tanssii tähtien kanssa, the Finnish version of Strictly Come Dancing. Her professional partner was Matti Puro
A talk show "Vappu tähtien kanssa" ("Vappu with the Stars") was broadcast during the fifth season of the main show. Based on "", it is a companion show to "Tanssii tähtien kanssa". It aired during the run of the main show on MTV3 and was hosted by Vappu Pimiä, who also hosted the main show at the time.
There is also a small group of non-inflecting postpositions in addition to those inflecting in the locative cases (cf. Finnish "kanssa" "with (a person)" that always takes the genitive case: "ystävän kanssa" "with a friend"). A few examples of these are:
In 2007, Sarjula was a competitor in "Tanssii tähtien kanssa", the Finnish version of "Dancing with the Stars", but was eliminated in the semifinals.
In 2017, Malmivaara participates in the tenth season of "Tanssii tähtien kanssa", the Finnish version of "Dancing with the Stars", with the dancer Mikko Ahti as her partner.
In autumn 2013, Hedberg participated in the 8th season of the show "Tanssii tähtien kanssa". His partner was the dance teacher Anna Sainila.
Uotinen was a judge in the 2006, 2007 and 2008 seasons of "Tanssii tähtien kanssa", the Finnish version of "Dancing With the Stars".
Nikula is a Senior Lieutenant (Finnish military rank between Lieutenant and Captain) in reserve in the Finnish Defence Forces. His father is former Chancellor of Justice of Finland Paavo Nikula, and his mother is art historian Riitta Nikula. He was a competitor in the first season of the Finnish version of "Dancing with the Stars", called "Tanssii tähtien kanssa" in 2006, finishing third. In April 2010, it was announced that Nikula will be a judge in the fifth season of "Tanssii tähtien kanssa".
Tanssii tähtien kanssa ("Dances with Stars") is a Finnish version of the British BBC television series "Strictly Come Dancing". The show has run on MTV3 since March 3, 2006, on Sunday evenings. The tenth season will air in spring 2017.
In 2007, Mariko was chosen to dance in season 2 of the Finnish version of "Dancing with the Stars" ("Tanssii tähtien kanssa"). Together with her partner Aleksi Seppänen, she went on to win the entire competition on 22 April 2007.
Riku Nieminen (born 5 May 1986) is a Finnish actor and dancer. He is best known for having appeared in the first five seasons of the sketch comedy television show "Putous" and for his character Munamies ("Eggy"). Nieminen also appeared as one of the judges on the seventh season of "Tanssii tähtien kanssa", a Finnish version of the British television series "Strictly Come Dancing".
She made an appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 as a guest host and green room reporter. She has had TV shows called "Krisse Show" and "Krisse Road Show". She is appearing on the 2012 series of Tanssii tähtien kanssa, the Finnish version of Strictly Come Dancing, with professional partner Matti Puro. She just won with 57% of the vote.
Kim Herold (born 1979) is a Finland-Swedish model and singer-songwriter. He has been the lead singer of Finnish band Humane since 2004. He started solo career in 2008. In 2009 he participated in "Tanssii tähtien kanssa", the Finnish version of "Dancing with the Stars".
Makeup artist Ghasiram Sahu of Bargarh, Odisha was actively associated with this festival since 1951 without a break, died at the age of 84 years on 31 July, 2015. He is credited for giving unique tyrant look to Kanssa, the principle actor of this play.
On the other hand, spoken language has its own features rarely or never found in formal language. Most importantly, there is very common external sandhi, and some assimilatory sound changes. (On the contrary, there is no vowel reduction.) In some variants (e.g. Vaasa, Kymenlaakso) of spoken Finnish "-n kanssa" is abbreviated into a clitic that is effectively a comitative case, e.g. "-nkans" or "-nkaa".