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Examples of "keddell"
Drysdale is cousin to Rose Keddell, a member of the New Zealand women's hockey team.
Keddell was born in Tauranga and attended Bethlehem College. She is a first cousin to Olympic gold medallist rower Mahé Drysdale.
Sam Charlton, Sophie Cocks, Rhiannon Dennison, Gemma Flynn, Krystal Forgesson, Katie Glynn, Jordan Grant, Rose Keddell, Olivia Merry, Stacey Michelsen, Emily Naylor, Anita Punt, Sally Rutherford, Liz Thompson, Petrea Webster, Kayla Whitelock (c)
Its nine founding members were Frank Podmore, Edward R. Pease, William Clarke, Hubert Bland, Percival Chubb, Frederick Keddell, H. H. Champion, Edith Nesbit, and Rosamund Dale Owen. Havelock Ellis is sometimes also mentioned as a tenth founding member, though there is some question about this.
Georgina Keddell, Murray's daughter (and biographer) said that if he were not eclipsed by the high political and publishing profile in politics and publishing of her mother, her father would be better known for his political career and as a historical figure.
The Fabian Society’s basis was to promote the transfer of land and capital to the State, equality of citizenship of men and women, and having public authority instead of private for the education and support of children. The resolutions of the Society were written by Frederick Keddell, the first secretary of the Fabian Society.
Elizabeth Rose Keddell (born 31 January 1994) is a New Zealand field hockey player. She has competed for the New Zealand women's national field hockey team (the Black Sticks Women) since 2012, including at the 2014 Women's Hockey World Cup and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
In 1870 the building agreement for Nos. 219–221 (consec.) Piccadilly and Nos. 8–9 Jermyn Street was purchased by Messrs. Spiers and Pond, a firm of wine merchants and caterers, who held a limited architectural competition for designs for a large restaurant and tavern with ancillary public rooms. The competition was won by architect Thomas Verity. Building work began in the summer of 1871, and was completed in 1873 at a total cost of over £80,000 (£8 million adjusted for inflation). The contractors included Messrs. Hill, Keddell and Waldram and Messrs. George Smith and Company.
Born 1960 in Asheville, North Carolina, Boswell studied film, film theory, and art history in Switzerland, France, Germany and the Florida Space Coast from 1984–1992. He co-founded the Alliance Film/Video Cooperative in 1993 (with William Keddell) and the Anti Film Festival in 1994. Some of his most widely screened films are Unknown Unknown(s), (2009) USSA: Secret Manual of the Soviet Politburger, (2001) Agent Orange, the feature film The Subversion Agency (2004) and the documentary "60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero".
The Fabian Society, established on 4 January 1884, was a branch of Thomas Davidson’s Fellowship of the New Life. The Society was named after Fabius Cunctator, a suggestion by Frank Podmore, because of Fabius’ successful policy of gradual change that the society favored. The first meeting included well-known people in the socialist cause, including J. Hunter Watts, Percival Chubb, Frank Podmore, Edward Pease, Hubert Bland, Dr. Burns-Gibson, and Frederick Keddell, and although the society was a branch of the Fellowship of the New Life, Thomas Davidson shared no sympathies with Fabianism.
He came out at the age of 29, and divorced from his wife in 1971. After becoming president of the New York Gay Activists Alliance, he decided it was not wide enough in its coverage. Therefore, with some friends, he founded the National Gay Task Force in October 1973, and was its director until 1978. The Task Force established affiliations with more than 2000 gay groups, and by 1978 had over 10,000 members. In 1977, the National Gay Task Force (now the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force) successfully initiated the first-ever meeting between the White House and more than a dozen gay and lesbian leaders. President Jimmy Carter’s assistant, Midge Costanza, met with Task Force co-chairs and board members as well as representatives of gay and lesbian organizations for a briefing on critical policy issues affecting this constituency. The meeting marked the first time openly gay and lesbian leaders were welcomed at the White House and the first official discussion of gay and lesbian rights in the White House. Attendees at the White House meeting included: Frank Kameny, Myra Keddell, Charles Brydon, Ray Hartman, Betty Powell, William Kelley, Troy Perry, Jean O'Leary, Elaine Noble, George Raya and Pokey Anderson. He also founded the Mariposa Foundation, which specializes in sex research, and sexually transmitted diseases.
Fa turned pro in February of 2016, where he featured at "The Night of the Freaks" from ASB Stadium, Auckland. After taking three years out of the sport to have a family, Fa decide to return to the sport. Assembling an impressive team, Lolo Heimuli as coach, former New Zealand Olympic sprinter Mark Keddell as manager, Shane Cameron as mentor along with input from strength and conditioning guru Angus Ross. Fa fought veteran Richard Tutaki, winning in a first round knockout. Something Fa's amateur rivial, Joseph Parker couldn't do as it took him three rounds in his third bout. In only his second professional fight, Fa was added to the "Taranaki Explosion Fight Night" card on April 2. Fa showing he was far too good for Clint Foa'i whose corner threw the towel in during the first round after their fighter was hit hard in the ribs, his pain obvious. Fa fought in quick succession after another successful victory over Australian based Jayson Aloese, participating in the Royal Rampage event. Aloese whom was undefeated as both a corporate boxer and a professional, lost on points in a four round fight by unanimous decision. Fa remained unbeaten, extending his record to four an zero. In the co-main event, New Zealand prospect Fa won his second unanimous points victory in a one-sided contest against fellow New Zealander Junior Pati. Fa landing big punches and huge shots, but could not end the fight early with Pati being remarkably durable. Fa also switched coaches, learning off Henry Schuster.