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Kasirye Byaruhanga & Co was established in 1991 by two partners, Andrew Kasirye and William Byaruhanga. As of 2014, the firm consists of four partners and 14 associates and is also part of the Mackrell International network of independent law firms.
The Federal Democratic Party of Uganda is a political party in Uganda, led by Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye
Jamil Kasirye (born 1954) is a retired football goalkeeper who played for Uganda in the 1978 African Cup of Nations.
Kasirye made several appearances for the Uganda youth and senior national teams. His last match was a 0–3 defeat by Zambia in July 1984.
Ruth Kasirye (born June 10, 1982 in Mukono, Uganda) is a Norwegian weightlifter competing in the Women's 58 kg and 63 kg categories.
Prior to his current appointment, Byaruhanga was the Principal Partner of "Kasirye, Byaruhanga and Company Advocates", a privately owned Kampala law firm. On 6 June 2016, he was appointed as Attorney General of Uganda.
Ndejje University was established in 1992 under the Name and Style of "The Christian University of East Africa" under the pioneer-ship and ownership of Sams Kironde Kigozi. In 1994 it was represented in Ontario and Quebec Inter-Faculty agreements with 12 Canadian and 8 American universities by Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye, a trainee academic registrar. The objective was to persuade each of the twenty North American universities to send their students to TCUEA for one semester each year, and spend the second semester at their home campus in Canada or USA. Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye was self-sponsored, with partial assistance from the International League for People with Intellectual Exceptionality. Samson Kisekka, at that time, the vice chancellor of the university, wrote an introductory letter for Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye. With that letter, he was able to solicit and obtain a large collection of books, magazines, computers, and software for the new university.
Kasirye Byaruhanga & Co Advocates (KB &Co.) is a Ugandan law firm headquartered in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. It is a leading business law firm that was founded in 1991 by Andrew Kasirye and William Byaruhanga. The firm is part of Mackrell International, a global leading law firm network, and is active in litigation, with a substantial part of its practice also dedicated to transactional matters and retainer clients. The firm's advocates are members of various professional bodies, including the International Bar Association, the East African Law Society and the Uganda Law Society.
Between 1980-81, Wamala taught television production at the Institute of Public Administration (now Uganda Management Institute). He founded the Mascots band and molded it to become one of the most successful bands in Kampala in the 1980s. Its membership included renowned Kampala lawyer Andrew Kasirye and singers Tonny Ssenkebejje, Peterson Tusuubira Mutebi, Frank Mbalire and Kabuye Ssembogga.
Kasirye Byaruhanga specializes in the following legal disciplines: Acquisitions, Mergers and Divestitures, Banking and Finance, Commercial Real Estate, Competition and Anti Trust, Corporate Commercial Transactions, Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, Equipment Leasing, International Trade, Labour, Employment and Immigration, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Mining and Natural Resources, Non-profit Organisations, Probate and Administration of Estates, Public Private Partnerships and Joint Ventures, Tax and Wealth Management.
The Federal Democratic Party of Uganda [(FDP)] officially declared in 2001, by its founder Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye is gaining momentum by way of silent registration. The [(FDP)] advocates for fostering the ushering of a [(Direct Democracy)] and [(Benign Capitalism)] structures in the Pearl of Africa - Uganda.
By the Federal Democratic Party of Uganda [(FDP)] in its "Direct Democracy"; Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye argues that Ugandans are politically mature enough and do not deserve to be led by a [(Shepherd's Rod)]-Locally "[(Omugoba Nte)]"(a stick used to drive a herd of cattle)] euphemistically a [(Barrel of a Gun)] ever since 1966 to present day herewith below his verbatim: -
Born in Kasubi (a suburb of Kampala), Kasirye played club football for Lint FC, Kampala City Council FC, SC Villa and Bank of Uganda FC. He won two Ugandan Premier League titles with Villa, won the Ugandan Cup three times (twice with KCC and once with Villa), and captained the Villa side that reached the quarter-finals of the 1983 African Cup of Champions Clubs.
He ran at the 2010 Frankfurt Marathon and significantly improved his personal best time to 2:08:24, finishing in fifth place. This run marked an improvement upon Alex Malinga's previous Ugandan record by almost four minutes. His coach, Ronnie Kasirye, said Chepyegon's achievement was an indication of the country's potential in long-distance running: "It shows that we have the talent and only need to develop it with good training". In four years, Chepyegon had gone from a barefoot runner at local races in Kampala to a professional athlete competing alongside the world's top runners.
Simba FC (the Army side) finished as champions in 1978 with KCC taking second place but the Council side won the CECAFA Clubs Cup, the regional club championships in Kampala, becoming the first Ugandan side to take the regional title. The trophy was presented to the KCC skipper, Sam Musenze, by President Idi Amin. Players representing KCC included Phillip Omondi, Jimmy Kirunda, Jamil Kasirye, Hussein Matovu, Tom Lwanga, Sam Musenze, Yusuf Toyota, Peter Mazinga, Apolo Lumu, Billy Kizito, Hussein Matovu, Chris Dungu, Gerald Kabaireho, Ashe Muksa, Rashid Mudin, Moses Sentamu, Timothy Ayeieko, Angelo Dotte and Hassan Biruma, Peter Wandtette.
Outside the group, he is former Director at Young People Matter charity and resides as it's Senior Project Coordinator. As a label executive, brand consultant and songwriter, he has worked with artists such as Amplify Dot, Coldsteps, Noni Zondi, Estelle and JJC. His writing & production credits include Alan Kasirye, Arrow Benjamin, Big Brovaz, Krafty Kuts, KRS-One, Omar, Silvastone, Skinnyman, Sounds of Blackness, Stereo MCs and DJ Tim Westwood. Paradise is widely known for his community activism and concern for youth. He has organised and performed in several benefit concerts and at high-profile events including the African Music Awards. In British press, Paradise is referred to as He has received several awards and nominations for both his music and community work. He is a sought after philanthropic performing artist, having worked with organisations such as YMCA, Black Cultural Archives, VH1, RESEO (the European Network of Opera Education), The Metropolitan Black Police Association, British Black Music and the Sickle Cell Society.
There being no Anglican Faith based university in North America out of the seven that contributed materials to start TCUEA, the conservative Anglican clergy feared that the institution would be "highjacked" by the charismatic Christian Churches, proliferating across the Continents at that time. In 1995, the "The Christian University of East Africa" with some government involvement was annexed by the Anglican Diocese of Luweero, in the Province of the Church of Uganda. The name of the university was changed to Ndejje University, without any compensation to the founders. In 1998, the institution received recognition as a tertiary level institution of higher learning by the Uganda government through the ministry of education and sports. In 2001, Simon Peter Kabala-Kasirye, before returning to Canada, advised the parties involved to foster an interdenominational round table to bolster the North American Interfaculty Scholarships and Academic Exchanges he had pioneered. He argued that with integrity the university could take on a status quo of an academic freedom international learning centre hosted by the Anglican Church in Africa. He further advised that the parties who founded The Christian University of East Africa be compensated, including but not limited to the estate of Sams Kironde Kigozi, whose children were still minors.
The Mukono District is known for robbery, theft, domestic violence, defilement, witchcraft, child sacrifice and other crimes. Iron bar crime, which are locally referred to as butayibwa, have led those categories in the recent years. Attacks by iron-bar hit-men have become an epidemic in the Mukono district of Uganda. Justine Nakulima was attacked by iron bar hit men at 5 a.m. on her way to work and survived. Beside pedestrians cyclists are also attacked. Cyclists hired by people pretending to be customers are hit. Nothing is stolen from these victims in most cases. According to Dr. George Kasirye, who is the Medical Officer at the Mukono Health Centre IV, the hospital receives at least two victims of iron-bar crimes every week and some victims never even seek help from the hospital. The problem has also spread to other parts of Uganda. Districts such as Kampala, Wakiso, Hoima, Mbale and others have seen similar attacks happening there. Many do not know why these attacks keep happening or who is behind the attacks. Susani Borgere, a councilor in the Mukono Central Division, thinks the attacks are a major cause of unemployment, drug abuse, and poor police operation in the country.
Among the high-profile prosecutions that Joan Kagezi participated in or led, over her 21 years as a government prosecutor, were the following: (1) The prosecution of Ugandan-born Australian cardiologist, Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi for the assassination of his wife, lawyer Robinah Kasirye Kiyingi, who was gunned down in July 2005, outside the gate of the family mansion in Buziga, an upscale neighbourhood in Uganda's capital Kampala. The state lost that case. (2) The trial and conviction of former Arua Municipality, Akbar Hussein Godi, whose wife was killed on 4 December 2008, in Mukono District. In February 2011, Godi was sentenced to 25 years in prison, on murder charges of Rehema Caesar Godi, who was 19 years old at the time of her death. (3) The prosecution and conviction of Kampala businessman Thomas Nkulungira, also known as "Tonku", whose girlfriend was killed between 21st to 30th December 2010, and her body was dumped in the septic tank at Nkulungira's house in Muyenga, a Kampala neighborhood. On 13 August 2011, a judge sentenced Tonku to death for capital murder. (4) The prosecution of Thomas Kwoyelo, a warlord in the Lord's Resistance Army, on charges of kidnapping, murder, rape and human mutilation and torture. The trial was terminated when Uganda's Constitutional Court granted Kwoyelo amnesty. However, on appeal, the Supreme Court of Uganda reversed that decision, on 8 April 2015, sending the case back to the Uganda High Court for trial. (5) The ongoing prosecution of 13 individuals accused of participating in the July 2010 Kampala attacks, which occurred during the 2010 FIFA World Cup Final match, killing at least 79 people.