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Examples of "karuri"
Karuri is a town in Kiambu County. The town hosts a town council.
The town formed part of the former Karuri Town Council local authority area.
The population growth rate around Karuri stands at 2.87%. The same growth rate has been used to compute the population projection of this council.
The council's main town, Karuri, was established as a meeting center in the pre-colonial era where Kikuyu paramount chiefs would meet for deliberations. The town derives its name from the principal chief Karuri Wa Gakure who would travel from Tuthu in the slopes of Aberdare Range to meet his counterparts like Kinyanjui Gathirimu.
Home Afrika is governed by an eleven-person Board of Directors with Lee Karuri serving as the chairman and Dan Awendo as the CEO.
Hills, plateaus and high-level structural plains that make it fairly easy for the development of road network characterize Karuri Town Council. The area does not have major rivers. The altitude ranges between 1500 and 1800 metres above sea level.
Banana Hill is a suburb of Karuri town, in the eastern part of Kiambu County, Central Province of Kenya. Banana Hill's population constitutes 20 percent of the estimated 100,000 residents within the heart of Kiambaa Constituency.
Rainfall regime around Karuri is bimodal, with long rains occurring between April and May while short rains fall from October to November. The average temperature, which is determined by altitude range from 20.4 degrees in the upper highland to 34 degrees in the lower midland.
The first permanent inhabitants of Kihuyo first arrived in the period beginninng the mid 19th century, having migrated northwards from the larger Tetu. At this time, Karuri wa Gakure then the chief in Murang'a was waging constant war against his perceived enemies in order to consolidate power, and as thus forced many rival chiefs to flee elsewhere with their people to where land was available.
According to the 1979 census the area had a population of 45,000. In the 1989 census the population had grown to 73,000, and 105,506 in the 1999 census. The population has been growing tremendously as a result of the influx of working-class people from Nairobi coming to look for cheaper and convenient accommodation in this township. Many people working in Nairobi reside in the periphery towns like Gachie, Kihara, Ruaka, Ndenderu and Karuri. Market centres attract people because they offer business and employment opportunities.
Madaraka, nestled between the larger and more affluent suburbs of Karen and Westlands, is located at 1°18'26"S 36°48'55"E. It is within walking distance to the city center and its location makes it popular with property developers, private businesses and people attracted to the quite and low crime atmosphere of residential neighborhoods on west side of the city. The place is easily accessible to and from the airports, recreational spots, major educational institutions, hospitals, wildlife parks, museums, commercial and industrial areas. From Lang'ata road, the Ole Sangale road runs midway through the estate to intersect with Karuri Gakure Road.
One of the main highlights of Murang'a's history, however, is that the Mau Mau uprising that was led by the Agikuyu community who consider Murang'a their ancestral origin. Murang'a is thus considered by some as the birthplace of the Kenyan independence movement. Missionaries had initially been welcomed by Karuri Wagakure who was the chief of Tuthu. They set up the first mission church in Kenya at Murang'a. Murang'a is also the source of many big rivers like River Maragua which originates from the heart of the Aberdare range, River Mathioya, River Kayahwe, River Irati, River Muriurio and many others.