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hidup              warna              siapa              sahabat              remaja              buku              boleh              dengan              tuhan              untuk              kisah              petang              pembantu              semua              lawak              sebagai              kelas              kembali              dasar              cerita              kepada              pengembangan              nyawa              manusia              belajar              kenangan              belakang              nakal              sudah              masalah              tahun              minggu              tiada              diri              pelajar              murni              bersama              sebelum              jadi              terakhir              bahagia              nuansa              kampus              kubur              selalu              tinggal              lelaki              pendidikan              waktu              seorang             

Examples of "keluarga"
Indosiar also shows Indonesian cartoons, including "Keluarga Somat" (Somat Family), broadcast since June 2013.
BKKBN ("Badan Koordinasi Keluarga Berencana Nasional") - a coordinating body of family planning (Indonesian birth control) movement.
PKK ("Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga") - lit "Family Welfare Education" The National Women's Movement
"Awang Spanar", "OS Kembar Siam", "Femina", "Ghazal "untuk" Rabiah", "Jejaka Perasan", "Rimba Malam", "Adik", "Sepi Itu Indah", "Keluarga 99", "Mr.OS", "Simponi Duniaku", "Sahabat",
The organization of the Bakumpai people is the ""Kerukunan Keluarga Bakumpai"" (KKB), which was Kalimantan's local party during the 1955 election.
Keluarga level, use red belt, consists of several levels which are marked with color strip on the badge on the left chest :
The 5 rupiah aluminium coin was revised dated 1974, the obverse changing only the date, but the reverse depicting the logo of KB ('Keluarga Berencana', aka family planning', a movement first established by the Indonesian government in 1970), i.e. a 2-parent, 2-child family with rice and cotton stalk and letters KB, with the text 'KELUARGA BERENCANA' ('family planning') 'MENUJU KESEJAHTERAAN RAKYAT' ('for the welfare of the people'). 448 million were minted.
Among the most powerful gentry families in Bekasi was the Khouw family of Tamboen (Indonesian: "keluarga Khouw van Tamboen"). They ruled their extensive landholdings from their country house, landhuis Tamboen (now Gedung Juang Tambun).
Perisai Diri fighters levels are divided into several levels, each of which taken within a certain time period. Broadly speaking, these stages are grouped in the Dasar (Basic) and Keluarga (Family) level.
Sudirman also successfully hosted Malaysia's TV gameshow "Keluarga Bahagia Singer". This program was sponsored by Singer Malaysia, a subsidiary of Singer Corporation (before it was taken over by Berjaya Group in 1989).
Hari Keluarga, held in 2008, has a variety of guests, ranging from BBians to parents and other families. The school compound is turned into a bazaar selling items ranging from food and toys, to school caps and Polo T-shirts.
In 1975, a renaissance prompted a revitalised growth when Sabah Films grossed huge profits with its maiden offering, "Keluarga Comat" ("Comat’s Family"). Soon, other companies mushroomed, such as Perfima, Syed Kechik Productions, Indra film Productions, Jins Shamsudin Production and others.
The most important in 'adat menunui' (engagement) are 'berian/mas kawin' (tinunui), 'belanja dapur' ('wang hangus' or kitchen expenses), 'hantaran tunang' or dowry, 'sogit' atau adat keluarga (jika ada or if family custom exist), tempoh bertunang (duration of engagement).
All- STAR Debating Union consists of two clubs which is Keluarga Debat Bahasa Melayu and English Debate Club And Society. They are one of the highly recognised Debating Team in Sekolah Berasrama Penuh. The English Debate Club And Societ which is the English debating club of STAR Ipoh had joined and won a lot of national and international debate competitions. The Keluarga Debat Bahasa Melayu is the Malay debating club of STAR Ipoh had won in numerous competitions in Malaysia. This club are one of the most successful and excellent club in the school. Below are some of their successful achievements :
While her husband, Joko Widodo, served as Governor of Jakarta, Iriana was appointed as leader of the Family Welfare Education organisation ("Pembinaan Kesejahteraan Keluarga" or PKK), a national women's movement in Indonesia. She also served as Leader of the PKK in Surakarta from 2005 to 2012 when her husband was Mayor of Surakarta.
His son Alexander Edwin Kawilarang, born in 1954, is head of the purnawirawan organization FKPPI and, as such, part of the so-called Keluarga Besar Purnawirawan (KBK), which translates to English as the 'Greater Family of Ex-military'. Under the 'Orde Baru' (Post Sukarno New Order), he also was an official in the Suharto-owned company 'Bambang Tri (PT Bimantara)'.
Since the 1990s, Tarung Derajat has been refined for sport. In 1998, the Tarung Derajat organization officially became a member of KONI. Since then, Tarung Derajat has a spot in Pekan Olahraga Nasional, a national multi-sport competition held every four years. Tarung Derajat main association KODRAT (Keluarga Olahraga Tarung Derajat) now has sub-organizations in 22 provinces in Indonesia.
Before entering RCTI in 1993, he has been working in PT. Fesda, PT. Satmarindo, Susana magazine, and Keluarga Magazine. Ersa initiated his career as a translator / producer, and then changed into the regional coordinator, then coordinator of coverage (korlip) tourism, "lifestyle" and also "entertainment", KorBid, KorBid hukrim / city, and began 16 November 2001 until killed, his position is as korlip.
The movement of Minangkabau techniques similar to traditional dances from Minangkabau, West Sumatra. One of the purposes of studying this technique is to strengthen the thigh muscles and back muscles. This technique also gives the experience of how it feels when we are at a modestly to the ground. A series of Minangkabau techniques be taught to fighters who occupied the Calon Keluarga level.
In 1991, TPI used the logo of a triangle with the national colours and green, red, and blue beams. In 1998, the TPI logo was a gold circle and blue earth ball and the words "Televisi Keluarga Indonesia," the logos has seen from Family Channel Logos, the words "TELEVISI" and "INDONESIA" are used on the gold circle, and the word "Keluarga" is used near the blue earth ball. The logos were used until January 23, 2002. On January 23, 2002, from the eleventh anniversary of TPI, the third logos used three round ellipse line and blue earth ball and the word "TPI." On January 26, 2006, the logos was changed to a circle and five triangle near circle and the word "TPI." This logos was used until 2010. MNCTV logo in 2010 style ident and promo by Lambie-Nairn.