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moschiola              fejervarya              himalayanus              polypedates              annectans              lunulata              sumatrana              carunculata              reinwardtii              strigocuscus              teysmanni              beccarii              ahaetulla              gonyosoma              poeppigii              laoensis              phrynocephalus              macrolopha              himalayana              oligodon              boulengeri              ellioti              ladacensis              boettgeri              lerista              heosemys              schomburgkii              nudiventris              hyperythra              chamaeleo              polyboroides              macracantha              blanfordi              monticolus              brachypterus              flavifrons              taeniolatus              limnocharis              lycodon              brachyura              frenatus              ruppell              annamensis              stoliczkae              helleri              bicornis              mystaceus              crinitus              lophotes              conopophaga             

Examples of "kathygre"
"Moschiola kathygre", a new species of chevrotain, was named in 2005. The small deer can be found in the wet zones of Sri Lanka.
The yellow-striped chevrotain ("Moschiola kathygre") is a species of chevrotain described in 2005. It is found in the wet zones of Sri Lanka. It was recognized as a species distinct from "Moschiola meminna" based on the phylogenetic species concept. It is known as ශ්‍රී ලංකා කහ ඉරි මීමින්නා by local Sinhalese people.
Traditionally, only four extant species were recognized in the family Tragulidae. In 2004, "T. nigricans" and "T. versicolor" were split from "T. napu", and "T. kanchil", and "T. williamsoni" was split from "T. javanicus". In 2005, "M. indica" and "M. kathygre" were split from "M. meminna". With these changes, the 10 extant species are:
Moschiola meminna is a species of even-toed ungulate in the chevrotain family (Tragulidae). Particularly in the old literature, "M. meminna" often refers to the spotted chevrotains as a whole. Today, the name is increasingly restricted to the Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain or white-spotted chevrotain, with the Indian spotted chevrotain "M. indica" and/or the yellow-striped chevrotain "M. kathygre" treated as distinct species. Known as ශ්‍රී ලංකා සුදු තිත් මීමින්නා in Sinhala.
The endemic status of two Sri Lankan shrews has undergone changes as they have been reported in India recently. The Kelaart's long-clawed shrew ("Feroculus feroculus") and the Sri Lanka highland shrew ("Suncus montanus") were recorded from southern India. At the same time taxonomic revisions have indicated that the flame-striped jungle squirrel ("Funambulus layardi"), the red slender loris ("Loris tardigradus") and two species of mouse deer, "Moschiola meminna" and "M. kathygre" are endemic to Sri Lanka. That leaves the number of endemic mammals in Sri Lanka at 16. Meanwhile, a group of researchers have described a new shrew species "Crocidura hikmiya" from the Sinharaja Forest Reserve in 2007. The discovery leads to increase the ultimate number of endemics to 21 at present.