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paddler              wakeboarder              paddlers              kayakers              canoeists              canoers              waterskiing              playboating              wakeboarding              snowboarder              kneeboarding              canoeist              wakeskating              windsurfer              windsurfers              rower              windsurf              kitesurfer              portaging              snowboarders              boater              kiteboard              skier              kiteboarding              paddleboard              skateboarder              windsurfing              longboard              canoeing              wakesurfing              oarsman              powerboat              paddleboarding              sculling              sailboarding              kneeboard              swimmer              kayak              waterskier              kitesurfing              skydiver              triathlete              kayaking              paddling              rowboat              paddleboards              snowkiting              kayaks              waterski              skiff             

Examples of "kayaker"
Eric "EJ" Jackson (born March 3, 1964 in Warren, Ohio) is a world-champion freestyle kayaker, kayak designer, slalom kayaker and founder of Jackson Kayak.
Playboaters still generally follow right of way conventions that are commercially established. The vessel upstream of a feature has right of way over a vessel in the feature. This means that if a kayaker is surfing a wave, and a kayaker or a raft is coming downstream, the surfing kayaker should give way to the upstream paddler[s].
An incident on "Sunshine" rapid left one whitewater kayaker paralyzed.
Keyhole Falls was first descended by Spanish Kayaker Aniol Serrasolses
Kayaker Brigitte Guibal, Olympic silver medallist in 2000 in Sydney, was also born in Mende.
Brandon Holiday (born January 25, 1972) is a Paracanoe Sprint Kayaker from the United States.
René Holten Poulsen, professional kayaker and medalist at the Olympics, World Championships and European Championships
Eric Stiller is an author and kayaker based in New York City, USA.
Francis Hervieu, born in June 13, 1956 is a French kayaker.
John Weld, owner of Immersion Research, never competed but well known expedition kayaker, Red Shirt
Three Cuban canoers and one kayaker have qualified for the Olympic Games.
A kayaker performs a bow stall while their hands are on a dock. Then, pushing on the dock the kayaking creates momentum to propel themselves upwards and out of the water to get on the dock. The best way to do this is to twist your body and jump towards the dock. The kayaker thens ends up sitting flat on the dock. The main purpose of this is to easily remove the kayaker from the water.
Michelle Russell (born June 27, 1992) is a Canadian sprint kayaker.
Rush Sturges (born February 14, 1985) is an American professional whitewater kayaker, film maker, and musician.
Tyler Bradt (born June 2, 1986) is an American whitewater kayaker known for kayaking Palouse Falls.
In 2011 he married Mira Verås Larsen, who also competed as a kayaker in the 2012 Olympics.
Pierre-Luc Poulin (born December 21, 1995) is a Canadian sprint kayaker. He won several World Cup and international medals.
Ann Dodge (born March 26, 1958) is a Canadian sprint kayaker who competed in the mid-1970s.
A sea sock is different from a spraydeck, for which the purpose is to keep water out of the kayak while the kayaker is in the boat and which remains attached to the kayaker during an emergency exit, leaving the kayak cockpit open to the water.
The teams "kayaker" swims across the river Drau where his boat is stationed. His first maneuver is an "alpine-start", or a drop off a ramp into the river. After the jump the "kayaker" must navigate a difficult white water track on the river before a last sprint back to the main square of Lienz.