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Examples of "kchung"
KCHUNG participated in the UCLA Hammer Museum's Made in L.A. 2014 exhibition. For Made in L.A. 2014, KCHUNG Radio created a subsidiary television network KCHUNG TV. KCHUNG TV was a fifteen-week series of livestream video programs shot live in the museum. KCHUNG TV featured content by the KCHUNG community.
KCHUNG is a freeform radio station in the Chinatown neighborhood of Los Angeles as KChung Radio 1630 AM. KCHUNG broadcasts over 200 shows a month on 1630 AM and online through the station's website. The station operates according to what are generally known as the Part 15 rules, which cover very low-power RF transmissions without a license.
Johnnie Jungleguts is a member of KChung Radio. He originally hosted a half-hour show dedicated to wildlife conservation, and currently is the host of Outbreak: Comics and More. He also has conducted several interviews on KChung including Fritz Haeg, Luke Fishbeck, and wildlife illustrator Andrea Lofthouse-Quesada In 2014 KChung Radio launched KChungTV at the Hammer Museum. For the project Jungleguts hosted a Cosplay Fashion show, and conducted an interview with film critic Dave White.
In 2016 KCHUNG received a Creative Capital Emerging Field Award for their project "News Body".
Since 2011 Khastoo has been DJing K-pop parties in LA and hosts a monthly K-pop radio show on KCHUNG called Super Kpop Sundays. She also writes and reports on K-pop for and Notion Magazine. In 2014 Khastoo was one of the producers and artists for KCHUNG Radio’s participation in the Hammer Museum’s Made in L.A. biennial and helped establish KCHUNG TV, a TV broadcast station within the museum’s lobby where KCHUNG community members filmed shows. That same year she DJ’d at the Levi's Commuter Workspace and The Lash Social. She makes her own music under the name Borders.
KCHUNG Radio was started by Solomon Bothwell in 2011. Harsh Patel created the initial graphic design, and Luke Fishbeck helped with programing. The station's first broadcast was in March 2011. KCHUNG has hosted many artists, musicians, poets, and has a reputation for hosting programming that might not be allowed on other stations. While KCHUNG now has a stable location, it continues its nomadic beginnings broadcasting at locations around Los Angeles including The Hammer Museum, LACMA, The Smell, Ooga Booga, Public Fiction, Night Gallery, Pehr Space, MOCA and the LA Anarchist Bookfair.
Since 2012 she has had a monthly radio show on KCHUNG Radio titled Adventures Within where she covers topics such as love, body issues, race, and politics.
Lucky Dragons' performances include live music, video projection, and sounds created in collaboration with the audience. They have performed at the Smell, Echo Curio, Dublab, KCHUNG at major international art institutions and at the 2008 Whitney Biennial.
The artist has been involved with Kchung Radio since the stations first broadcast, in 2011. With the artist Guan Rong, he hosted an hour long program called "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo" every Monday from 2011-2016.
Interviews with Ortiz appear in "Poets & Writers", "KCRW", "KCHUNG Oracle Hour", "Mutha Magazine", "Bustle", "Electric Literature", "The Rumpus", "FORTH Magazine", "VIDA", "Somnambulist", "Women Who Submit", "The Normal School", "Connotation Press", "Otherppl", "YAY! LA Magazine" "Critical Mass", "UCR Palmdesert", "Cari Luna", "PANK magazine" "Literary Kitchen", "Entropy", "Break Thru Radio", "Brevity", "Specter Magazine", "Midnight Breakfast", "Welcome To Ladyville", "The Rejectionist", "Lunch Ticket" "LitroUSA", "One Axe", "Jenna Leigh Evans", "AndiLit" and "ZYZZYVA blog".
DeWitt moved back to Los Angeles and at 21 and workerd as an A&R guy at Geffen Records for a short time. He worked at the Los Angeles music venue Jabberjaw. He co-founded the label Teenage Teardrops in 2006 with Bryan Ray. Teenage Teardrops has released music from No Age, the Sads, Lucky Dragons, Secret Circuit and Crazy Band. Around the same time DeWitt met his wife Jenna, and several other friends that would come to call themselves the Zen Mafia. The Zen Mafia has but out zines with Ooga Booga, 8ball zines, and maintains a tumblr blog. From 2011-2014 DeWitt and the Zen Mafia hosted a weekly show on KCHUNG Radio. From 2008-2010 DeWitt and David Kramer ran a gallery in Echo park called Hope Gallery.
The gallery quickly attracted other galleries and alternative art spaces to Chinatown, including Black Dragon Society, Diannapruess Gallery, Goldman-Tevis, Lord Mori, and later Peres Projects, Daniel Hug, David Kordansky, Ooga Booga, Alleged Gallery, 4-F, Thomas Solomon, David Patton, Human Resources-LA, The Box LA, Telic Arts Exchange, Trudi, 2nd Cannons, KChung Radio and others. With China Art Objects at its center, Chinatown grew to become along with Mid-Wilshire (in particular around the 6150 Wilshire gallery complex) and later emerging Culver City as one of the primary commercial art gallery districts in Los Angeles, and the most important for young art. Exhibitions have included solo and two person presentations by Jorge Pardo, Andy Ouchi, Frances Stark, Jon Pylypchuk, Sharon Lockhart, Laura Owens, Andy Alexander, Mason Cooley, Kim Fisher, David Korty, Eric Wesley, Jonathan Horowitz, David von Schlegell, Angus Fairhurst, JP Munro, R.H. Quaytman, Jennifer Moon, Andy Alexander, Morgan Fisher, Sean Landers, Isa Gensken, Walead Beshty, and Mark Hagen.