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sitna              dojde              njene              duhu              lepiku              vezi              havu              nula              majara              sawo              sabornost              onom              chrouy              woranuch              gunu              lete              saaga              slavna              dvoru              uvijek              koumra              lijepo              nebesih              onamo              krouch              dushi              nguu              sangri              vryses              heuy              chaurjahari              osredak              mkhar              tibu              romanu              crevenicu              oju              chambak              slatka              vasaras              sretne              oje              loilong              kulantir              treba              mjini              kasmai              munti              motang              ndizeke             

Examples of "kapeli"
Rudi Kapeli (born 27 August 1957) is a Tongan rugby union player. He played as a Hooker for and Auckland. He made his international debut in 1992 against and made his last appearance against in 1993. He injured n halfback Peter Slattery in the match when he dropped onto him with his knees. He captained Marist in 1989. Kapeli also coached Marist.
Kapeli (), is a village in the municipal unit of Dymi in Achaea. The village lies 2 km south from Kato Achaia and 1 km northwest of Agiovlasitika.
Agiovlasitika () is a village in Achaea, Greece. Agiovlasitika is in the municipality of West Achaea. It is located about 3 km southeast of Kato Achaia, and 20 km southwest of Patras. The river Peiros flows northeast of the village. Its population in 2011 was 84 for the village and 241 for the community, which consists of the villages Agiovlasitika, Kapeli, Lefkos and Stenaitika.
The solar power plant 10MW spreads over about 70 acres in Kapeli, Dist. Ujjain. Fortum has adopted a thin-film CdTe technology with more than 1,25,000 modules mounted on fixed tilt structures and 15 central invertors, which allows for better control of carbon footprint, water use and energy payback time. This solar plant is second investment in Indian solar sector by Fortum.
Following the election ten candidates filed election petitions alleging various irregularities. Three of these were subsequently withdrawn, and five went to trial, of which three were eventually upheld. Fa'asalele'aga No. 2 MP Pau Sefo Pau was deprived of his seat after being found guilty of four counts of bribery and one of treating. The petitioner, Leanapapa Laki, was also convicted of ten counts of bribery. In Aleipata Itupa-I-Lalo, Paepae Kapeli Su'a was found guilty of two counts of bribery, while the petitioner was found guilty of three counts of bribery and three of treating. And in Fa'asalele'aga No. 4, Mulitalo Vui Siafausa was convicted of bribery after making a gift of fine mats to a village outside his constituency. The petitioner, Samoa Party leader Su'a Rimoni Ah Chong was also convicted of bribery for giving someone money and a television set. All those convicted were deprived of their seats and barred from standing in the subsequent by-elections.