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Examples of "karabus"
Editorial staffers include Andrew Orlowski, Paul Kunert, Gavin Clarke, Joe Fay, Chris Williams (San Francisco bureau), Iain Thomson and Simon Sharwood (Sydney office). Jude Karabus is head of production.
In 2004, Hilco Global acquired a retail strategic consulting practice from Arthur Andersen called Senn Delaney – SD Consulting. Hilco Global has operated SD Consulting for the last 10 years with 35 independent consultants. In 2013, Antony Karabus was hired as President and CEO of SD Consulting. Later that year the consulting practice was rebranded as Hilco Retail Consulting or HRC Advisory.
Karabus was born in Kırşehir, Turkey. From 2006 to 2014, he was an alderman of Housing and Spatial Planning of the municipality of Rotterdam. In 2010, property and local economy were added to his portfolio. In 2013 the members of his party chose him as lijsttrekker for the local elections of 2014. However, because of the disappointing election result for his party Karakus decided not to take his seat in the new city council.