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Examples of "karnak"
A post office called Karnak has been in operation since 1905. The village was named after Karnak, in Egypt.
Several of his inscriptions are known from the Karnak temple of Amenhotep II, from ram-headed sphinxes also in Karnak, and a large falcon statue.
The next year, 2003, a two-disc compilation of "pirate" live recordings was officially released, under the name "Os Piratas do Karnak" (The pirates of Karnak).
Karnak Open Air Museum is an archaeological museum in Luxor, Egypt. It is located in the northwestern corner of the Precinct of Amon-Re at the Karnak complex.
He was singer and guitar player for a band called Karnak. They have released three CDs: "Karnak" (1995), "Universo Umbigo" (1997), and "Estamos Adorando Tóquio" (2000).
Nearby are the Egyptian temple complexes at Luxor and Karnak. The Karnak Temple Complex contains three precincts, including the Precinct of Montu, which contains another Temple of Montu.
"Power Play" gave "Big Karnak" a positive score of 80%.
During the "Secret Invasion", Karnak encounters a Skrull in the form of Toros. Karnak engages it and learns that it can copy his powers. Karnak manages to defeat the Toros-Skrull by sending it out the window where it was impaled on a fence.
In the "Heroes Reborn" continuity, Karnak lives with the other Inhumans, hidden on Earth. His society pays reverence to Galactus and his many heralds via statues. Karnak dresses in a more stylized version of his 616 uniform.
Karnak aids the New Warriors against the third Star-Thief. Alongside X-Factor, he then battles Apocalypse. He also helps the Avengers battle Thane Ector. Karnak joins an Inhuman strike team to help defeat the confused super-powered Sentry.
He spent many years with his research in the Temple of Karnak. Since 1895, he was the overseer of the antiquities there, and in charge of the restoration of the huge temple complex of Karnak in Luxor.
Like Memphis, Karnak has a name, after the Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt, in reference to the fact that early slab serifs were often called "Egyptians" as an exoticism by nineteenth-century typefounders.
1994 Marc Albouy, Du Titanic à Karnak, p. 324 – édition Dunod.
He has also published new sources (Karnak stela 94CL1013 and Cairo Museum stela BN311).
Karnak is a slab-serif typeface designed by R. Hunter Middleton for the Ludlow Typograph company.
Cruks en Karnak is an Ecuadorian rock band formed in Quito, Ecuador in 1989.
The Great Karnak Inscription describes the scene when Merneptah receives news of the attack:
It has been designated KIU 4246 by the Centre Franco-Égyptien d'Étude des Temples de Karnak.
During the "Civil War II" storyline, Karnak was at New Attilan when Iron Man infiltrated it to claim Ulysses. Alongside Medusa and Crystal, Karnak was defeated by Iron Man and made off with Ulysses. Karnak joined Medusa, Crystal, and the Inhumans with them for a trip to Stark Tower. He nearly leveled it with his powers until the Avengers, the Ultimates, and S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived. Karnak was present when Ulysses projected his latest vision that involved a rampaging Hulk standing over the corpses of the superheroes.
Amenemhat VI is also mentioned on the Karnak king list, entry 37.