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kainoa              kalei              noelani              tocker              janover              kaipo              valeroso              yoyoy              termulo              maiava              remmy              tatianna              sayao              ibanga              laurente              garica              kauhi              nugie              taitusi              gilliom              jhun              chokoleit              gunnars              mejares              nacua              inocian              bitney              pekto              puanani              mushmouth              debrah              sundiang              soulman              sundo              vikter              delubyo              ibeyi              kimerer              ikaika              elvie              mabasa              macalino              haini              iloa              quaites              karon              tiffini              iosefa              coffie              mataku             

Examples of "kekoa"
Kamano joined the cast of the television series "Baywatch" in 1999, playing the role of lifeguard Kekoa Tanaka. Kamano was a cast member in the show's final two seasons. Kamano has also hosted the television series "Extreme Sports" and "Hotlines".
'Kimié' also known as ""Kimié Miner"" (born Kimie Kauikeolani Miner) is a musician and singer-songwriter from Hawaiʻi. Kimié is an independent artist managed by Kimo Kennedy of Arium Music and Kekoa Kapua of FR Management.
Many competitors, including Brett Simpson and local veteran and former ASP champ Sunny Garcia, saw their hopes for ASP World Tour qualification dashed with early elimination, while Reef Hawaiian Pro champ, Michel Bourez and finalists Jihad Khodr and Kekoa Bacalso also crashed out before the quarter finals.
She is married to Patrick "Kekoa" Nichols, a Hawaiian, who was born in Alabama on March 1, 1990, and together they reside in Atlanta, Georgia, where he's a carpenter by trade and studying to become a counselor. The couple were married on October 17, 2010.
Ah Mow was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, to Talmage and Lovina Ah Mow, and has two brothers, Kekoa and Tyson, and two sisters, Dara and Arlene. She is married to Niobel Rafael Santos, former amateur athlete who is now a member of the U.S. Armed Forces and has served three tours in Iraq. They have a son Jordan Nohili, who was born on February 2, 2003, and a daughter, Jream Puanani Maria, who was born August 1, 2010.
In the East Coast Wrestling Association he teamed with Kekoa the Flyin Hawaiian to win the 2012 K-CUP, resulting in Aden being entered into their 2013 Hall of Fame as the only man to win every championship and tournament in the company, having won the ECWA Heavyweight, Mid-Atlantic, Tag Team, and 2008 ECWA Super 8 Tournament. He retired from the company after this.
Along with the Aboriginal sites, the foundations of an early-19th century dwelling were uncovered in the area. This dwelling may have been used by the first European settlers of Waterdown, Alexander Brown and Merren Grierson. The Natural Area includes a plaque identifying this important landmark, as well as detailing the histories of Merren Grierson and Alexander Brown, that was unveiled by the Lieutenant Governor, Chief LaForme and researcher Kekoa Reinebold.
As a result of the collaboration, Mōʻiliʻili Matters received media attention. On September 27, 2009, the Honolulu Advertiser published an article titled, "Web site aims to unite Moʻiliʻili." A few days later, June Watanabe, a Honolulu Star-Bulletin staff writer also wrote about the team effort. KHON-TV Reporter, Kirk Matthews interviewed Kamehameha Schools spokesperson Kekoa Paulsen and Mōʻiliʻili Matters Founder Derek Kauanoe for its "Be Green 2" segment titled, "Partnering to clean up city sidewalks."
This season marked the final season of the series, the second season of "Baywatch Hawaii". The only mainstays from Season 10 were Sean Monroe, JD, Jason and Kekoa. The main cast of this season featured a new cast of rookie lifeguards, replacing the majority of the main cast from the previous season. Mitch Bucannon does not return this season after his supposed death at the end of "Killing Machine", the final episode of last season.
Along with the Aboriginal sites, the foundations of an early-19th century dwelling were uncovered in the area. This dwelling may have been used by the first European settlers of Waterdown, Alexander Brown and Merren Grierson. The Natural Area includes a plaque identifying this important landmark, as well as detailing the histories of Merren Grierson and Alexander Brown, that was unveiled by the Lieutenant Governor, Chief LaForme and researcher Kekoa Reinebold.
In the late 1990s, Rachel Lahela Kekoa Bolt, a native Hawaiian heir of Henry Maui, and some of her descendants filed federal lawsuits claiming her inherited interest in Palmyra and challenging the legality of the Newlands Resolution that annexed Hawaii in 1898 by simple majorities in Congress (after an Annexation Treaty had failed to get the required two-thirds majority in the U.S. Senate). The lawsuits challenged American sovereignty over both the State of Hawaii and the United States Territory of Palmyra Island. On similar grounds they intervened in a federal marine salvage claim for a sunken treasure ship at Palmyra. The cases were dismissed on procedural grounds before trial.
Trixi Asha and Khal Kekoa are two orphans who decide to escape from an army-controlled city. Trixi wants to find her brother Griffin, who was conscripted into the army long ago. They narrowly manage to escape the city, pursued by both the army and a mysterious figure called Mr. Tinker with his "goonbots". After some hiking through the forest, they come to a highway, where they get a lift from a truck-driver named Dale to a town called Westlake (the last place from where Trixi received a letter from her brother). On the way, they are ambushed by bandits and lose Dale, and are forced to continue to Westlake alone.
In 2009 Jardine appeared in the movies "" (starring Jason Statham) and "Gamer" (starring Gerard Butler). He was also featured in the "Breaking Bad" (starring fellow Canoga Park High School Alumnus Bryan Cranston) Season 3 episode "I.F.T", where he played a criminal who gets into a bar fight. He has appeared in small roles in various other films such as "Tactical Force", "Beer For My Horses", "Unrivaled" and "Death Warrior". On February 11, 2013, he started in the Hawaii Five-O episode titled, "Kekoa". In 2014, he appeared in the movies "John Wick", "Inherent Vice" and "Shot Caller". In 2016, he appears in "Preacher (TV series)". He plays one of Odin's employee's named Verne, first appearing in the episode "SEE", seen playing poker.
Guilmette would make his first appearance for Combat Zone Wrestling on September 8, 2012 at the promotions annual Down with the Sickness event, defeating Kekoa. he would go on to make regular appearances for the promotion over the next four years. In 2015, Parks and his wife Cherry Bomb would align themselves with BLK Jeez, and form the villainous stable known as TV Ready. On December 12, 2015 at CZW's seventeenth annual Cage of Death event, TV Ready would go on to win the CZW World Tag Team Championship, defeating Dan Barry and Sozio. On May 14, 2016 TV Ready lost the CZW World Tag Team Championship to Da Hit Squad at Prelude to Violence 2016, the match was also Parks' final appearance for CZW after signing with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.
In April 2016, vignettes began to air hyping the debut of Valenzuela, now repackaged as No Way Jose. He made his official debut on the April 20, 2016 episode of "NXT", defeating Alexander Wolfe. In his second match, Jose defeated Noah Kekoa on the May 5 episode of "NXT". In his third match, Jose defeated Jonathan Ortagun on the May 25 episode of "NXT". On the June 22 episode of "NXT", Jose interrupted Austin Aries during his interview backstage and told him to be positive following Aries' loss at . Later that night, Jose defeated Josh Woods. Aries then came out and ended up dancing with Jose, but he then attacked Jose. After weeks of not appearing on "NXT", Jose attacked Aries after Aries' match on the July 20 episode of "NXT". Jose rushed Aries outside into the locker room. Aries defeated Jose at .
Michigan won in another blowout, 59–3. Michigan opened the scoring in the first quarter via a 34-yard touchdown pass from Speight to Darboh. Michigan added to its lead via a ten-yard touchdown run from Speight. Michigan added 21 points in the second quarter via a three-yard touchdown run from De'Veon Smith, a one-yard touchdown run from Khalid Hill and a 33-yard touchdown pass from Speight to Chesson, which made the score 35–0 in favor of Michigan at half-time. Michigan added 10 points in the third quarter via a 29-yard field goal from Kenny Allen, and a one-yard touchdown run from Smith. Maryland opened the scoring in the fourth quarter via a 37-yard field goal from Adam Greene, for their only points of the game. Michigan responded with 14 points via a two-yard touchdown run from Smith, his third rushing touchdown of the game, and a nine-yard touchdown pass from John O'Korn to Kekoa Crawford.
In the eighth year of the quest, the Evil Forces began to shift into power. Teams again gathered at Bahamas Lounge despite a forecast of thunderstorms throughout the weekend. At the start, Bear gathered the Questers to warn about the Sorceress opening a portal on the Alpha-Bistro. Suddenly, the Alpha-Bistro loomed near with the Sorceress screaming out for Bear to give up. The Wizard, corrupted by the Sorceress, was very vocal, condemning the backwaters and the Kingdom of Bear. White Lightning, also on board, leapt off the ship after the crowd chanted for him to return to the side of good. The King of the backwaters had set up camp at Lakeside Bar where he now worked as a bartender. The Bog Demon and the Dark Damsel lived there as well, challenging teams to a variety of challenges. The Evil Sorceress had taken control of the Alpha-Bistro and was attempting to open a portal to another dimension. This portal would bring an ancient evil into the backwaters. In order to do so, she had to create a circle of evil that would open this gateway. To stop her efforts, questing teams had to gather different animal spirits from around the backwaters that would ultimately summon the Great Spirit, who would help stop the Sorceress in her tracks. The teams had to gather: Eyes of the Hawk, Tail of the Squirrel, Bracelet of the Frog, Band of the Deer, Foil of the Musky, Medallion of the Bear, and Feather of the Turkey. On day 2, Kekoa, Bear and the King were reconciled and joined the Bog Demon on the Bravo Station barge- uniting in revelry. The Sorceress and the Pirates had also formed large armies and in the final battle, the portal was incomplete. To determine the winner in the stalemate, a race back to The Bahamas was initiated, and the teams paddled fiercely back to the bar. Team Bath Time Fun was nearly at the dock to win, but capsized with about 20 feet to go. Second place was a team that was disqualified for false registration and incorrect pairing, meaning they were not co-ed. In third place was JLA, who were sided with the Evil Forces. On top of JLA winning this race, Team Bangarang! was named the protectors in 2009. They had collected all of the animal spirits and they had been turned undead. This allowed the Evil Sorcress to then open her portal unchallenged. The Chicago group Snuckafoo played at Paddle Quest 2009 with songwriter and performer, Jonathan Kirsch.
In the seventh year of the quest, 18 teams gathered at Bahamas Lounge to quest. In 2007, the Bog Demon had kidnapped damsels to breed and the Questers had saved all but one- and the spawning had occurred. His eggs were laid in a northern bog and two Bog Babies had already been spawned. At the start, Pirate Captain Abraham Abraham motored his Pirate barge nearby Bahamas screaming threats to Bear and to the Questers. Bear warned of the eggs hatching and also that teams should try to find the lost King. The Alpha Station was refurbished in 2008, and was transformed into the Alpha Bistro, a , twin-engine behemoth pontoon. Characters aboard were White Lightning, Black Thunder, Prophet Amy and other heroes. at Lakeside Bar, the Bog Demon and the Dark Damsel along with their Bog Babies – put the teams through a variety of challenges. To the north, the King's Wizard (now sided with Bear) and Prophet Steve – had found the eggs and the questers had to collect and destroy the eggs. Nearby on Pirate Island, teams played "Red Neck Croquet" in which players would swing sledge hammers to bowling balls, pushing them through rebar hoops. To the east of Pirate Island at Grubba Marina, Freedle Frogesh challenged teams to play in his collection of games (badminton, leap frog, burping) and defend his collection of Power Orbs which defended his camp from Pirate intruders. The Pirates, realizing that Bear was distracted by the Bog Demon, were attempting to take Grubba Marina for their own. Captain Abraham Abraham spent the first day trying to get teams to join him in his battle for Grubba Marina. Meanwhile, Freedle Frogesh was raising his own army. At Kirsch Camp, Bear and Nestra along with Lady Cornelia offered a variety of challenges such as a water balloon launch and canoe-disc. North of Kirsch Camp, Kekoa and Lalani, Hawaiian warriors from Halloween Island put questers through several different challenges. The Killer Guppies found The King adrift in the backwaters and delivered him to Bravo Station and the Righteous Monkey. The Monkey then delivered the King to Lakeside Bar, and because the Bog Demon's spawning inevitably failed, the King was able to pacify the Bog Demon and they formed a friendship. Nearby at Club 10, Sheera the Evil Sorceress continued to gain power by shaving the heads of questers. On day 2, she had enough power to not only capture the Alpha-Bistro, but also to corrupt White Lightning, Black Thunder and the Wizard. Together they sailed the backwaters and forced questers to perform different kinds of humiliating tasks. In preparation for the war on day 2 at Grubba Marina, Captain Abraham Abraham did not gather many teammates and Freedle was victorious. Freedle was aided by the Killer Guppies and O' Fools!, and the Pirates were promptly expelled. The Killer Guppies were victorious in 2008 and again named the Protectors of the Backwaters. This was the third victory for Paul Leonard, Captain of the Guppies.