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eveliina              tuija              juulia              riikka              kauko              toini              taisto              siiri              suutari              joona              sinikka              maarit              pauliina              kirsi              joonas              marjut              marjo              hilkka              leivo              terttu              terhi              kristiina              kerttu              pirjo              juuso              tuula              voitto              maikki              irmeli              arttu              marjaana              eetu              irja              tiina              tuire              aivo              uolevi              sinisalo              kanervo              rekola              tytti              tyyne              kuntola              sylvi              maiju              maija              triin              marttinen              toivanen              ritva             

Examples of "karoliina"
Karoliina is a Finnish feminine given name derived from Charles. People with the name include:
The film features three professional actors: Jari Ahola, Karoliina Blackburn and Kari Väänänen.
Maija Karoliina Saari (born 26 March 1986) is a Finnish international footballer who plays as a defender
In March 2016 the film received two Jussi Awards, for screenplay by Karoliina Lindgren and scenic design by Otso Linnalaakso.
Karoliina Blackburn (born 23 November 1972 in Helsinki) is a Finnish actress and Thai boxer . She is mostly known for her appearance in "" parody scifi fan-film (where she was one of the only three professional actors in cast) but has also had roles in several big-budget Finnish television series. Karoliina served as the host for Finnish reality TV show "Suuri Seikkailu" in 2005
Karoliina Stina Margaretha Rantamäki (born 23 February 1978) is a Finnish female ice hockey player. She played on the Finland women's national ice hockey team for the 1998 Winter Olympics, and won a bronze medal. Rantamäki was born in Vantaa.
Leok married Karoliina Karu on 11 October 2008. They have three sons, Sebastian (born 3 December 2007), Travis Leok (born 14 April 2010) and Leon Leok (born 14 March 2015). His cousin Aigar Leok is also a motocross racer.
Satu Karoliina Lundahl (born June 30, 1968 in Helsinki) is a retired female weightlifter from Finland, who was nicknamed "Kartsi" during her career. She started as a shot putter, competing for her native country at the 1996 Summer Olympics.
In the Bronze Medal game, Karoliina Rantamäki scored in overtime as Finland beat Sweden 3-2. Heidi Pelttari and Michelle Karvinen also scored for Finland. Noora Rätyä made 16 saves for Finland who led 2-1 after the second period. Rantamäki scored the winner just 2:33 into the overtime.
Karoliina Kallio (born 31 August 1979 in Savonlinna) is a Finnish singer, Actor and current female lead singer of Waldo's People. The group represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in the first semifinal on 12 May and qualified for the final. They finished in last position.
In February 2012 Värttinä released their 11th studio album 'Utu'. The album made it to nr. 1 on the World Music Charts Europe in May. In October, Värttinä received the Womex Artist Award 2012 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Later it was announced, that Karoliina Kantelinen would replace Johanna Virtanen in the lineup.
Saimi Hoyer holds open castings at Stockmanns in Oulu, Lappeenranta, Turku and Tampere. 50 are chosen to come to Helsinki where they meet with stylist Tommy Kilponen and make-up artist Karoliina Kangas. After a clothing and make-up change and Polaroids, the judges choose 20 for the next round of casting. The girls individually meet with the judges then get a 10-frame photo shoot with Sakari Majantie. After deliberation, Anne Kukkohovi announces the finalists.
A music video for the song was made and released on 10 December 2008. In the video, the group are homeless people and one of them has "fallen down". He is seen throughout the video lying on the ground while others come up and look at him, but do not offer a hand. By the end, a woman (Karoliina Kallio) tends to him and angel's wings appear on her back.
The widowed Constance Borgström née Paterson (from Finland) started to live there as renter in the 1890s. She was the widow of the wealthy Finnish businessman, consul Eemeli Borgström, one of the younger sons of Councillor H.Borgström and his wife Karoliina née Kjemmer, and member of that important Finnish banker family who had been in contact with English business circles since the Old Man, the Councillor Borgström was trained as youth in a British merchant company in the very early 1800s.
Kaisa or karoliina is a Finnish billiard game, that is a close cousin to Russian pyramid, as it is played with similar equipment (i.e. large balls and tight pockets). However, gameplay is similar to that of English billiards and Snooker; it is played with two white cueballs, one for each player, two red balls and a yellow ball, the "kaisa". A player must pocket a nominated ball, scoring points. Extra points are given from hitting other balls in addition to the target ball. All balls are spotted and the game is played to 60 points. Kaisa is often regarded as the most difficult game of pocket billiards in the world.
Kaisa or karoliina is a cue sport mainly played in Finland. The game originated in Russia, where it is still played to some extent, and is a close cousin to Russian pyramid. Compared to most other billiards-type games, both use similar large 68 mm ( in) balls, small pockets barely large enough for a ball to enter, and long and heavy cue sticks. Kaisa tables are usually 10 feet long and thus 2 feet shorter than Russian pyramid tables which are usually 12 feet long. It is a two-player or -team game. As with many carom billiards games, both players have their own used to shoot at the other balls, and usually differentiated by one cue ball having a dot or other marking on it. In all, five balls are used: the yellow (called the "kaisa" in Finnish), two red object balls, and the two white cue balls (each of which serves as an object ball for the opponent). The game is played to 60 , in a rather elaborate scoring system, reminiscent of those used in snooker and English billiards, with points being awarded for various types of shots. Like both Russian and English billiards, which are also played on large pocket billiards tables, kaisa is a hybrid of carom and pocket billiards game styles. Kaisa is principally a recreational game, without professional players. However, the first kaisa world championship tournament was held in April 2010. Participants came from 33 countries, and the main tournament was held in Kotka. A Finnish player, Marko Rautiainen, won the championship title. Amateur competition in Finland is widespread and popular, with matches being shown on a dedicated Web show on "".