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anke              katrin              antje              silke              katja              verena              renate              svenja              kerstin              anja              hitzer              franziska              imke              elke              ulrike              angelika              birgit              roswitha              maike              monika              duplitzer              jutta              mirjam              uschi              krahwinkel              seizinger              beate              sauerbreij              tatjana              vreni              mareike              kaserer              waltraud              hannelore              annelie              isabell              christl              natascha              gerg              liselotte              gutensohn              meike              veronika              hilde              poutiainen              birte              annegret              juliane              mittermayer              tanja             

Examples of "kathrin"
1956 "Bonjour Kathrin", Directed by Karl Anton, Cast: Caterina Valente (Kathrin)
On April 3, 1964, he married Kathrin Cawein (1895–1996).
Kathrin Passig (born 4 June 1970) is a German writer.

Judges: Kathrin Klett, Gilbert Kolly, Fabienne Hohl, Martha Niquille
Ann-Kathrin Soder "Arena Spots" Erlangen, Germany 2/06/07
Kyle Koehler married Kathrin (Eimer) Koehler in July 1988. Kathrin Koehler, who is a licensed psychologist in the State of Ohio, worked as an independent counselor until taking a break to home school their five children starting in 1999.
As of July 2015 the editor-in-chief was Kathrin Day Lassila.
Nina Bratchikova was the defending champion, but lost in the Quarterfinals to Kathrin Wörle.
2008: "Ich kann Dich nicht riechen" [I Can’t Smell You] (in co-operation with Kathrin Sonderegger)
It is well known for its biathlon club. A famous biathlete is Kathrin Apel.
Her daughter Kathrin Zimmermann competed in swimming at the 1988 Summer Olympics.
Kathrin Menzinger (born 24 September 1988 in Vienna) is an Austrian dancer
Klaus is the father of professional tennis players Mark Keil and Kathrin Keil.
Kathrin Hammes (born 9 January 1989 in Mainz) is a German road bicycle racer.
Ann-Kathrin Kramer (born 4 April 1966) is a German writer and actress.
He married Charlotte Münchhausen in 1922. They had two daughters, Kathrin and Dorothee.
Ioana Raluca Olaru / Olga Savchuk defeated Nina Bratchikova / Kathrin Wörle, 5–7, 7–5, 10–7
Kathrin or "Katrin" or "Kathryn" or "Kathrine" is a female given name.
Kathrin Wörle-Scheller (born 18 February 1984) is a German tennis player.
Kathrin Margrit Lehmann (born 27 February 1980 in Zürich, Switzerland) is a Swiss ice hockey forward.