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bacan              kabaena              salawati              kepulauan              wetar              banggai              saparua              yapen              sangir              mandioli              taliabu              pangkajene              selayar              adonara              halmahera              seram              yamdena              mongondow              bolaang              mangole              tolitoli              batanta              kisar              sumbawa              sangihe              kangean              lembata              bawean              siberut              lomblen              tagulandang              kayoa              mamuju              waropen              tambelan              manokwari              misool              takalar              talaud              waigeo              tukangbesi              mentawai              numfor              bulukumba              kolaka              nunukan              pinrang              tanggamus              berau              parangloe             

Examples of "kasiruta"
Bacan (), formerly also known as Bachian or Batchian, is the group's largest island. The second and third largest islands are Kasiruta and Mandioli. Bacan includes about 60,000 people of which about 8,000 live in the capital Labuha; it is subdivided into 7 districts. Kasiruta and Mandioli each have over 8,000 inhabitants, and each is subdivided into 2 districts. There are dozens of smaller islands in the group.
The long-billed crow is endemic to the Maluku Islands, an archipelago within Indonesia. It is a forest-dwelling bird and is mainly found on the islands of Morotai, Obira, Kayoa, Kasiruta, Bacan and Halmahera.
"V. rainerguentheri" was originally described from Halmahera, where it is now known to occur throughout the island. It is also found on the islands of Morotai, Ternate, Tidore, Gebe, Bacan, Kasiruta, and Obi. Its range was later expanded to include Buru, and it is likely to prove to be even more widespread throughout the Moluccas.
"Cacatua alba" is endemic to lowland tropical rainforest on the islands of Halmahera, Bacan, Ternate, Tidore, Kasiruta and Mandioli (Bacan group) in North Maluku, Indonesia. Records from Obi and Bisa (Obi group) are thought to be introductions. It occurs in primary, logged, and secondary forests below 900m. It also occurs in mangroves, plantations including coconut and agricultural land.
Cacatua alba is endemic to the islands of Halmahera, Bacan, Ternate, Tidore, Kasiruta and Mandiole in North Maluku, Indonesia. Records from Obi and Bisa are thought to reflect introductions, and an introduced population breeds locally in Taiwan. It remains locally common: in 1991-1992, the population was estimated at 42,545-183,129 birds (Lambert 1993), although this may be an underestimate as it was largely based on surveys from Bacan and not Halmahera where the species may have been commoner. Recent observations indicate that rapid declines are on-going, and are predicted to increase in the future (Vetter 2009). CITES data show significant harvest rates for the cage bird trade during the early 1990s.; annual harvests have declined in actual terms and as a proportion of the remaining population in recent years, but illegal trade continues and is likely to have been underestimated (S. Metz in litt. 2013).