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mporokoso              serenje              lukulu              mpulungu              mkushi              chiengi              namanga              nchelenge              sesheke              kitale              isoka              kilosa              mchinji              mutoko              njoro              mumbwa              mpika              makadara              mbinga              mongu              katima              samfya              sotik              kaloleni              mwinilunga              kimilili              kisauni              rusape              solwezi              chinsali              siavonga              kasenga              namwala              chipinge              malaba              londiani              nsanje              chicualacuala              korogwe              monze              ibanda              kasulu              mutomo              kalabo              lushoto              ludewa              kabondo              gobabis              eenhana              mulilo             

Examples of "kawambwa"
Roberts' lechwe ("Kobus leche robertsi") or Kawambwa lechwe is an extinct subspecies of lechwe. It was found around Kawambwa, Zambia, but no populations now survive.
Kawambwa District is a district of Zambia, located in Luapula Province. The capital lies at Kawambwa, which lies at the intersection of three roads: D19, M13, and Kawambwa-Mbereshi. The Luapula River forms its boundary with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As of the 2000 Zambian Census, the district had a population of 102,503 people.
Mwila was born in Kawambwa, Zambia, on September 17, 1943. He attended primary school in Kawambwa and Chiwala Secondary School in Ndola. He then transferred to Munali Secondary School.
1929 March, Hoare contracted black water fever and died at Kafulwe on his way to Kawambwa.
1911 Mweru-Luapula district created. It included Chienge, Kawambwa and Fort Roseberry
Zambia's largest tea plantation is situated 27 km from Kawambwa on the Mporokoso road.
Chiengi Boma was finally closed in 1933 and superseded by Kawambwa and then Nchelenge bomas.
The Kalungwishi pontoon on the Kawambwa-Mporokoso road above Lumangwe Falls was replaced by a new bridge in 2004.
Lusenga Plain National Park is a national park in the Kawambwa District, Luapula Province of Zambia, to the south-east of Lake Mweru.

Climate change led to both floods and drought in Kawambwa District in 2008, thus hampering the activities of subsistence farmers.
Shukuru Jumanne Kawambwa is a Tanzanian CCM politician and Member of Parliament for Bagamoyo constituency since 2005. He is the current Minister of Education and Vocational Training. He has also served as the Minister of Infrastructure Development
Banda was born in Kawambwa, Northern Rhodesia, near the border with Nyasaland (now Malawi). He is married to Malawi's former President, Joyce Banda. He is brother-in-law to Anjimile Oponyo.
Near to Kawambwa are two of Zambia's most impressive waterfalls, the mighty Lumangwe Falls 50 km to the north-east on the Kalungwishi River and the beautiful Ntumbachushi Falls on the Ngona River, 16 km west.
Kawambwa sits at the junction of gravel roads to Nchelenge, Mporokoso, Mushota and Mansa, and a tarred road to Mbereshi linking with the Zambia Way, the main tarred highway of the Luapula Province through Kazembe (Mwansabombwe) and Mansa.
In 1964 Northern Rhodesia became independent Zambia. For a time, chiefs saw their influence overshadowed by party politics and the civil administrations, though in 1985 Mwata Kazembe XVIII was appointed District Commissioner in Kawambwa and later, Provincial Political Secretary.
A camp for refugees of war in the eastern DR Congo was established by United Nations agencies at Kala 24 km north of Kawambwa in 1998, with a capacity for 40,000 refugees.
The Congolese side of the lake was affected by the Second Congo War of 1999-2003, from which it is still recovering. Many refugees entered Zambia at Pweto and were accommodated in camps in Mporokoso and Kawambwa districts.
Lumangwe Falls located from Mporokoso district, Ntumbacushi Falls located in Kawambwa district, Kabwelume Waterfalls on the Kalungwishi river, Mumbuluma Falls in Mansa, Mumbotuta Waterfalls in the confluence of Mumbotuta streams and Luapula River, Kundabwika Waterfalls, Chilongo Waterfalls located from Kawambwa boma are the major water falls in the province. Samfya Beach in Lake Bangweulu, shores Of Lake Mweru in Chienge District and Nchelemge Beach in Lake Mweru are other major picnic areas in the Province. Lusenga Plain National Park and Bangweulu Wetlands are the major wildlife areas in the province. Lake Mweru, Luapula River, Lake Bangweulu and its wetlands have exotic bird life, aquatic animals and fish.
In a province of beautiful rivers, waterfalls, lakes and wetlands, Mansa serves administrative and commercial functions, being situated on a relatively featureless plateau between the Luapula River to the west and Lake Bangweulu to the east. It does have the merit of being reasonably well located at the crossroads of the Copperbelt-Congo Pedicle-Chembe-Kawambwa road running south to north (partly paved), and the Serenje-Samfya-Luapula Valley road (all paved) running south-east to north-west. The main highway to the Northern Province via Luwingu branches off the Kawambwa road north of Mansa, and is paved near Kasama.
He was born to Jacob Titus Chiluba Nkonde and Diana Kaimba and grew up in Kitwe, Zambia. Chiluba has married twice. Frederick Chiluba did his secondary school of education at Kawambwa Secondary School in Kawambwa, where he was expelled in the second year for political activities. He became a bus conductor, and later a politician due to his charismatic personality. He worked as city councilor before becoming an accounts assistant at Atlas Copco, and rose in his rankings, in Ndola where he joined the National Union of Building.