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alltag              gefangene              memoiren              erfolg              unterwegs              wegen              letztes              aspekte              mitglieder              teutschen              erweiterung              strategien              erleben              philosophen              konzept              fremden              besondere              andern              heutigen              scheitern              meisterwerke              rettung              fernen              fremde              heimliche              lachende              grossen              erfolgreiche              vergessenen              damals              aufzeichnungen              hinterm              amerikanischen              erlebnisse              neuausgabe              wohnung              vergessene              bauten              gefahr              unbekannte              verbrechen              inneren              beziehung              namens              wohin              anhand              musikalisch              welten              mitglied              seltsame             

Examples of "karriere"
kunst kinder karriere, Paula Modersohn-Becker Museum, Bremen
In 1983, East German band the Puhdys recorded a version with translated German lyrics on their "Computer-Karriere" album.
Emmy Göring is caricatured as the character "Lotte Lindenthal" in Klaus Mann's novel "Mephisto: Roman einer Karriere" (1936).
"Eichs Rundfunktätigkeit beschränkte sich auf den Hörspielbereich und diente dem Broterwerb. [...] Wie viele Hörspiele, Märchenbearbeitungen, Kalenderblätter Eich auch schrieb, niemals hat er damit «Karriere« gemacht."
Dolly Gets Ahead (German:Dolly macht Karriere) is a 1930 German musical film directed by Anatole Litvak and starring Dolly Haas, Oskar Karlweis and Grete Natzler.
Karriere in Paris is a 1952 East German film. It is based on the novel "Père Goriot" by Honoré de Balzac.
Hein is co-founder of Karriere Bar, a bar and restaurant in Copenhagen featuring site-specific artworks by international artists, which he founded with his sister Lærke Hein.
Interview with Karin Beier in: Vivien Gröning, Kirsten Sass: WOMAN@WORK Wege nach dem Abi – Wie FRAU heute Karriere macht. 22 Interviews mit erfolgreichen Frauen. Renningen 2014, ISBN 978-3-8169-3237-6.
Careers (1929) is an all-talking pre-Code drama film directed by John Francis Dillon and produced and released by First National Pictures. It stars Billie Dove and features Antonio Moreno, Thelma Todd and Noah Beery. The film was based on a 1924 German play entitled "Karriere", written by Alfred Schirokauer and Paul Rosenhayn.
Félibien's diaries are among the bound volumes of his papers conserved in the public library of his birthplace, Chartres. The only recent work wholly devoted to Félibien is Stefan Germer, "Kunst, Macht, Diskurs. Die intellektuelle Karriere des André Félibien im Frankreich von Louis XIV" (Munich), 1997; it supplants the brief report in A. Fontaine, "Les doctrines d'art en France" (Paris) 1909:41ff.
In 1946 Dostal moved to Vienna, then in 1954 to Salzburg, where he continued to devote himself to composition, writing there among other pieces the chamber musical "So macht man Karriere" (1961) ("How To Make a Career"). Dostal also composed church music along with operettas and film music.
Teenage Love was formed when Copenhagen-based Anna Lidell took her first trip to the United States. She was befriended by Katy Gunn through a mutual friend and struck an immediate friendship. Shortly after, they decided to form Teenage Love. Within 48 hours of posting their first track on SoundCloud, the duo was featured on Danish National Radio’s Karriere Kanonen.
The Pink Diamond (German:Der rosa Diamant) is a 1926 German silent comedy drama film directed by Rochus Gliese and starring Xenia Desni, Rudolf Klein-Rogge and William Dieterle. It was based on the play "Karriere" by Richard Kepler. The film's sets were designed by Egon Eiermann. It premiered on 8 March 1926.
In 1976, Valaitis reached the Top 20 of the German singles chart for the first time with "Da kommt José der Straßenmusikant" and "Ein schöner Tag", a German version of "Amazing Grace". She sang "Du machst karriere" in the German finals of the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest, achieving seventh place. She also sang the chanson in the 1977 feature film "".
Sources: ATP; Michel Sutter, Vainqueurs Winners 1946-2003, Paris 2003; Joe McCauley, The History of Professional Tennis, London 2001; Robert Geist, Der Grösste Meister Die denkwürdige Karriere des australischen Tennisspielers Kenneth Robert Rosewall, Vienna 1999 ; Tony Trabert in "Tennis de France" magazine; ATP ; John Barrett editor,World of Tennis Yearbooks, London 1969 to 1983
Nestroy wrote nearly eighty comedies between the 1830s and the 1850s. Among the most important were "Der böse Geist Lumpazivagabundus", "Liebesgeschichten und Heiratssachen", "Der Talisman" (made into the 1939 musical comedy "Titus macht Karriere" by Edmund Nick), "Einen Jux will er sich machen" (translated as "On the Razzle" by Tom Stoppard in 1981) and "Der Zerrissene", all of which were marked by social criticism and biting satire. He died in Graz, Austria.
In 1977, Fest directed a documentary entitled "Hitler, eine Karriere" ("Hitler: A Career"). Fest's film, which was intended to explain why ordinary people in Germany loved Hitler, created some controversy among some critics such as the American historian Deborah Lipstadt who wrote that, by featuring extensive clips of Hitler from propaganda films while totally ignoring the Holocaust, Fest had engaged in a glorification of the "Führer".
Im Juli erscheint die erste Single «Girlfriend», Ende Jahr folgt das Album. Bei den Liedern handelt es sich ausschliesslich um englische Songs – so könnte auch eine internationale Karriere lanciert werden. Der 12-jährige Mika freut sich: «Schliesslich stehe ich gern im Mittelpunkt.» Soundtechnisch bewegt sich "Boystyle" «zwischen den Backstreet Boys und Tokio Hotel», meint Tanz-Choreographin Sarah Angelsberger. Ob das bei den Mädchen von heute ankommt? Mika fände es jedenfalls «schon noch cool, wenn sich ein paar Mädchen in mich verlieben würden».
Never ones to ignore a musical trend, and apparently influenced by the significantly younger Scharfschwerdt, the Puhdys adopted elements of new wave and synthpop on "Computer-Karriere", their 1983 effort. A loose concept album about technology, it contained the dance hit "TV-Show," with vocals by Scharfschwerdt. It closed with a German cover of Dave Morgan's "Hiroshima", which had already been a hit in Germany in 1978 for the British band Wishful Thinking. Tilgner translated the lyrics.
Deborah was born in Boston and studied at Oberlin Conservatory. She sang with the New York Metropolitan Opera early in her career. She had her Broadway debut in "Showboat". She was introduced to the Hamburg Staatsoper by Leonard Bernstein, and as her website says: "Das war der Beginn ihrer deutsche Karriere." She has sung at Vienna, in Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles and Venice, inter alia; She sang with the London Symphony Orchestra.