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krissada              bahe              deling              moloi              emang              warga              shezi              setiadi              madut              kekoa              bhebe              tocker              bulus              keli              sinta              oyang              bongi              lediga              diding              loleng              taray              ibanga              haunani              ryon              nkem              chaichua              oniang              solomone              mburu              twum              ndoro              jema              mofokeng              heling              bonkowski              sivaguru              maake              mpho              nkuna              karatu              meka              lamsam              kamana              marli              shauri              vadala              dollison              seppa              kitu              kongiganak             

Examples of "karon"
Kata Beach is about 10 kilometers from Patong Beach by crossing the Karon hill and passing Karon Beach.
Karon, 18, was on her own with little Candace. She took a receptionist job at Walter J. Klein Co., a Charlotte advertising agency. Bored with answering the phone, she submitted writing examples. Klein soon had her writing advertising copy. In her early 20s, Karon married Bill Orth, a Duke Power chemist. Orth was active with Karon in theater and the Unitarian Church. By the late 1960s, Karon and Orth were divorced, and she had married a third time, to Arthur Karon, a clothing salesman. Arthur moved his wife and her daughter to Berkeley, California, where they lived for three years.
Deoghar, Mohanpur, Sarwan, Sarath, Palojori, Madhupur, Karon, SonaraiThari, Devipur,
April 2000 1991-1995 Karon Bowers Bradley University
Karon Gram (during the reign of Karna of Mahabharata)
Karon, the eponymous CD Block headquarters, is located at .
Karon is both a given name and surname. Notable people with the name include:
Coastal barangay like Salaman, Tibpuan, Kinudalan, Datu Karon and Taguisa rely on fishing as their livelihood.
Karon is a village with a population of 5,110 as per 2011 census.
The district comprises ten blocks: Deoghar, Karon, Madhupur, Mohanpur, Palojori, Sarath, Devipur, Margomunda, Sarwan and Sonaraithari.
Feig has been married to Laurie Karon since September 23, 1994.
Covington died in 2002 and is survived by his wife Karon Covington.
At 12, Karon moved to Charlotte to rejoin her mother, who had married Toby Setzer and had two more children. Karon dropped out of school in ninth grade, at 14, and married Robert Freeland in South Carolina, where girls her age could do so legally. Freeland, five years older, worked at a Charlotte tire store, while Karon worked in a clothing store. At 15, she gave birth to her only child, Candace Freeland.
In California, Karon practiced Judaism, but she did not convert from Christianity. Karon wanted to be a novelist, and tried all through the 1960s. When Karon's third marriage ended she returned to Charlotte and again worked in advertising. By 1985, Karon had moved to Raleigh and the McKinney & Silver advertising agency, where she had worked in the late 1970s. Karon and Michael Winslow, a Mckinney designer, collaborated on a tourism campaign, interviewing artisans, musicians and others for print ads aimed at showing that North Carolina had other attractions besides theme parks and big hotels. One ad featured mountain musicians under the headline, "The Best Place to Hear Old English Music Is 3,000 Miles West of London." The daringly sloganless campaign, which ran in "National Geographic" and other magazines, won the 1987 Kelly Award - the print advertising equivalent of the Academy Award. Karon and Winslow split a $100,000 prize.
Karon is widely famous for Shiva Temple named Karneshwar Dham, which is believed to be built by Karna of Mahabharata.
Karon has the proud of Birth Place of Sakharam Ganesh Deweskar, the great writer and Freedom Fighter.
Karon Beach refers to a beach, and the town adjoining it, on the west coast of Phuket, Thailand.
The main religions group is under Sorong, most of them are Christians with Muslims forming a major minority. The main ethnic groups are the Karon and Yeden constituted by the sub ethnic groups of Karon Pantai, Karondori, Marei, Madik, Meyah, Haram and Arfak.
Madhupur (Vidhan Sabha constituency) covers: Madhupur and Karon Police Stations and Kusmil, Chanddih, Pathra and Basbariya gram panchayats in Jasidih Police Station in Deoghar district.
Sambo competition at the 2014 Asian Beach Games was held in Phuket, Thailand from 12 to 13 November 2014 at Karon Beach, Phuket.