Synonyms for karisalkulam or Related words with karisalkulam

puraini              rudravaram              devgaon              muthuvalloor              karuppur              venkatapur              pudukadai              mallaram              mettupatti              ramalingapuram              daultabad              gokulpur              bhanpur              pallipatti              shivnagar              purbba              husainpur              narikudi              mustqil              gopalnagar              reddigudem              barhara              regidi              agaram              pullur              mallapur              therkku              ramannagudem              parsauni              padiyur              devarapalle              bishunpur              kathalia              kotapadu              nedungulam              maraneri              shankarpur              pargaon              ibrahimpur              bibipur              prempur              jagalur              devipur              ranipura              dahivali              gopavaram              sonbarsa              sankarpur              ehatmali              bhagawatipur             

Examples of "karisalkulam"
He was born to Karupaiya Thevar and Lakshmiamal on 1 July 1946 in N. Karisalkulam village, near Kamuthi, Ramanathapuram district, India. He participated in many activities as a student leader. He Served as a Revenue Inspector in R. S. Mangalam, Ramanathapuram, then he was elected as the President of N. Karisalkulam Village Panchayat, kamuthi.
The rulers of Palaiyakkarar have divided the Thoopur, Karisalkulam, palayampatti divisions into Zameen zones and Kariapatti was used to be the border for each Zameen. They had used this place as their Business hub.
It is a tributary of the Chittar river. It rises at an altitude of above Courtalam in Tenkasi taluk, traverses in the slopes about . receives Karuppanathi, its tributary, then it flows and merges with Chittar in this village. The anaicuts built across the river, are Mettukal anaicut, Karisalkulam anaicut, Panpoli anaicut, Vallalkulam anaicut, Elathoor anaicut, Nainaragavan anaicut, Pungamkal anaicut and Kambli anaicut .
Sundarapandiam is located at river bed of Arjuna. Many small lakes are located around this place, namely, Senkulum, Periyakulam and karisalkulam. Main source of drinking water is taken under ground. The famous Sadhuragiri hills / temple is very near to this village.
Karisalkulam, a small village, is inhabited mainly by Farmers. When the arid land offers them nothing but penury, enter the match factory owners from nearby villages. They lure the credulous, illiterate villagers into sending their daughters to work at the factories from dawn to much after dusk. The initial euphoria of a steady income givesway to despair, as is clearly brought out through the story of Nallamuthu (Nasser), his wife Vadivu (Radhika) and their three children. Mariyappan (Charle) is the Match factory agent in charge of finding child labourers for the factory. While the children slog in the factories the men of the household become lazy appendages who spend their time getting drunk. Nasser, as the cynical father, who does not wish to get his daughter married because he does not want to forgo the income, has rendered a splendid performance in Karuvelam Pookal. Mention must be made of the scenes in which he cries aloud at his tragedies and when his impotent anger is turned towards the agents of the match factories. Radhika's is another sterling portrayal. In the role of a responsible mother caught between her husband's apathy and avarice and her children's untold suffering, she indeed lives the character. Sonia is the eldest daughter, Dhanalakshmi. Caught in the quagmire of drudgery and in the strangulating web of poverty, she seeks a way out, but sadly the respite is too short lived. A convincing essay by the young Actress. The visuals of the opening sequences transport you to the days of Bharatiraja's movie 16 Vayadhinilae. The beautifully captured rustic ambience is another creditable show by Thangar Bachan who has wielded the camera. The dialect, the innocent humour, the openness and the gullibility – Poomani presents them all with absolute vividness.