Synonyms for kedli or Related words with kedli

lingampalle              patori              balha              bishanpur              mahur              jintur              rajapur              arasikere              pandwala              kapilas              ibrahimpur              thirurangadi              dilawarpur              bishunpur              malshiras              badadanda              dumari              khajani              honnavara              ganeshpura              takli              bhattu              sonbarsa              pimpari              gobindpur              shivapur              kadipur              darhar              gangapur              morayur              bariahi              muthuvalloor              konapur              rampura              vemulawada              awantipora              hariharpur              dhilwan              bhandara              kiloi              pehowa              lachhmipur              venkatapur              pulkal              madayi              arsikere              rajpara              khanabal              mangaon              narketpally             

Examples of "kedli"
Agrahari Sikh belong to upper cast, living in various different places such as In jharkhand State- Dumari Kalan, Kedli chati, Hunterganj, Chatra town, Ramgarh,Dhanbad, Ranchi, jamshedpur,Garhwa,Daltonganj.they have been living since many centuries in Dumari Kalan & kedli chatti(Hunterganj) in jharkhand state.they even managing two gurudwaras,one is situated in Dumari Kalan other is in kedli chatti Place. Also they participate all rituals and procession as on Shri Gurugranth Sahib Ji .
Agrahari Sikh settled in Sasaram, Gaya, Kolkata, Dumari(Hunterganj), Kedli chatti (jharkhand) and other place of Bihar and West Bengal. Agrahari Sikhs not only came eastwards of India, they are also present in some part of Uttar Pradesh.
Maa Kauleswary Temple: - Maa Kauleswary Mandir is situated near Hunterganj block in Kedli kalan village. It is approx 10 km from Hunterganj and the temple is situated on the hill which has 650 feet height. This is the most beautiful place of Chatra district. A Budha temple is also situated on Kuleswary hill and every year thousands of visitor are coming to visit the temples and natural beauty of this area also.
With the help of Local Gurudwara committee of Agrahari Sikh, they are initiated Gurumukhi classes where Gurbani, Sikh history, Kirtan and Gurumukhi is taught regularly to the children of Agrahari Sikh. they truly follow Sikhism, Agrahari Sikh used to keep Kirpan with themselves and not cut their hair. Now a days a lot of young people from Agrahari Sikh are Amritdhari. Amrit Sanchar to be regular held in Gurudwara Saheb at Sasaram, Kedli, and Kolkata Agrahari Sikh have many social relation with Punjabi speaking Sikhs. They have separate Gurudwaras.
The recipe mentioned in these ancient Indian works leaves out three key aspects of the modern idli recipe: the use of rice (not just urad dal), the long fermentation of the mix, and the steaming for fluffiness. The references to the modern recipe appear in the Indian works only after 1250 CE. Food historian K. T. Achaya speculates that the modern idli recipe might have originated in present-day Indonesia, which has a long tradition of fermented food. According to him, the cooks employed by the Hindu kings of the Indianised kingdoms might have invented the steamed idli there, and brought the recipe back to India during 800-1200 CE. Achaya mentioned an Indonesian dish called "kedli", which according to him, was like an idli. However, Janaki Lenin was unable to find any recipe for an Indonesian dish by this name.