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fumiyo_kohinata              yoshio_harada              mariko_okada              keiko_takeshita              kyōko_kishida              jun_kunimura              ken_mitsuishi              kimiko_yo              renji_ishibashi              akira_emoto              kanako_higuchi              katsuo_nakamura              yoshiko_kuga              michiyo_kogure              kazuki_kitamura              nobuko_otowa              tori_matsuzaka              sadao_abe              machiko_ono              norihei_miki              hidetaka_yoshioka              kunie_tanaka              shinobu_otake              kyoka_suzuki              eijirō_tōno              mitsuko_baisho              ryohei_suzuki              kumiko_akiyoshi              kōichi_satō              tsutomu_yamazaki              fujiko_yamamoto              shima_iwashita              chizuru_ikewaki              keiko_kishi              ren_osugi              michiyo_aratama              gō_ayano              eiko_koike              osamu_mukai              teruyuki_kagawa              takashi_sasano              yutaka_matsushige              kyōka_suzuki              yuriko_hoshi              tetsurō_tamba              kyōko_kagawa              tamao_nakamura              kengo_kora              shota_matsuda              takayuki_yamada             

Examples of "kaoru_yachigusa"
Madame Butterfly (Italian: Madama Butterfly) is a 1954 Italian-Japanese musical film directed by Carmine Gallone and starring Kaoru Yachigusa, Nicola Filacuridi and Michiko Tanaka. It is based on the opera "Madama Butterfly" by Giacomo Puccini.
From 2004 to 2005, Japanese TV network NHK produced a 39 episode anime series titled "Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple", which features both Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot. Miss Marple's voice is provided by Kaoru Yachigusa. Episodes adapted both short stories and novels.
Taniguchi and Wakayama married in 1949 (he had earlier been married to the screenwriter Yōko Mizuki), but the couple divorced in 1956. Taniguchi married his third wife, actress Kaoru Yachigusa, in 1957. Yachigusa and Taniguchi remained together for over fifty years until his death in 2007.
In 2004, NHK (Japanese public TV network) produced a 39 episode anime series titled "Agatha Christie's Great Detectives Poirot and Marple", as well as a manga series under the same title released in 2005. The series, adapting several of the best-known Poirot and Marple stories, ran from 4 July 2004 through 15 May 2005, and in repeated reruns on NHK and other networks in Japan. Poirot was voiced by Kōtarō Satomi and Miss Marple was voiced by Kaoru Yachigusa.
The men then hear the strains of music outside the property of a large nearby house. Entering though the garden, the police come upon the front of the house. Okamoto directs one of the men to search about the premises, while the other moves to ring the buzzer at the front door. Investigating the music, Okamoto sees an outdoor stag upon which a dancer wearing a grotesque mask is rehearsing, accompanied by her servant Jiya. As the dancer ends her routine, the buzzer sounds. Jiya answers the door and informs the officer that he and his Lady, Fujichiyo Kasuga (Kaoru Yachigusa), are alone and nobody has been by. The cop tries to take a peek inside, as Jiya informs him they do not have a car.
Following the battle of Sekigahara, Takezo (Toshiro Mifune) and his friend Matahachi (Rentarō Mikuni) find themselves on the losing side. Instead of the grand victory and glory Takezo had anticipated, he finds himself a hunted fugitive, having to assist a severely injured Matahachi. The pair seek shelter with a widow and her daughter who unknown to them are connected to local brigands. The brigands soon show up and ask for tribute from what the women have stripped off dead samurai, and Takezo has to fight them off. Both women attempt to seduce Takezo but are rejected. The widow then tells Matahachi that Takezo tried to assault her and convinces him to escort her and her daughter to Kyoto. Matahachi agrees even though he loves (and is betrothed to) Otsu (Kaoru Yachigusa), a woman from his village.
Many years ago Toshio Ôki (So Yamamura), who was approaching middle age, had a relation to 16-year-old Otoko (Kaoru Yachigusa). She got pregnant, but the child was stillborn. Their relation stopped at the same time. Much later Ôki had become a famous writer, not least because of a novel about this love story. Otoko had become a famous painter. But she had never overcome the double early trauma and had become a Lesbian. Her favourite student and beloved one was the beautiful Keiko (Mariko Kaga). Twenty four years after the early love Ôki goes from Tokyo to Kyoto to meet Otoko. The meeting is polite with secret emotional shadows. Keiko makes a plan. She intends to seduce Ôki, become pregnant, bear Ôki's child and give it to Otoko. She hopes that Otoko may thereby get rid of her trauma. But she also wants to take her revenge on the man who had harmed her beloved. Secretly she gets acquainted with Ôki's son, invites him to Kyoto and seduces him. Then she calls his parents and tells that he had promised to marry her. Horrified they take the first plane to Kyoto. Meanwhile, she takes the son on boating, arranges an accident, and drowns him. It is close that she herself would also die.
In 2010, two Japanese Americans who living in "HIRAMATSU FARM", Jiro Hiramatsu (Tsunehiko Kamijo) and his late older brother's wife Shinobu Hiramatsu (Kaoru Yachigusa) were watching the baseball game of a player Ichiro Suzuki at the stadium in Seattle. They were invited to meet their younger sister who was separated from her family in 1940, Sachi Ota (Meguko Kishi). Sachi's daughter-in-law Keiko Ota (Keiko Horiuchi) made the cause that Sachi will be able to meet Jiro and Shinobu for the first time in seventy years. Firstly, Sachi rejected meeting her family living in the U.S. again, because she was thinking that she and her late older sister were cast out from her parents. However that, Sachi wanted to meet Jiro and Shinobu because of her having the operation for breast cancer. Sachi hadn't told her grandchild and Keiko's son Naoto Ota (Tsubasa Kato) who is a fan of the baseball player Ichiro Suzuki that she was borned and raised in the U.S.