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watersports              rafting              boating              canoeing              snowmobiling              snorkeling              wakeboarding              waterskiing              sailboarding              windsurfing              kayakers              snorkelling              snowboarding              snowshoeing              kneeboarding              kayaks              kiteboarding              biking              sledding              hiking              kitesurfing              skiing              parasailing              wakeskating              canyoning              boaters              bodyboarding              canoers              backpacking              bodysurfing              picnicking              rollerblading              paddleboarding              canyoneering              playboating              paddling              canoeists              windsurfers              birdwatching              skiers              canoe              trekking              snowboarders              bushwalking              bicycling              jetskiing              snowmobilers              skateboarding              backcountry              yachting             

Examples of "kayaking"
Flat-water kayaking takes place in rivers, lakes and the ocean. Aside from professional flat water kayaking, there is very limited recreational kayaking. Historically, Indian tourists considered kayaking a one-time activity and not a competitive sport.
The Easky River is a popular river for kayaking and canoeing. In 2003, Easky hosted the World Surf Kayaking Championships.
"Nigel Foster Sea Kayaking Series" six instructional sea kayaking DVDs produced by Starling Productions, Inc.. Play by play log.
The University of St Andrews Canoe Club, abbreviated to StAUCC, is a sports club at the University of St Andrews. The club's primary focus is recreational whitewater kayaking, but it also engages in other aspects of paddlesport, including surf kayaking, sea kayaking and canoeing. Additionally, members of StAUCC take part in various competitive kayaking disciplines, such as whitewater slalom, canoe polo and wildwater racing.
Indian flat water kayakers are an emerging powerhouse on the Asian circuit. Outside of professional flat water kayaking, there is very limited recreational kayaking. The potential to generate interest in flat water kayaking is held by leisure resorts located near the sea or other water bodies. Indian tourists tend to consider kayaking a one-time activity, rather than a sport to be pursued.
Vernescu took up kayaking aged 13 and in total won 42 national titles. He retired from competitions in 1972 to become a kayaking coach and administrator.
Kayaking is possible; bathing facilities are available.
The river is used for recreational canoeing and kayaking.
Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, cycling, and snow-shoeing.
Today the river is a popular whitebaiting and kayaking location.
Fishing and kayaking is available on the Rahway River.
Some stretches of this river are popular spots for kayaking.
Fishing, kayaking and boating is permitted on Lake Surprise
Water based activities include canoeing, kayaking and sailing.
Kayaking is also common at river Isar in the valley.
Activities include fishing, hunting, bird watching, kayaking and camping.
There are five "sub-categories" in whitewater kayaking:
The main source of income is tourism, for example kayaking.
Konheim's son Eric died in a kayaking accident in 1991.
Sea kayaks, generally used for day-trip, to expedition kayaking, are used in surf kayaking. Due to their length, sea kayaks are difficult to manoeuvre in surf. The techniques and strategies utilized in landing kayaks, even when heavily loaded, safely through large open ocean surf, could be considered a sub-discipline of surf kayaking.