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qoro              soita              nsenga              seidi              tullu              mamoudou              seini              matoka              tshamano              omolo              alisi              krassas              yohanna              pukkila              njenga              demissie              tanielu              nangolo              kaasik              sabiti              chami              chircop              soula              sarapuu              vaki              gadji              puolakka              kaelo              lakka              koula              pohar              siphesihle              stavri              mlangeni              tsega              gizaw              akalin              sichan              molapo              panse              jula              moleko              sigmundsson              tafaj              gjini              ngandu              dagne              gurkan              kouame              tambwe             

Examples of "kauma"
Kauma is married to Jussi Kauma, with whom she has four children.
Africa: Brighton Kauma, Beakal Fasil, Tabara Korka, Nombuso Mashelle, Gina Rosario(Dominican Republic).
Dick Kauma (born 1 March 1988) is an international footballer for New Caledonia. He played in the 2012 OFC Nations Cup.
The region has 43 Parishes. Other Famous parishes of the region are Perumbavur Bathel Sulokho Cathedral, Mazhuvanoor St Thomas Cathedral, Kurupampady St. Mary's Cathedral, Vengoor Mar Kauma Church, Thuruthiply St Mary's Church
The term comes from Middle English calme, from Old French, from Old Italian calmo, from Late Latin cauma, "heat of the day", the "resting place in the heat of the day", from Greek kauma, burning heat, from kaiein, to burn.
As in all Kavango West constituencies, SWAPO won the 2015 regional election by a landslide. Johannes Sikindo received 1,504 votes, followed by Faustinus Kauma Mangundu of the All People's Party (APP, 77 votes).
Pia Liisa Kauma (born October 20, 1966 in Joensuu) is a Finnish politician and a member of the City Council of Espoo, representing the National Coalition Party. She was a member of the Finnish Parliament between 2011 and 2015, but lost her seat in the 2015 election.
The 2015 regional elections were again a landslide win for Swapo. Victoria Mbawo Kauma received 7,738 votes while Ladislaus Poroto Shindimba of the APP received 1,202 votes. The election was also contested by candidates of RDP and the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA).
The nine Ethnic groups that make up the Mijikenda peoples are the Chonyi, Kambe, Duruma, Kauma, Ribe, Rabai, Jibana, and Giriama. They are the northern Mijikenda while the Digo are southern Mijikenda. the Digo are also found in Tanzania due to their proximity to the common border.
The relationship of the Giriama to other Mijikenda groups such as the Ribe, Rabai, Digo and Duruma are rather loose and reserved. The Kamba and Jigana mixed with the coastal population in last decades. Only very few villages could sustain. Also, the Kauma were assimilated. The area around the Kilifi Creek is inhabited by Giriama up to nearly 90 percent.
FARDC elements allied with renegade General Nkunda and not under central command authority killed civilians during the year. Three soldiers of the FARDC 811th Battalion, under the command of Major Claude in Kauma, North Kivu Province, attacked and looted a farm and forced the residents to transport the looted possessions. The soldiers summarily executed a civilian who refused to comply.
Many "kaya" were originally fortified villages of the various ethnic groups, the Digo, Chonyi, Kambe, Duruma, Kauma, Ribe, Rabai, Jibana, and Giriama people. The villages have lowland tropical forest areas in their surrounds and were reached via paths through the forest. The forest flora was used solely for the collection of medicinal herbs. The practices of tree cutting, livestock grazing, and farmland clearing were not permitted within a "kaya".
Kauma Adventist High School is a coeducational Christian secondary school located on the island of Abemama, Kiribati, established in 1957. It is a boarding school operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The Adventist mission headquarters for Kiribati, formerly the Gilbert Islands, have been located on Abemama since the late 1940s. An elementary school began there in 1955 shortly after the organizing of the first congregation in the mission.
Within Pokomo there is considerable linguistic variation at all levels: lexical, phonological and morphological. Despite the smallness of the Pokomo Community, there is at least as much internal difference between UP and LP as between the two poles of the 150 mile-long Malakote Community. Van Otterloo assess the level of lexical similarity between UP and LP as much as the same as that between Giriama and Digo. UP and LP refer to each other jocularly as "two-week" languages; that is, they take two weeks to learn but Malakote, within UP is regarded as a "two-months language". It is therefore clear that Pokomo are not part of the Mijikenda Community, which is composed of nine sub-tribes. Some of these are the (i) Kauma, (ii) Chonyi, (iii) Jibana, (iv) Giriama, (v) Kambe, (vi) Ribe, (vii) Rabai, (viii) Duruma and (ix) Digo.
In 1994, they brought the question of female ordination to the Church of the Province of Southern Africa and it was rejected; however, Bishop Misaeri Kauma of Namirembe Cathedral called for her ordination in Uganda. Though his tenure ended, Bishop Balagadde Ssekadde, ordained her in 1994. She returned to South Africa, but no parish would have her and she was posted as a university chaplain at the University of Port Elizabeth. She received half the pay of male colleagues, with no benefits. A photograph taken of her around this time shows her in her collar, in front of a church holding a placard saying, “Unemployed female priest, two sons, one husband. God bless.” The turning point came in 1995, when Bishop Desmond Tutu insisted on her performing a communion service with him as the first participant in the rite. In 1997, Nkesiga began to work with HIV/AIDS programs. She was the first female pastor hired at Saint Augustine Church in the Anglican Diocese of Port Elizabeth and she served as chaplain for both the University of Port Elizabeth and the Port Elizabeth Technikon until they closed in 2004. At that time, she became the Chaplain at the St Francis Hospice and remained with that organization until the end of November 2005 when she returned to Uganda after 13 years in South Africa.